What Fall 2009 anime do you plan to watch? (Poll Results)

November 5, 2009

Results of over 200 votes.

Not surprisingly, Inuyasha is the most popular followed by Kobato🙂 It is good that people are interested in Kobato because that is the new series I am covering this season🙂


  1. maybe because its Inuyasha end season… I would like to see Inuyasha too.

    • Yes, many people are glad the series is back, and the fact that it is a finale makes things even more exciting🙂

  2. Whoa Inuyasha!!! Feel like I would be going back in time (never did finish that series around ep90 >_>)

    • Yes, I also have not seen all the episodes… but it is nice to see it again🙂

  3. cute

  4. i like to see inuyasha in full episodes…..hope 2 come true…..

  5. aduh sewrasi amat

  6. I love Inuyasha. I’m happy the show is back because I’m a big fan.

    • Yes, it is nice to see Inuyasha again🙂

  7. xixixixi….inuyasha bagiq klh keren sm sesshomaru…sesshomaru bgaikn lelaki d tgh salju dgn mata yang kelam en pndgn yg dingin….*D kyaaa…..

    tpi,,, aq stjuw klo kagome sm koga aj. Biar inuyasha MKIN GILAAAA…..hahaha….!!^^

    cuma’ gurau k'(bisa2 aq d grebek 1 kmpung ntar) “miaNhae….!”

  8. ls peli de inuyasha es super genial

  9. hola mi nombre es maria soy de santiago del estero argentina todo lo que tiene que ver con inuyasha es sorprendente hace mucho que lo veo hace 4 anos que lo veo yo tengo 14 anos
    bueno me despido diciendo que es super genial

    • Hi Maria🙂 It sounds like you really enjoy Inuyasha🙂

  10. y nunca dejen de verlos🙂

  11. i love inuyasha very much!!!!

  12. i want mecha or super robot all a like
    well.. no fall in my country..

    • Gundam Unicorn is coming up soon🙂

  13. Inuyasha Is AWESOME!!!!!!!

  14. InuYasha has come after a long time.So I am very excited to see all the episodes.Never finish InuYasha. InuYasha totally rocks!!!!!!!!

    • Yes, Inuyasha is a good anime🙂

  15. wow wow wow this is the cutest picture eveerrrrrr!! i would love for this to happpen!!!!!

  16. hi inuyasha my name is seansee nice to meet you.

    • Nice to meet you🙂

  17. i love inuyasha i have the holle siris and games i have almost all the coleter itums i love this pic it is so cut dont u wish that inuyasha was real i do omg i love him so much.

    • It sounds like you really like Inuyasha🙂

      Indeed, this is a very cute picture🙂

      Oh, a real Inuyasha would be awesome🙂

  18. jajaja megusta esdelomejor

  19. i m curious to inuyasha again.he is cute.

    • Yes, he is very cute🙂

  20. Inuyasha… I’m verry liked he… He is very amused.. And always make me to laugh…

    • Yes, he is a fun character🙂

  21. I love Inuyasha soo much!! I’m so sad that it has to come to an end, I wish it would go on forever. I also wish he could come to life. I would do anything to meet him and go into the futal era with him!!

    • I him Inuyasha too🙂

      That would be fun, but a dangerous adventure🙂

  22. I love Inuyasha it is my favorite.

  23. I love u very much🙂🙂 i wacth all the episode and i’m a big big big fan

    • Sounds like you really like Inuyasha, and you are a big fan🙂

  24. I love t very much

  25. I dream about him ever night

  26. yes this anime series was……wait i mean is very awesome!!! 😀 you just gotta love it when he kills those demons haha :]

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