My Anime Harem: Husbands

November 9, 2009

I noticed that many people posted mai waifu lists. Mostly these posts are written by males who don’t have a life list female anime characters. To my knowledge, only Miz did both male and female versions – I thought it would be fun to write this too🙂 I’ll start with husbands edition.

Van Slanzar de Fanel (Escaflowne)

“You mean fighting to bring an end to fighting? I think you’ll find there’s no such thing! “

Van is an excellent swordsman, a king, and has awesome wings🙂

Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji)

“Akuma/de shitsuji desu kara.”

Sebastian is great in many aspects, but he is a demon and can use whatever is necessary to achieve his goals, as we’ve seen in the infamous episode 17. Because of that, I was somewhat hesitant to include him on the list, but it is difficult to resist the dark side😛

Larva (Vampire Princess Miyu)

The name “Larva” is taken from Roman mythology, which like “Lemures” refers to a restless spirit of the dead. Larva’s name and signature mask may also have been inspired from the white, ghostly Venetian Carnival mask “Larva,” also called “Volto.” (Source)

Shinma (神魔) is a combination of god (kami, 神) and demon (ma, 魔)

Larva is a great guardian and can really understand your feelings🙂

Zechs Merquise (Gundam Wing)

“Space calls out to humans. And the earth tries to pull us back down, saying that what we are doing is wrong…”

Ah, this brings back memories… I watched Gundam Wing when it aired on Toonami about a decade ago… Zechs is a man of honor, as Jackie Chan will tell you, and has good intentions, but his methods are quite extreme. His voice actors are good in both versions, and combination of long blond hair with blue eyes makes him quite attractive🙂

Li Ren (Hanasakeru Seishounen)

“You are far more foolish than I had imagined.”

Li Ren is a very smart person with many connections, a big heart, excellent cooking skills, and priceless expressions when he is angry😛

Jouslain Tytania (Tytania)

“A fire set off in the brush will not be put out that easily, and it will leave a source of fire somewhere.”

Jouslain is almost perfect: he is a very nice and smart person who tries to solve most conflicts diplomatically, has power and money, and great looks. I especially like his cherry eyes🙂

Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho)

“The more impatient we are, the more mistakes we make.”

This should not be too surprising, given that he is on my avatar picture😛 I like his analytical yet kind nature and devotion to protect people close to him🙂 Red hair and green eyes is not the best combination, but it works well for him, and I love Youko’s white hair🙂

Song by Megumi Ogata who voiced Kurama

The ending after four minutes is out of sync due to change of a soundtrack. The music is actually “Dark Freeways” by Aalborg Fantasy Soundtracks, but it fits the footage better than the originally intended composition🙂

Well, that was a fun hypothetical exercise🙂 I’ll post waifu version soon.

What anime character(s) would you take as a husband?

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Check out what characters others selected. I especially encourage you to read Animekritik’s post – he even arranged everyone in Tale of Genji style🙂


  1. Nice list. I agree with Sebby and Kurama-sama. I haven’t seen the other series though, but I’m inclined to agree with Li Ren (he looks hawt) and Jouslain (I never got past ep 2 of Tytania, shall I give it another shot?)

    Ahaha, I’m very tempted to do one too, but I just can’t seem to decide among the guys! I should probably start the ranking process… xDD

    • Thank you🙂

      As for Tytania, it depends on what you are looking for in anime series. The plot is not very good. In fact many people dropped the series around the middle. The directing is outstanding though – definitely the best of the last year.

      Oh yes, it is very difficult to choose among so many good candidates🙂 Take your time – I would love to see your list😀

  2. OMG KURAMA-SAMA!!!😄 I consider him my first ‘bishie love’ hahaha. I liked Zechs, but I was so into Duo Maxwell and his braids back when I watched Gundam Wing I was rather oblivious to his smexiness😛

    • Yay! Kurama is awesome🙂 First love even! haha

      Ah yes, Duo’s braids were fun🙂

  3. Well, there seems to be a unity in this group, revolving around the notion of “dreamy lads”.

    • “Dreamy lads”? haha Well, that’s an interesting way to put it🙂

  4. When I clicked, I so knew Sebastian was going to be here.😄 Biggest surprise here is Van, but then again… it’s understandable ^^ Adds nice balance to the harem.

    • haha Yes, it should not be too surprising, given all the Kuroshitsuji coverage here🙂

      As for Van, wings are difficult to resist😛

  5. Kurama is definitely one of my favorite bishies. I like analytical characters as well.

    • I am glad you like him too😀

  6. Oh hai thar Sebastian.

    …Tried to think of a KHR example but yeah that didn’t work out.

    • Sebastian is just omnipresent like that😛

  7. 😀 Van Fanel… if I were still 15 I would have howled that he’s miiiiiiiine and don’t you dare.
    Very good list, by the way.

    • haha Yes, it’s been a while since I watched Escaflowne… We are all much older now🙂

      Thank you🙂

  8. Well, it’s only natural that Sebastian is here. I should be pleased, no? (:

    • Yes, he likes it here🙂

  9. Mm you’re still a guy right (haha…)?

    Anyway, my list of male characters I find attractive:

    Larva (vampire princess miyu)
    The Count (Gankutsuou)
    Kusuriuri (Mononoke)
    Reinhard (LoGH)

    Mm that’s all I can think of right now.

    • I have to admit that I am actually a fangirl that posed all this time as a guy😛

      Thank you for your interesting list🙂 We even have a match! hehe Besides Larva, I like Kusuriuri from your list the most🙂

  10. […] that you know my husband choices, let’s look at the wives. I’ll start with a […]

  11. Ooh, I finally had a chance to pop in here. Nice list. Lemme see…Yup Sebastian is there, Li Ren and Jouslain too but Van, eh? Van irks me at first. He only got less annoying as the series progresses. Kurama and his thorny rose whip (plus that smexy fox demon transformation) wins out over Van anytime.😛
    My male harem would include Hei of DtB & Edgar of Hakushaku to Yousei. Edgar would amuse me no end…LOL.

    • Thank you🙂

      Van has wings😛 But I agree with you, that is why Van is on the last place in the list and Kurama is on the first one🙂

      haha Yes, Edgar is awesome too! Just make sure to control his alcohol intake😛

  12. LOL… I can’t believe you actually put Kurama. So old school ^__^ Since you put many guys from 90’s anime, I’m surprised that you didn’t put anyone from Fushigi Yuugi or Kenshin.

    • haha Well, Kurama is just great🙂 I was considering Fushigi Yuugi, but guys from Kenshin didn’t appeal to me that much.

  13. for posting Zechs (because Gundam W was my gateway anime), i give you a million XXXXXs.😀

    • Oh, hi Revolemina!😀 Have not heard from you in a while! I hope things are going well!🙂

      haha Thank you🙂

  14. i love you kurama.!!

  15. O_O First time I have seen this entry.. so I approve.. one of these years I might just dust up and revamp my choices.. (sighs) for Larva.. and lol to Kurama.. since I chose Hiei in my first choice. ^_^

    • Yeah, it is interesting to observe how one’s choices change over the years🙂

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