Kobato Episode 5

November 11, 2009

This episode featured some of the best background art so far and a sad story T_T

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  1. it was marvellous! i cried a torrent…is it me or naoko as well the girl in the episode with the rain loooked very much like yuzuriha from x? Clamp has a unique style, but from now on perhaps she should be careful not to repeat her characters *sweatdrop*
    I wanna see how the loan problem will be solved. And will they give us any hint where kobato wants to go? or what is she?
    P.S.: from which subbing-group are you watching this? It’s good they translate the written japanese ,too. I have an issue with them…
    P.S.2: now i wanna see fireflies too~~~

    • I also cried a little…

      Oh, now that you mention it, she does look like Yuzuriha. Given the number of characters they create, some similarities are bound to happen. I agree that it is best to create character with variety.

      I also wonder how they will solve the problem. It seems that Kobato is an angel. Where she wants to go I am not sure yet.

      I am watching gg subbing group. What kind of issue you have with them?

      Yes, fireflies are beautiful🙂

      • the issue is that i can’t read japanese and don’t know but a few words so puns and cultural references as well as written texts in anime need to be subbed. But from the sourse i watch kobato, there is no subs under the title of the book for example.

        • I see. I also have trouble reading some Japanese text in anime sometimes. Try gg subs for Kobato and see if you like them🙂

  2. I really like the story of the picture book! The art is very fantastic.

    • Yes, the art and the story are very nice🙂

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