1001 Expressions of Sebastian Michaelis: Part 1

November 15, 2009

Kuroshitsuji Sebastian Michaelis Gallery

This post covers episodes 1-12🙂 Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any potential consequences of Sebastian overload😛

1001 Expressions of Ciel

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  1. I think I LOL-ed. Yet again. But I’m afraid that I don’t know how to answer your survey though. Anything but the Angela one! Yes, that’s it. Perhaps I ought to write a piece about him. Should start planning soon lol. (: Now if only he could do something nice for me in return… Thanks for posting this! Haha.

    • haha Well, Angela’s dungeon work was quite scary.

      Ah yes, writing about Sebastian sounds like fun😀

      Oh, I am sure he’ll do something nice🙂

      You are welcome🙂

  2. ha ha, good categories🙂
    but i want curry-bread style, or “draped-in-grell” style too🙂

    • Thank you🙂

      That is in the part two😛

  3. Oh God…. I’m again reminded of this smexy buttler .. *fans self from too much fangirling*

    Back to business, I swear, seeing too much Sebastian in front of my eyes just makes me want to lol XDDD But yeah~ I still want a butler as hawt awesome as he is ^^

    • Yes, he is great, but be careful what you wish for😛

  4. Yay, you made a collection of Sebastian expressions as well! ^^ They’re all so beautiful.😄 I hope I don’t get a nosebleed from all of this. :L

    • Yes, I did it, but it took such a long time >.< There will be part two also.

      haha Too much Sebastian can be bad for you😛

  5. gosh i haven’t seen kuroshijitsu but sebastian resembles almost horrificly to li-reng…and the partner of saya in blood+ (haven’t watched this either, just a bishie survey i was doing hehe *sweatdrop*

    • Indeed, there resemblance is there, but Sebastian is quite a different character, although they do share some expressions😛

  6. Kyaaah!!!! (*¬*) (>*-*>)
    Sebastian is smexiest wearing a sinister smile because he’s “あくまで執事ですから”😛 xD

    • Yay!

      haha Yes, he certainly is🙂

  7. Ooh, you did Sebby as well. :3
    I was half expecting Li Ren to show up though, as Sebby made a visit to our lovely Chinese bishie when he had his 1000 expressions shown.

    It does strike me however, that Sebastian’s expression is most of the time his (creepy) smile (that makes fangirls faint), yet he varries on the theme.
    His expressions are great when he’s caught off guard.😀 Pluto’s face while biting Sebby’s jacket is cute.😄
    Ah, poor Pluto’s eternal rivals… Sebastian’s true love… the marvelous cats.

    Any idea who you’re planning on doing next?

    • Yes, Sebby is a must🙂

      haha I was contemplating about it, but Sebby is on the whole other level😉

      Indeed, that smile can break many hearts🙂

      His expressions of surprise are fun🙂

      Cats =❤

      I'll do Part 2 of Sebastian and then… I'll venture into dangerous territory😛

      • Indeed. I don’t think I know anyone who watched the show and didn’t like Sebby.
        (Though I did prefer Greill and Pluto)

        Hm… You’re right. Though you can compare Li Ren and Sebastian, you can’t compare Sebastian and Li Ren.

        He should have a good assurance to pay for all the hospitalisation costs.😄

        Exactly. They’re so… so… Out of his usual flawless character.


        Alright, looking forward to it.
        I would suggest Alto (no, not because I’m a fan), but because he’s got such a wide array of -hilarious- expressions.
        If you pause enough while he finds out how hot a hot sandwich is (ep5-Star Date), his expressions are marvelous.

        • Yup, everyone likes Seba-san🙂

          Alto is a good choice, but I don’t have much sources… Usually, all the screenshots in the expression posts are taken by me during my episodic coverage. Then I select the screenshots for such expression posts. I don’t have many shots for Alto unfortunately😦

    This has made my day, and many a day of mine to come, I daresay. -hyperventilates-
    -glomps- I LOVE YOU!

    • haha It looks like you are very excited about Sebastian😛 I am glad you liked this post🙂

  9. I think I can die happy now.😀

    • haha You are very welcome – I am glad you enjoyed it🙂

  10. This is so awesome, thanks thanks thanks! ;D

    • You are welcome🙂

  11. […] 1001 Expressions of Sebastian Michaelis: Part 1 […]

  12. why is there all of the above choise >.<

  13. estan geniales las imagenes¡¡¡¡¡¡
    it is great….
    espero poder encoNtrar mas…

  14. hi, I’m a big fan of kurositsuji
    can I please request your kuroshitsuji image/pictures.
    my email add is [Email removed to avoid spam]

    thanks a lot

    • Feel free to use these images, but please give me a credit by linking to my blog🙂

  15. i love black batler and i like sebastian michaelis


    • Yes, Sebastian is great! They selected really nice voice actors for that role🙂

  17. Hahahahaha… Sebastian is sooooooooooo Cute! Uh I mean, He’s a devilishly HOT, CUTE and talented butler.😀

    • Yes, he is multitalented like that🙂

  18. omg~~ hes so sexy!! i love his expression when pluto licked him xD ty for posting ^^ im gonna check out part two now

    • You are welcome🙂

      haha Yes, his expression is priceless!🙂

  19. cant there be a vote option of him looking like he’s somewhat deciding/flustered just like in episode nine?! and i almost died awhile ago! why? try looking at this while listening to his character song: aru shitsuji no nichijou?! good thing i still remembered i still have more sebastian pics to discover! ok plus the fact SOME PEOPLE need me alive

    • Ah, yes, that’s another interesting expression🙂

      haha Indeed, pictures and that song can be a great combination!🙂

      I really like this song haha

  20. if michaelis likes some girl i would pair him up with saber
    they look perfect in my opinion

    • That’s an interesting pairing🙂

      • thanks, they do look cute together, when Sebastian would’ve been tortured by that creepy angela, she would come and slay
        angela and save Sebby❤

        • btw, if you want to read my make-up story of Kuroshitsuji fate stay night and stuff here is the link http://www.facebook.com/note.php?saved&&note_id=224255957629374#!/note.php?note_id=224432934278343

          • Thank you for the link, but I don’t have FB.

        • That would be nice, but defeating Angela is not that easy…

          • lol i love it if sebby has a girlfriend (like saber or rin)

            • I suspect that Sebastian will be particularly susceptible to nekomimi outfits😛

              • nekomini dresses?

              • what do u mean nekomini dress?

              • what do you mean suspectible to nekomini dresses?
                do you mean Sebastian would rather let them dress
                in a catgirl dress? that’s so kawaii~! Saber would be

                • haha Yes, because Sebastian loooves kitties ^_^

                  • meoooww ^_^

                    • ^_^

                    • everytime I see Sebastian, he reminds me of Zatsune Miku, as his counterpart lol

                    • Oh, he kind of does actually hehe

  21. All of the expressions are different but they all have a certain quality…

    • Irresistible Sebastian quality!😀

  22. You are a GENIUS O.O

  23. I just want to say…Sebastian’s smile is like >:}

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