Well, it was only a matter of time… The song is just contagious…

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4 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji Bad Romance (AMV)

  1. Did I influenced you with Tweeting that song too much? Haha. My dad loved it by the way. He made me load the video when we heard it on radio! Besides, I have to give it to Lady GaGa for being such a talented musician.

    Except that I personally believe that this song fits Grell and Sebastian more, haha.

    This song will begin it’s reign very soon. (:

    1. haha Yes, I blame you! 😛 The song is kind of catchy actually, but I prefer to listen to it rather than watching a video 😛

      Yes, it could be a good fit for Grell x Sebastian 🙂

  2. Actually I thought this amv was kinda lame…That song is very expressive and has alot of beats going on. The actual video and clips was not synched well to the song–it was pretty low quality amv especially when compared to others.
    Just my opinion though–Lady Gaga so awesome!

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