Kobato Episode 7

November 27, 2009

Kobato 7

Another fascinating episode loaded with latent content. Let’s see what happened!🙂

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  1. for me the new guy remember me to fay of tsubasa hahaahahhahaha

    • haha Yes, you are right! The resemblance is striking🙂

  2. I love the way eyes and lips are painted! It gives off warmth🙂
    Yes, perhaps Domoto resembles Paul…but I prefer Domoto-he’s much more handsome. Do you know that in another sub version Ioryogi called Domoto metrosexual???

    • Indeed, the eyes are very expressive🙂

      Yes, Domoto does look better🙂

      D: I disagree with that metrosexual designation…

  3. I see double Chii! Lol.
    I like Kobato enthusiasm.

    • haha Yes, those twins are cute🙂 The hide-and-seek scene was funny when she found a girl and had that expression: ^_^ but it took a while for a girl to realize which one of the twins it is🙂

      I also admire Kobato’s enthusiasm🙂

  4. She paints gud!

    Very nice commentary. Solid episode, especially for Fujimoto’s character. Interesting way to go about it, but I feel like something progressed🙂

    • haha Yes, she has potential🙂

      Thank you🙂

      Each episode does seem to progress the plot, but in a relatively slow pace.

  5. this images looks soo nicee where do you see thee anime?

    i see it in watchanimeon

    • Thanks. I watch gg subs.

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