Happy Holidays 2009!

December 24, 2009

Last few weeks were quite busy for me. Finally, I have some time off!🙂 It is snowing outside – just on schedule for this time of the year🙂 I hope you’ll be able to relax and spend some good time with your friends and family this holiday season🙂


  1. Happy Holidays!

  2. Saten Whoooooo SKIRT! hehe

    • haha Yes, it is nice🙂

  3. have a happy christmas & a merry new 2010🙂
    and enjoy your break. thanks for all the great photo essays😛

    • Thank you, Mei, for your wishes🙂 I hope this break will be productive.

      You are welcome! I am glad you are enjoying them🙂

  4. Merry Xmas!

    • Thank you! Merry Xmas!🙂

  5. Happy Holidays!
    (I wish there were snow in my country sometimes…but on second thought, that would mean that global warming had turn for the worst X_X)

    • Thank you! Happy Holidays! Some snow is good, especially around Christmas time, but if it is snowing all the time like in some of the northern states, it can be very annoying. I spent enough time living in a cold climate, so I am enjoying warm weather now🙂

  6. Dear Kitsune
    Merry Christmas N Happy New Year☆

    I hope next year a lot of good things to have happen to you

    • Dear Gyurri, thank you for your wishes🙂 I hope things will go well for you too this holiday season and next year🙂

  7. Merry Christmas kitsune~! ^_^

    • Thank you, Merry Christmas, usagijen!🙂

  8. Merry Christmas! I love that Suika one!!!!

    • Thank you! Merry Christmas, Chii!

      haha Yes, that Suika picture is fun🙂 My favorite is painting 00003🙂

  9. I say, a fine compilation you’ve got here.

    Merry Christmas, and my very best wishes for the New Year!

    • Thank you!🙂 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

  10. You out-beat me with your awesome collection of pictures to my one x) haha
    Happy Holidays to you too Kitsune!

    • Thank you,. Lostty!🙂 Happy Holidays!🙂

      You do have a nice picture there🙂 It took me a very very long time to find and select this set of pictures.

  11. Gah forgot to visit this site in my round of Christmas blog visits. Merry Xmas anyway! Stealing your santa Niea_7 pic, that must be super rare to find x_X

    • Yes, this one is easy to forget due to inactivity😛

      Merry Xmas!🙂

      Indeed, it is quite rare. The more Yoshitoshi Abe, the better🙂

  12. Love the xxxHolic pic. ^^

    Have a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year ahead, Kitsune!🙂

    • haha Yes, it is a fun picture🙂 That bunny is very hungry😛

      Thank you, Hazy! May your holiday season be filled with joy, and I hope you will not be too busy with overflow of projects in the coming year🙂

  13. Happy Holidays!!

    • Thank you, Miz!🙂 Happy Holidays!🙂

  14. Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year! ;P

    • Thank you! Have a great 2010!🙂

  15. Ack, I’m late coming here! Happy holidays! But now I might as well say Happy New Year too~!! xD

    • Better late than never🙂

      Happy holidays and Happy New Year, Chiisai!😀

  16. Happy New Year ^^

    • Happy New Year!🙂

  17. sometimes news years are left behind if you didnt fell like leting go of what you’ve been cared on throughout the years? but not enough has even help out really… for me i just think the possible and keep my head up and move on, like i have been but i dont know if im ready two find the same person i was before… i guess i explain 2 much anyway.. bye

    • There will be brighter days, and, rather than finding your old self, you’ll find your new self, an improved and resilient self!

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