Nahoko Uehashi talks about life and “sounds” in her recent post on Kemono no Souja Erin Anime.

Watching this show, viewers may believe Erin brought peace back to the world alone but in my opinion, no single person’s actions can bring peace to the world.

Such a society can only be achieved by people going through a cycle of trial and error so that they may learn from denial and be corrected in their ways.

Life is like a bubble, short and thus giving each person little strength to achieve anything alone yet, in the society we live in today such humans are born into the world one after the other, “living and achieving.”

Erin managed to accomplish many “sounds” by experiencing hesitation, being troubled and thinking as she walked her path, meeting various things (including beasts) and people.

At the end of her path, her near-death experience at Tahai Aze was an invaluable lesson to her but, if she had not been willing to try her best at everything throughout her life, it never would have happened and her “sound” wouldn’t have been tuned.

Life maybe short for us but as we walk our paths, each of us produce our own “sounds”, resonating together with the sounds of others and sometimes it may not be in harmony but more complex, sounds are produced. Perhaps we could say it’s one grand tuning session as we play.

This 50 episode series is an animated version of my books “Toudah Arc” and “King Beasts Arc” but, you’ll find two more books that continue the story of Erin’s life were released this summer “Quest Arc” and “Final Arc”. It tells the story of Erin’s life after she is married and becomes a mother.

I handed over the preview copies of those stories to the director Mr. Hamana, Mr. Fuseki and Mr. Fujisaki. After reading a certain chapter, Mr. Fujisaki said, “I’m going to kill you, Uehashi!” (Laughs) They did a splendid job of bringing one of the scenes to life at the end of the show.(Sources: Original, English Translation by Xcomp)

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10 thoughts on “Nahoko Uehashi on Kemono no Souja Erin Anime

  1. Um, correct me if I’m wrong. She is trying to say that ‘every thing is connected’, isn’t she? That we are small but we are also part if the big picture. Nice!

    1. Yes, that is what she is saying 🙂 Here are some additional thoughts:

      – “no single person’s actions can bring peace to the world” This is very true.
      – She highlights the importance of experience, expressing an optimistic view that society can learn. Unfortunately, operant conditioning does not work at this scale. “That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history,” Aldous Huxley. In fact, the insurgence follows an approximate power-law distribution.
      – Humans have little power in this life, yet, in spite many challenges, some manage to achieve great things by working very hard and trying their best, like Erin.
      – The other point she highlights is the importance of experience at the personal level. This may sound banal, but experience is an essential part of personal and spiritual development, as an episode about new young girl student Shion wonderfully illustrated. Erin’s life experience and perseverance allowed her to deal with extremely difficult circumstances.
      – We go through life producing and hearing many different “sounds”, which, in turn, change one another in a “grand tuning session”. “Be the change that you want to see in the world,” Mohandas Gandhi.

      1. That was insightful, really. I suppose this is what separates me from a real writer like Nahoko Uehashi. Those words strangely ring true but I could never have written it out so clearly 🙂

        1. Yes, she is a writer and an ethnology professor, but it took her a while to reach this level. I am sure you will be able to produce similar writings if you decide to pursue this path 🙂

  2. i’m just wondering whether to get the books, which i’m seriously tempted since i’m having a really enjoyable time with the moribito series, just arrrrghh….i’ve still not finished them 😛

  3. I want to see these books ASAP! This series just makes my day thinking about it! I just love how you wrote this, Kitsune. It takes the words out of my mouth.

    Her musical instrument is a lyre, right? Also I think the music was very influential in some scenes like the final one, brought tears to my eyes!

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