Can Sound Influence Mind and Body?

[via Mari Diary]

It is only a hypothesis, not a theory, that is based on a questionable premise about effects of baby sounds. Such a confounded case study is too biased to assess the response properly – a larger randomized study is needed, measuring many factors. Nonetheless, it is an interesting idea that warrants further research. If a clinically significant response is found, I hope this research will take more useful directions rather than breast augmentation…

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4 thoughts on “Can Sound Influence Mind and Body?

  1. why is it so surprising? in england i’ve heard they use this sound to shoo children that make noise away from the entrances of shops…what a way…

    also, isn’t it quite known that dogs trainers use such subliminal sounds to train the dogs?

    1. Thank you for posting the link to that video – it is quite interesting (I did check it before my first reply). I mentioned a general subliminal sound rather than a sound produced by dogs 😛

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