Kuroshitsuji Season 2: Monoshitsuji Characters and Cast

January 31, 2010

Kuroshitsuji Season 2: Monoshitsuji Characters and Cast

“Solamen miseris socios habuisse doloris”

Before you read this post, please take a deep breath, and remember that for every 60 seconds you remain angry, you loose one minute of peace of mind😉

Update: There is still hope!😉

Kuroshitsuji 2 Episode 1 Screenshots and Impressions

New Cast and Characters

Butler: Claude Faustus (クロード・フォースタス) voiced by Takahiro Sakurai ( 櫻井孝宏 ) Takahiro took the gloves from Ono Daisuke who looked depressed and pretended to cry.
Young master: Alois Trancy referred to as “your highness” voiced by Nana Mizuki (水樹奈々).

Air Date

July 2010


*Possible Spoilers*

“It has also been rumored that the first couple of episodes are going to include Sebastian’s past. With this happening to Sebastian at the end of the drama: The drama ended on a sad note with Sebastian looking at a cake (it had a little hat like Ciel’s on it) in the rundown Phantomhive mansion (at least I think that’s where it was). He was depressed and said “akuma de hitori desu kara” (hitori=alone). He walked off into the snow alone.”


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This is very sad news… Kuroshitsuji without Sebastian and Daisuke Ono…😦

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  1. I heard the news just as I got back from my party. This pretty much confirms the liner card reveal from Vol.8. It had the character design of the new main leads for S2. I just didn’t want to believe it until the Seiyuu event in Yokohama. Now that it’s out, it’s out. Bawww…I will miss Ono D (T_T)

    • I’ll miss him too!😦 Now I don’t even know if I am going to watch that second season…

      • =[ ditto *tear*

        • Umm… They haven’t been replaced. From what can be inferred from the second half of the first episode and the preview of episode two (after ending song), Ciel and Sebastian are still main characters. It seems, though, that the second season simply has two more main characters added to the plot…

          • Yeah. Im so glad that Ciel and Sebastian are still in it. They’re definetly better than Alois and Claude… OMG, im just so happy to see that they’re back❤


      • That’s kind of a narrow way to look it. I mean, just because it isn’t Ciel and Sebastian doesn’t mean that it won’t be good. Just look at it as a whole new series! It doesn’t even technically have the same title!

        • Yes, just because the characters are different does not mean that the series will be bad, just that people might be less interested if their favorite characters are no longer present.

    • What do you call a room full of outraged fan girls? This.

      • Thankyou. That’s EXACTLY what this is. GO over yourselves fangirls.

        • How does one “Go over” themselves exactly? Furthermore, I’ve seen fan girls. The last two posts were quiet and respectful, so why don’t you “go over” yourself.

          • ugh I hate that ciel died. It made me so sad! I like ciel better than this next master. This next season might piss me off.

            • Right now there is a big gaping black hole of dissapointment where my minor like of the Kuroshitsuji anime was. Meaning that I think the manga is ten thousand times better anway. Hehe…

              • guys wait….ceil n sebastian r definitely in it…have u sen episode 1…god damn it i wanna see episode 2

            • Well it’s not very firm but if you look at the episode one when Claude and Sebastian fight, but Sebastian got away, when he does they view him in a forest with a case, he opens the case and Ciel’s inside, then he says, “It’s time to awaken young master.”

            • I thought the same thing……I am literally in LOVE with Sebastian, and I almost cried when Ciel dies in the last episode of Black Butler Season 1. I decided to deal with the fact that Kuroshitsuji 2 is not traslated yet ad see what happens. I started watching it and the new characters SUCK. They are boring horrible irritating and cruel. I just wanted to cry. And just as I was about to compose a well thought out hate letter to the creator of the series…….someone in a log black trenchcoat appears on the doorstep of the new characters. I had my suspicions but the collar of the coat covered the mans face so you couldn’t see it. I continued watching and the first episode and then the man flashes the signature Sebastian smile and says Im simply one hell of a butler and I knew it was true. Sebastian was back! And so was Ciel. The first episode takes a dramatic turn when Ciel loses his memory and can remember nothing of the previous year, the new characters turn into the bad guys and Ciel and Sebastian return. It was like happily ever after for me actually.

    • Umm… They haven’t been replaced. From what can be inferred from the second half of the first episode and the preview of episode two (after ending song), Ciel and Sebastian are still main characters. It seems, though, that the second season simply has two more main characters added to the plot.

    • Ha. That would be a rather shame. If you guys took the chance to watch it, you would know that Sebastian and Ciel appear in the first episode and second so far. Come, guys. Don’t be sticks in the mud. I just started watching it myself, I hope you guys don’t end up missing out on something because you didn’t give it a chance.

    • so who is sebatian’s voice now? i watched the first episodes and it sounds like the same person!

      • Yes, it is the same person, Daisuke Ono.

  2. I’m not really angry (lol) but this does come as a shock-especially when read in the morning while I’m still half-awake. I really don’t know what are the people planning for this season, because they did not directly imply that Sebastian and Ciel will not be present.

    They sure know how to pull a Lady GaGa by generating a lot of buzz about it! Sans the makeup and fashion.

    On a totally unrelated note, GaGa stole the show at the Grammys. (:

    The dude (butler) resembles a cross between William and Sebastian. It sounds like I should be pleased but I’m only confused, haha. Sadly I’m not one of the hardcore fangirls who wept when they did not show Seb and Ciel. ;p

    Ah, but I have to put some faith in him don’t I? After all, I’m supposed to be the [loving] wife.

    • Yes, he does resemble William🙂

      Well, Sebastian just decided to get settled. He married Angela and they lived happily ever after😛

      • yeah, fucking right. Angela? She was killed and will be no more. Ugh, sebastien would never stoop so low to ever be with that tramp. D:<

        • Well, he did enjoy that dungeon session😛

  3. K-Kuroshitsuji? Without Ciel or Sebastian?!
    …I think I’m just gonna stick to reading manga.

    • Yes, many people think that manga is better than anime.

      • Kuroshitsuji without Ciel and Sebastian is not Kuroshitsuji. This sucks. The new characters look gay and their attitude is opposite from Ciel and Sebastian lol.

        • Well, if what you say is true about the way characters look, some fangirls might consider it a good thing😛

        • Well obviously they’re gunna have different attitudes, it’s a whole different cast. Plus it’s a time skip. Ciel is dead, you can’t continue it if the main character is dead (Remember? Sebastian took Ciel’s soul when the first season finished.) And honestly I’m quite excited for the second season, of course I was a bit sad that Ciel and Sebastian weren’t going to be in it (Fully, if the rumor is true about Sebastian.). I mean why judge something that you haven’t even seen yet? It’s stupid and pointless. At least give it a little hope. I’m sure in due time girls will be gaga for Claude (Or those triplets * O*).

          • Well even though Ciel did die i was thinking that they could’ve at least make sebastian rethink this whole “take Ciel’s soul” thing and be his butler until he was actually going to die
            *of old age of course*
            im only saying this because i would LOVE to see what sort of adult Ciel would turn out to be.🙂

            • Oh, I also wonder how adult Ciel would look like!🙂

        • That’s why it isn’t Kuroshitsuji. It’s Monoshitsuji. Besides, you haven’t even seen it. How do you know that it is gonna suck?

      • Am I the only one who realizes that that is Sebastian. Sebastion was given that name by Ciel as part of the contract its not actually his real name. That means new contract new name, and his hair is obviously just swept to the side because he has to dress and look the way his contractors want him to but thats still him guys. Anyways it doesnt matter cause know one can replace Ciel I mean c’mon thats absurd!

        • Hmm, that is an interesting hypothesis, but, although the new butler does resemble Sebastian, I don’t think it is him.

          It is hard to replace Ciel indeed.

        • If it was him, I think I might cry. HIS HAIR IS FUGLY.



        • Didn’t Ciel also give Sebastian his appearance as well? To look like his father I thought…

          • Yes, I think that was the purpose. Sebastian told Ciel not to look in the last episode because he is revealing his true form. Sebastian is actually a hell of a sexy female demon with awesome boots😛 He just turned to look like Ciel’s father to make Ciel more comfortable.

            • Actually, from what I have seen, apparently Sebastian IS male. His voice is male and he appears to have a goatee. So unless he is a female with a mans voice and a beard, there is no doubt in my mind that he is a male.

              • Well, secondary sex characteristics may be telling, but you never know with demons😛

        • I noticed it right away. He looks exactly like Sebastian, only with a whole new hair style. I’m kind of looking forward to this season, only because I would like to see the new twists and characters.

          • but sebby has red eyes…

            • Umm… They haven’t been replaced. From what can be inferred from the second half of the first episode and the preview of episode two (after ending song), Ciel and Sebastian are still main characters. It seems, though, that the second season simply has two more main characters added to the plot

          • He has some resembles to Sebastian, but the eyes just don’t do it. I’m very dissapointed that they scrapped Ciel and replaced him with a … What is it? Boy or girl. I’m going to stick with the manga. No season 2 for me.

            • Yes, many people seem to be disappointed with the new master.

        • No that NOT Sebastian… just look Episode one^^ Sebastian appears und fights agaist Claude

    • So, I just found out about this new season and have been doing some hardcore thinking. First off, the first season was called Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) and the new one is Monoshitsuji (White Butler). Does that make the new butler an Angel, and if so, will he be a destroying angel like Angela/Ash? Also, it may be Sebastian, since everything we saw of Sebby was given to him by Ciel, but the producers have said it is not Sebby in disguise, but I’ll believe it when I see it. I couldn’t help but notice the butler using kitchen ware as weapons just like Sebby. How many demons or Angels would think to use such unique fighting techniques? (unless they’re weezing off Sebby’s gig.) Also, I don’t understand everyone’s disgust with this. I think we should be grateful that they are coming out with a new season for us to watch. If you must, think of it as a totally different anime. I enjoyed Kuroshitsuji, it is my favorite anime, and even if the characters are all new, I would be happy to watch an anime simular to Kuroshitsuji, to broaden my horizons and give me something to watch. I doubt I’ll cosplay the new master though, he doesn’t look as awesome as Ciel, and thus I will make my BF continue being my Sebastian, unless I see the new duo fit for cosplay. At any rate, if they hadn’t made this new season Kuroshitsuji would be over anyway, I’m just grateful that I can continue being entertained (And maybe get to hear some more of the awesome music!)

      • I just have difficulty imagining the new butler as an angel, especially given his name😛

        You have an interesting idea. What you are saying is that the demon stays the same, just changing the look to fit his new master. That is a plausible idea, but I read that Sebastian will actually appear in the first episodes of the next season to make a transition, but it sounded like these two were separate entities.

        Yes, we should be grateful to the creators for a new season, but one of the reasons why people are upset is due to the lack of clear information and false hopes. The very fact that the sequel is in the works generated various hypothesis that seemed very reasonable, and people suddenly had hope, but the recent revelation of the cast completely shattered everything. There was so much to do, so much potential, but they decided to take this route… Oh well, we’ll see how it’ll turn out…

  4. it makes sense with how S1 ended.😛

    • hehe I bet the third season will feature Grell as a butler and Madam Red as a re-incarnated young princess😛

  5. Sebastiaaaaaaaaaaaan ):

    • Daisukeeeeee! ):

  6. The way I see it, we still have Sebastian, Ciel, and the rest of the gang in the manga, which is still continuing.

    I love Kuroshitsuji, and maybe I’m just trying to look on the positive side of things, but I’m excited for a second season, period. I’m also asuming that it will be produced by the same studio as the last season, which is an even better reason to believe that this will be good.

    Just a side comment, but that boy in the picture (Charles?) looks a lot like the queen’s assisstant from the manga.

    I’ve been waiting for the second season too long to be disapointed, I’ll be tuning in!

    • Yes, we still have manga🙂

      It is nice to hear that you have such a positive outlook🙂 The director of the first season was excellent – I hope he’ll stay for the second season.

      Not much information is available on that boy yet, unfortunately.

  7. […] full article can be found here, and the picture is posted/ linked from Celestial Kitsune’s […]

  8. the master’s name was Alois Trance, not Charles-whatever…

    • Thank you for mentioning it🙂

  9. KYAAAA~~

    a second season?!….but the boy looks like the smaller charles in the manga dont you think?….and the butler looks like…..AH!! what the heck!!
    I cant wait for this season to come out!!! I’ve been waiting for so long so this is like the best news I’ve heard this week!!!

    • Several people mentioned that the boy does look like Charles.

      It is good that you are reacting positively to the news🙂

  10. Is this accually positivily for real? At the end of season 1, sebastian got his arm chopped off( the arm which had the contract) so i thought he couldnt take ciels soul since the contract was broken

    • Indeed, many people mentioned the arm-seal hypothesis, but it seems we’ll have to retain the null this time.

      • Gyaaa! Maybe I’m being way to positive about this because I don’t know whether or not this season will be as good as the first one, but I cannot wait! And one since his arm was cut off, that should break the contract so Sebastian shouldn’t be able to kill Ciel… maybe he didn’t? They never actually showed him dying xD Well, I really hope that Ciel will show up in this season, I don’t know how though… He was just so awesome!!!

        This new character looks interesting, I can’t wait to see his personality for myself, same to the butler.

        • Yes, many people mentioned the arm hypothesis. We’ll have to wait till this summer to see what really happened. I bet most people would be delighted to see both Ciel and Sebastian in the sequel, but, given the information we have so far, their presence is unlikely.

  11. huwaaaaaaa ~~
    i couldn’t believe it >..<
    but i like d new buttler but i like ciel betttteeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr T_T
    but can't wait for it to ^^

    • Well, it might not turn out that bad after all.

  12. aaah… sakupyon is good… ^^ he’ll be a great butler. relax, everyone. watch onosan in durarara!! and… watch sakupyon in monoshitsuji too! i’m sure it will be a good one as well~ with a sad ending… as well… *sigh* i’m so in love’n’hate relationship with this series! T.T

    • I hope you are right🙂


  14. WHUT?!?!

    I’m not watching this. >.>

    The 1st season wasn’t even that great to begin with.

    I prefer the manga FTW!

    • Yes, many people prefer manga🙂

  15. Please, Kitsune-san..please tell me this is a joke.😦 I don’t think I can ever fathom this.

    • I hope I could, but that seems to be the course… The second season might turn out not as bad as some people think, and there is always manga🙂

  16. 0.o …. my english is so bad , so I’ll say in my maternal lenguage…vaya, en ese caso prefiero 1000 veces el manga…realmente adoro la voz de Ono Daisuke pero la voz de Takahiro Sakurai no se queda atras (Kanda, Sasori, Misaki :3) Ademas de que mi mente empieza a crear especulaciones, por ejemplo podria ser Sebastian con otro cuerpo 0.0 …? ademas de que este mayordomo se parece a William Spears (o soy la unica que le encuentra parecido?) y un tanto a Charles Grey en pequeño xD pero bueno, solo lo vere por que aunque sea un poco espero que apresca Sebastian T.T

    • Yes, many people prefer manga.

      Sakurai might be fine.

      Yes, he does look like William🙂

      It would be fun if both butlers are included😉

      • Yes, both butlers are… watch the first episode. Ciel and Sebastian have NOT been replaced. They’re actually still main characters. It just so happens that the second season includes two new main characters in its plot.

        • Yes, I’ve made another post covering the first episode🙂

  17. Awww, I will miss Sebastian/Daisuke. Although at first glance, I thought that guy was Sebby wearing glasses but with a different master.😮 xD And Takahiro Sakurai voicing the new butler isn’t so bad either. :3

    • He might be back – it is soo confusing now >.<

      haha He does look like a Sebby-William hybrid – must be Sebastian's brother😛

      Yes, that voice actor might fit the role well, not so sure about the shota seiyuu😛

      • Oh, I do hope he’d be back somehow. I’ll miss Daisuke saying Sebby’s famous catchphrase, and well, Sebby himself. Though I am curious to hear Sakurai as Claude (and his catchphrase too). :3

        Lol, yeah. He does look like Sebby/William. I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns to be related to Sebby. xD

        Haha, I’m not sure about the shota seiyuu either. I’m not much of a fan. And the new shota doesn’t seem to have the same charm as Ciel, or maybe that’s just me. :p

        • This new butler has too scary catch phrase😛

          Yes, Ciel is awesome and unique 🙂

          Maaya ftw!

          • I doubt he could possibly be related to sebby..”Sebastian” is a demon, he’s not human, he has no relations.:)

            • Yes, a direct link is unlikely, but an indirect one is possible🙂

  18. I’m actually rather excited for this new season and would be pretty pissed if the 2 came back. Not that i dont love ciel and sebastian its just that the way they ended the series it wouldnt be any good if they created some random excuse and brought them back,it just. . . i just wouldnt be able to watch it, especially since merin, finny and. . . *shoot me for forgetting his name* are gone now ;A;

    so i will look forward too it and see what the creators of kuroshitsuji have got in store for Claude and Lois😉

    • It is nice to hear some optimistic voice🙂

      Yes, I’ll miss the servants too…

  19. Nii!I cant wait!^^

    • A few months will fly by soon🙂

  20. The more I look at Alois the more he looks like a younger version of Viscount Druitt to me. The hair color, eye lashes, and flamboyant style of dress are very familiar to me. Though its probably a coincidence.

    I’m interested to see how their going to do this second season.

    • ahaha A young Viscount would be so fun to watch😛

      Yes, we’ll see how it turns out.

  21. say whaatt?? oAo
    Kuroshitsuji without Ciel and Sebastian is hell! D8
    oh gaawwdd!!

    i’ll just go with the manga. -_-

    • Yes, manga may be better in many aspects.

  22. I’m not really that angry o-o;
    We got to see Ciel And Sebastian until the end of the season, and its obvious Ciel won’t be coming back for season 2 because he can’t. >->;;
    Sebastian would have been a maybe, but as it says we’ll learn about his past. Who knows, this new butler could be related or has been friends with Sebastian and will be just as good. To me this new butler looks like Sebastian in the episode when Ciel had to dress up as a girl.

    • We’ll see what kind of a relationship Sebastian has with that other demon😛

  23. …Is “Claude” still “Sebastian”…Its the samr demon, right?

    • I think it is a different demon.

  24. I’m realllllllyyy angryyyyyyyy!!! Sebastian X ciel oh noo! They should stayy .. i dont want new characters NO wAYY!! and…and…daisuke ono..the MAIN VOICE WTF!!

    • Indeed, Ono is awesome, but the new cast might not be so bad. I am sure they will show Ciel/Seba-san at least in some episodes of season two.

  25. oh my SEBASTIAN! What the hell is that?? In italy we say: MA CHE CACCHIO è??
    Ok… i have to calm down…. but is just impossible!! my god!! I hope it will be good, because if it won’t… I can only imagine what the fans will do to Toboso!!WHAT I SHALL DO TO TOBOSO!! kill!!

    • Oh, that’s an interesting saying – thank you for mentioning it🙂

      The producers are realizing the tremendous pressure and must have taken extra measures to ensure superb quality of the second season🙂

  26. Oh my how exciting. I look forward to seeing how this second season is going to shape up in regards to the first which was completely epic.

    • Yes, we’ll see – only a few months left🙂

  27. nooooooooooooo >.< i want ciel and sebastain back T_T even though they resemble only a little bit, i'll read the kuroshitsuji manga for now and probably take a look at this 2nd season T_T

  28. 😀 after only a few minutes from my last post i think i have fallen for this anime from the picture even though the anime hasnt come out yet😀 they look just like ciel and sebastain ^-^ but i still love them even though im gonna watch this new monoshitsuji😀 i hope they make it a manga to *_* i❤ demons xD

    • hehe I am glad you have a positive attitude now🙂

      • me too xD im so excited for it to come out i told all my friends and wrote it on my calender😀

        • It sounds like you are really excited about it🙂

  29. i will miss ciel with his cool attitude….. 😦😦😦😦😦😦😦

    • Yes, Ciel has a unique cool attitude.

  30. NOOOOOOOOOOO SEBASTION!!!!! I was so exited for this to come out, but now…. a demon named CLAUDE?!?! I hate that name for a DEMON!!! WHY CANT IT BE SEBASTION WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;(

    • Faust is a good name for a demon though😛

  31. sugeeeeeeeeee
    amo estos 2!!!!!
    = d sexiiis!!! ya l kiero ver!

  32. wait sebastion left ciel and got a new master

    • He does look like Sebastian, but I think he is just Seb’s evil brother😛

  33. This is so piss! D:
    Replacing both sebastian and ciel and making an entire new series is NOT kuroshitsuji!

    i have lost all respect for the creators of this.. mush.
    it would’ve been nice to leave sebastian and MAYBE have someone new.. but look at them. The blonde looks like a cocky prat and his butler just resembles William.

    0/5 for effort

    • It sounds like you are quite upset about the news. I wonder if the original manga creator was involved in the decision.

      Manga that is still ongoing might be an alternative source of Sebastian goodness to the new anime season.


    Its not even called kuroshitsuji anymore.
    OTL I’m disappointed.

    • Yes, it is disappointing.

  35. wow i heard this news quite a while ago and i’ve decided to watch it regardless that Sebastian and Ceil won’t be in it T-T but still i’m a big fan of Toboso Yana! BTW, the kid looks cute but not as cute as Ceil!! and The new butler-dude’s hair is ridiculous ahahaha it looks so weird unlike Sebby’s awsome raven locks :DD

    • I sounds like Toboso Yana is the major thing that makes you still consider the sequel.

      haha Yes, Sebby’s hair is much better🙂

  36. noooooooooo! This does not feel like Kuroshitsuji!

    The blonde riminds me of a vampire…and the other guy looks like William. =_=

    • Yes, indeed it does not feel like Kuroshitsuji.

      Vampire? Well, I guess he does in a way…

      Yup, they definitely cloned William.

  37. Nooooo!! why would they do this? I mean…ok…mmm, i’m going to give this a try, but, you can’t do that!! I mean, i’m sad!! I was expecting to see Ciel again, and hopefully he’ll be just fine, not spoilerdeadspoiler! this is really sad, and this new season actually makes the end of the 1st season kiind of sh*ty! Because, that was indeed the end.
    I wasn’t expecting this new characters u.u it’s so dissapointing!!

    • Yes, it is very sad and disappointing. The producers should not have announced the next season without any clarifications. Presence of the sequel naturally fueled multiple hypotheses about various possibilities Ciel might have stayed alive. It does not matter how he would have accomplished such a feat, but a sequel gave many people hope that he did it in some way. Unfortunately, these hopes, just as many hearts of the fans, are broken now😦

  38. im acualy looking forword to manoshitsuji, Kuroshitsuji was my favoret, i will always love sebaston and ceil, but the new one im not woryed, since the first one was absalutly amazing the second seson will be to…well thats my opinyon but meh, i will love both of them ^^

    • It sounds like you are very optimistic about this season🙂 I don’t know who are the staff, but the cast without Ono and Sakamoto would be difficult to match. If the director and most of the team is the same, I expect it to look as good as the original. Also I wonder if Iwasaki will compose music again… None of the Square’s projects failed so far – they will make sure to turn it into a success, at least financially.

  39. OUUUUUU how could this new monoshitsuji EVER compare to kuroshitsuji?!??? I LOVED sebby, and .. the new butler looks like.. A MEANIE D: !! – gonna read the manga now !😀

    • Yes, it can’t compare🙂

      hehe This new butler does seem to be a meanie.

      Manga is the best🙂

  40. WTF What happen to Ceil who this new master??? I thought Ceil and Sabaition went to the Circus of Hell and met the Joker?!?!?!?!?!?!? This dosen’t make sence!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? And where GREL!!!!!!!!!!

    • They just come up with a new master and butler, unfortunately.

      Grell might make a comeback. By the way, if you really like Grell, here are some of his Firefox personas😉

  41. Sabaition looks like William T. Spears!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • haha Yes, he does!

    • yes the new butler is suck…! ><
      i wish i could see Ciel end hapilly… T.T
      i think lizzy would commit suicide if she know that Ciel whom she love is dead…. T.T

  42. I’ll be honest. I hated both Sebastian and Ciel, so I’ll give this season a chance. And I hope I like it.

    • haha I appreciate your honesty🙂 New set of characters might fit your taste better🙂

    • why do you still watch if you hate them?!? After all, they ARE the main characters…

  43. T_T ciel was cute this new char looks gay lol

    • Yes, Ciel was cute🙂

      haha Several people noted that about the new master.

  44. LOL, my friend said to quit complaining because this just means there’s 2 more ppl to fangirl over

    • ahaha That’s a fun way to put it🙂

  45. …The new guy reminds me of Charles from the Blood+ Manga…

    • Oh, if you think about it, he does resemble Charles🙂

  46. Who cares about Sebastian and Ciel…I want Grell…I guess I have to read the manga…

    • haha I am sure he’ll come back in the new season🙂

  47. interesting…..but i prefer sebastian and ciel!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes, the S+C are definitely better!

  48. NANI!!!! OH no NONONONONONONO i will refuse to watch this i cant belive this i LOVE Sebby and Ceil why would the creater creat such un-sexy and Lota-cute characters i mea the ne butler lookes well like a Will and Sebby cross bread and *sighs* i dont think i cn do this S1 had me in tears when it ended but now*shakes head* nope i dont think so though i will give it a chance i kinda like the way the new butler triplets look. OH!! and the new young master is a no for me but nonethe less* sighs and shakes head* i guess ill give it a try

    • Yes, it is unbelievable. Although, the sequel does not look very well so far, it might turn out good.

  49. NOOOOOOOO Sebastian D:

    Is the new young master a boy or a girl?? Looks like both but sounds like a female seiyuu (Nana Mizuki RAVEEE) voicing a boy so i dunno… would boys wear shorts and socks that that long?? I think that’s what is confusing me…

    This new butler has fugly hair.

    • haha That’s a good question, but I think the new young master is a boy😛

  50. Between Ciel And Alois
    After watching the trailer of Kuroshitsuji 2 I’m certain that I like Ciel better than Alois because even though Ciel is kinda mean but that just makes him adorable. Mean+annoying+stubborn+tough+childish+cute=adorable! Ciel’s fashion style is also way much better. Alois wearing shorts (too short) and a stocking..(?) is kinda weird for that era. As a pairing CielSebastian also seems better than AloisClaude,because the way Ciel&Sebastian annoys each other but in the other hand needs each other is just so unique (which is also adorable) and make me love them even more ^^. From the Kuroshitsuji 2’s trailer I assume that Alois is a cheerful boy,quite the contrary with Ciel,and Claude seems to be a serious and stiff (?) guy,while Sebastian has a personality of a demons! You know how Sebastian seems to be nice but actually he’s just being tricky ^^. Yeah Alois is cute and Claude is okay but I don’t know if they will have the chemistry or not with each other and with the audience,while Ciel and Sebastian have it which had captured our hearts…forever.
    I’m not an English speaker but I hope you can understand the point of this,and I hope I’m not offending anyone. I just wanted to share my opinion 

    • I can clearly understand you – thank you for sharing your opinion🙂

      haha Yes, Ciel is adorable!🙂

      CielSebastian >> AloisClaude

      Sebastian is a just a foxy😛

      Yes, it would be difficult for them to reach similar chemistry Ciel and Sebastian had.

  51. …. Why didn’t I see the end with the cake? ;__;

    And WTH Kuroshitsuji without Sebastian and Ciel? The relationship between Master and Butler can’t be as twisted as their with this pairing Ò__Ó

    And I seriously hate this “Your Highness” which sounds like nothing `__´

    But at 2:00 on the second video, you can the little Alois make a cute face to Claude… And Claude looks like he’s about to say: “You’re so gay…” LOL.

    Well, I’m going to check the second season anyway… Thanks for sharing news ;D

    • Yes, Sebastian and Ciel had a great chemistry.

      And Claude looks like he’s about to say: “You’re so gay…” LOL.


  52. WAAAH?? So it’s true….T_T I mean I don’t hate the new characters cause Alois looks like a nice change from Ciel so far😄 both of them are ok😀 and Claude isn’t that bad either. It’d be really interesting if he really was Sebastian, but the voice is different T_T and Sebastian’s eyes are red, not yellow, so…..I shall give this a try😄

    • Alois is a nice change from Ciel? Perhaps, but I liked Ciel more.

      It would be very difficult to find someone who can match Sebby🙂

  53. oh my gosh .. i can’t take this .. it’s not that i hate the new characters (i actually think that they’re cute) but ciel and sebastian are gone ???? i reall love ciel .. i wanna cry ….. oh well i guess i’ll just stick to manga ..

    wait .. does it mean that this new season is not based in any manga or light novel ?? they just created a new story ???

    • oh and i will miss grell too😀

    • Yes, Ciel and Sebastian will be missed.

      I don’t think they will create a completely new story. Usually, anime works are based on manga to some extent.

  54. GASP! NO WAII! The Hell?! And just when i finished relaxing while drinking some coco. OMG! This is not happening (well it just happened, so there’s no point on being dissapointed now)! Man, i totally love cielxsebby! They’re like dark n darker. But d new characters are like light n dark. Though i might be wrong about this. I dunno but i got a feeling that this season is a way to give som time for miss toboso yana and maybe these were her first or characters that she had in her mind and wanted to produce them. I think it’s too early to bad judge the author now.

    So i might as well wait and find out for myself (eventhough it might turn out to be a dissapointment). And nana mizuki?! So far as i know, she had only voiced out anime girls. This must be her first boy voicing chara. Maybe she wants to gain experience? I dunno. I’m just saying these things from my mind. I still consider that maaya sakamoto’s better.

    Is it me, or does nana mizuki like to voice out ‘blonde haired’ charas?

    • well it just happened, so there’s no point on being dissapointed now

      Excellent observation🙂

      Based on manga, she seem to be a good writer. The anime was written by another person.

      Nah, they just made her voice that shota because there will be a musical episode, and they’ll make her sign😛

      Maaya is awesome🙂

  55. Is anyone as pissed off as I am? Not to mention Claude looks.. Like a very very unhappy Brother of Sebastian D: and Alois just looks like a prissy blonde D:

    • Yes, many people are surprised, upset, and angry.

      haha Yes, Claude does look quite irritated😛

  56. At first I was quite pissed off, by just looking at the pictures. But after seeing the trailer. I believe that this will be a good season.

    Well Alois is doing better then ciel xD; He’s smiling…;;

    None the the less. I shall Miss Sebastian and Ciel.

  57. I’m starting to like Kuroshitsuji II “Monoshitsuji”
    Although I’m still like the Kuroshitsuji first season..

    I think those main characters are not too Bad
    Alois is pretty cute and Claude is ok..

    I hope Monoshitsuji has a great story than before..
    And Um.. where is the place that Kuroshitsuji s2 located ? And what’s the era ?

    • I think the era is relatively the same, but I am not sure about the location.

  58. noooooooo.i want ciel and sebastian!!!!!!!!i don’t like this new character…he’s so damn annoying

    • Yes, everyone wants Ciel and Sebastian.

      The initial impressions may be deceiving sometimes. Those characters might turn out better that expected – we’ll just have to wait and see.

  59. As much as I love Sebastian and Ciel, I am looking forward to the next season. I like the fact that the new characters have a different appeal and relationship with each other. I mean, for me, it would have been a waste if they were just mere copy-cats of Sebastian and Ciel. I hope you understand what I mean🙂 But sadly, I have no hopes that Ciel will be coming back (from the dead). Hope Sebastian or the Shinigamis make an appearance. It would be a blast. And I am curious too about the servant triplets(?) in trailer -perhaps they have crazy antics too.

    • Yes, you are right – nobody would really be able to match the chemistry Sebastian and Ciel had.

      I hope servants are alive.

  60. hhhhmmm….i’m sorta interested in this series, but nothing can replace season 1…

    hey, does anyone think that the new butler is Sebby after he ate ceil?

    like he changed after eating him? he does look a little younger….maybe Sebby-chan was half devil, half vampire?

    also, i think it’ll be interesting if they showed Sebby-sause in his “she” form…

    maybe Sebby can be a bad guy or a head demon(like the main people…round table?)in season 2?

    • Yes, first season was great🙂

      haha Ciel must have been not a very tasty meal then😛

      Oh yes, it would be great to see the true form of Sebby, but I doubt they will ever show it because it is best to leave it to the wild imagination of the spectators🙂

      Actually, they will show Sebby in the second season. He’ll retire and grow tea with Tanaka on remote mountains.

  61. OMG <333333333333 THE TRAILER IS SO HOT!!! ^^ i was expecting a alois to be like ciel but this is different <3333 ^////^ *huggles alois* so cute!!!!!!! ^3^ ive fallen for him when i first saw this😀

    • haha It sounds like you really enjoyed the trailer and Alois🙂

      • yes i do <333 now i really cant wait for it to come out❤ ^^ and whats more it comes out the month of my birthday❤ july❤ :extremely hyper and hearts with sparkles appear around me:

  62. First I have to say that I´ll Always Love the Kuroshitsuji 1, when there where Ciel and Sebastian, but this one is not that bad! It actually looks pretty god!

    The young master (I can´t remember his name), from this one loks very diferent from Ciel in both appearence and personality, but still, I´m dying to see the New Kuroshitsuji. xD xD xD

    • It sounds like you enjoyed the first season of Kuroshitsuji, but do look forward to the next one🙂

  63. Gah!😄 So many comments I feel left out! lol
    Well what can I say, I think many like my self are rather disappointed.
    Ok I was devastated! Sebastian was the very definition of Kuroshitsuji for me so finding out it wasn’t gonna be at all some form of continuation hurt! I was really hoping they’d find some loop and perhaps do the Circus Arc, I though it’d be really interesting, good characters too.
    *siiiigh* I will greatly miss Daisuke Ono’s voice!!
    Having said that, you have given me Hope! =D I really hope there is some Sebby as you mentioned, and those three assistants resemble him some what lol
    Either way I was still going to give it a chance, though it will never replace Sebastian for moi ;D
    Plus the manga is going as well, do you read it Kitsune?
    Thanks for the info!!

    • Yes, many people are disappointed.

      Sebastian is irreplaceable and Daisuke Ono is great!🙂 If you like Daisuke Ono and bishies in general, I suggest you try Uraboku – it has possibly the best male cast this season😀

      They said that Sebastian might appear in the first episode of the sequel.

      I read the manga when I have time🙂

      You are welcome🙂

      • I most certainly shall!
        Thanks for the recommendation!

        • You are welcome, Margarita🙂

  64. ?????????????????????????? who are the 3 twins? i’m speachless? ???????????????????????

    • They are sons of Sebastian and…

      • Nah, I think (the 3 twins in the trailer that wears the same outfits? O_O), they’re the 3 new wannabe butlers or servants – whatever- that serves the Trancy house, I guess….😉

  65. I’m totally excited for Season 2 of Kuroshitsuji. The only downfall is: No Ciel or Sebby.

    Anyways…. It’s realleh (realleh) hard to replace Ciel, but maybe… Just mayyyyyybe… Alois could do it…

    And plus, we can’t just start to absolutely hate on Monoshitsuji until we actually watch it! Then we could actually give a solid opinion. … It’s still sad that it won’t have Ciel or Sebastian. But all of us fans could suck it up and give Monoshitsuji a try… -Still trying to take all of this in- :’D Agreed?

    • Ciel and Sebastian are just irreplaceable.

      we can’t just start to absolutely hate on Monoshitsuji until we actually watch it!

      Yes, this is very true!🙂 Never judge a book by its cover🙂

  66. Omfg!! Ciel!! Tht was the first thing I noticed lol
    ik tht I will watch season 2 nd actaually excited for it lol but idk how I’ll get used to the new characters…the new master kinda ticks me off…but only cuz he’s/she’s not ciel :0 lol
    thank god for the manga lol while I’m quite exictied for season 2 I might just suddenly drop it if I just cnt get used to the change🙂 like I sed before lol I will dearly miss sebby nd ciel❤

    • Yes, everybody loves Ciel, and new master is not even close.

      It sounds like you’ll consider the second season, but might drop it if you miss the original characters too much.

  67. THIS ISN’T FAIR!!! i don’t like the new people especially the master boy….is it a boy or a girl, i can’t tell! but anyways i think boy. I am upset! I love Ciel and Sebastian (Even though i might have spelled there names wrong because i am so out raged!) not these people that boy is to weak! He should be tough, and Claude shows zero affection! I mean less than Sebastian! UGHHHH!

    • Many people are upset about this😦

      Yes, determining gender of the new master is not easy😛

      I hope the new season will not be too bad, and we still have manga for Ciel and Sebastian.

  68. WHY???? WHY IS THERE SOME CREEPO – girl or guy- TRYING TO REPLACE CIEL??? AND. WHAT. THE. HECK. IS UP WITH THAT LOWLY SEBASTIAN WANNA BE??? I MEAN, C’MON. THAT UGLY BUTLER THAT IS HAVING A BAD HAIR DAY AND NEEDS NEW CONTACTS CANNOT BE SEBASTIAN!!! Still, I guess I will watch it in hopes that I will catch a glimpse of the Demon Butler I actually like!And maybe, hopefully, the story of the second season won’t be as bad as the evil copy-cat characters. Hope Grell and Undertaker appear…

    • It sounds like you are very upset about the replacement of S&C😦

      Sebastian should appear in the first episode at least.

      Probably, Grell and Undertaker will be there as well. In fact, the Undertaker voice actor was one of the first ones to mention about the second season.

      • Sorry for sounding so incredibly desperate on my last post….I was kind of in a shock when I discovered they had taken Sebastian and Ciel out of the Anime. I mean, I endured loosing Lao and Pluto, and I watched the Phantomhive mansion burn. Losing the two main (and personally, some of the best) anime characters made me loose it. *breathes deeply* At least….At least I will see some more Kuroshitsuji action. Ah… and a little more Sebastian too😉

        • That’s ok, it is natural to feel upset about these developments.

          Yes, it is painful to loose characters you get attached to😦

          At least we’ll see Sebastian as a chef and his samurai outfit😀

          • Ok. So I just watched Kuroshitsuji II (Monochitsuji) And well…I might need to take back some of the things I said. I still hate Claude and Aloys, but omg. SEBASTIAN❤
            AND CIEL ^O^
            And, well, it looks rather interesting if I must say, alhtough this season seems to have a darker plot. STILL. I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! I just wish the second episode was out TT_____TT

            • Yes, it is great to see them back🙂

  69. I think it will be interesting🙂 I love Seb and Ciel but I would rather watch Monoshitsuji then nothing (because I personally think that Ciel does die).

    It would also be interesting to watch a new story unfold and Alois seems to be very differnet from Ciel (though Ciel is one of my favorite characters^^)

    July will be great^^

    • Sounds like you have an optimistic attitude🙂 We’ll see how it turns out.

  70. oohh!! thats sad😦
    but i think monoshitsuji will be great ! ^^

    • Yes, it is sad, but it sounds like you are very optimistic about the sequel🙂

  71. I’m betting that this is just going to be some sort of piece of Sebastian’s past or his future. Because isn’t Sebastian’s appearance/name given to him by his contractor? That would make it possible for him to look different. I’ll definitely miss Ciel and the old cast, and unless this is totally different from what I think it’ll be, I won’t watch this. Who knows? Maybe it’ll turn out like Umineko and actually be better than it’s precursor. But, eh, I kinda doubt that. At least, the new boy seems really cute but, I don’t really find that to be enough of a reason to waste valuable time on an anime that I probably won’t like. I will watch the first few episodes though.

    • Oh, that’s interesting. It sounds like you mean that the new butler is actually Sebastian, just in a different shape because he has a new master.

      Yes, that’s a good approach. The first few episodes will be a good test.

  72. When I first heard about a new season, I was very upset. I thought that the ending to the first season, while being quite different to the happenings in the manga, tied everything up quite nicely and showed that there aren’t always such things as happy endings, especially for a life as pain- and despair-filled as Ciel’s. As much as I love Ciel and Sebastian, I was dreading seeing them just walk onto screen again, alive and well. That would have completely wrecked the ending for me.

    So while I do love Ciel and Sebastian very much indeed, I’m pretty glad that the second season follows a different protagonist. After my first watch of the official trailer, I found myself disliking the boy, but I think that’s just because I was comparing him to Ciel, and not looking at him as his own character. I feel that this new season should not be viewed as an extension of the first season; rather, it should be given a chance to make its mark as its own story.

    This is coming from someone who sleeps with a Ciel and Sebastian pillow on her bed, bought the Kuroshitsuji pocket watch even though that was her last bit of money, and cries every time she watches the last episode of season 1. I truly love Ciel and Sebastian, really, I do. That’s why I keep repeating it. But I think it’s important to give Alois and Claude a chance, if only out of respect for the author.

    • Thank you for your well-written comment🙂

      It sounds like the ending of the first season wrapped up the story well for you, and, although you like C&S very much, a fresh start seem more appropriate.

      Indeed, it is tempting to make comparisons , but this will be a different story with new characters.

      Oh, it looks like you are a very big fan of Kuroshitsuji🙂

      Yes, giving a chance to things in life in general is important.

    • Everyone might do that too, but I think you don’t need to do it that far. It’s only an anime anyway, why are you crying like that hard? Besides, Kuroshitsuji 2nd season might come out better too, right? I bet Yana Toboso don’t want to make her fans dissapointed😉

      • It depends on how empathic people are. I cry sometimes too when I find a book or a film poignant.

  73. […] so I had a whole ramble in the comments section of this page (sorry!) and it was only after that I realised – wait, I have a wordpress account, why […]

  74. Wow! I’m glad I will be back to Japan on June😄 Wanna waaatcchhh!!!! I’m going to watch it for the first time in the theater, no matter what!!! XDD

    I adore the second season more than the first one! Alois Trancy is a lot more better than Ciel, cuz he’s more cheerful and just like a little brother to me (aww…😉 ) Claude Faustus is not that bad for me in anyways…
    and BTW, why people don’t like the second season? I bet Yana Toboso had worked very hard for this thing, right? So, why don’t people appreciate her hard works? And besides, this second season might have good things in it too. Everyone were like judging the front appearance first before they actually REALLY watching it🙂

    • Oh, have fun in Japan🙂

      I think you are one of the first people to say that Alois is better than Ciel.

      I don’t think Toboso was substantially involved in the second season, but I do appreciate her hard work on manga🙂

      Yes, second season might have some good things – we just have to watch it🙂

  75. this is awsome news! a new season! i dont get y ppl r getting so upset!😄 yay! u could kinda tell from the ending of season 1 that ciel and sebastian werent going 2 appear again*tear* but thats ok, ive moved on, as should the world. just think of how much work was put into this show and how many ppl r bashing it! wat would u do if u worked really hard at something and all ppl did was put it down? its mean! u dont like the new show, dont watch it and dont comment negatively!

    • One of the reasons people might be upset is that the “arm hypothesis” have given them hope that is now shattered. Although new characters might be better then they seem, and the sequel might have a decent story, it is impossible to replace Sebastian and Ciel because they are so unique and awesome.

      Nobody is really bashing the show. You can’t evaluate something you have not seen yet.

      People should freely express their opinions, both positive and negative.

  76. second season! Yes!!! the moment I never thought that would come. I had a feeling the mai character would be a female!

    • haha Why you had such a feeling?

  77. Well I believe that that butler is still Sebastian, just a little different, but WHERE IS GRELL AND UNDERTAKER? T~T Looking forward to this, thanks for the posting and notification!

    • Oh, I am sure Grell and Undertaker will appear at some point.

      You are welcome🙂

      • That IS Sebas-chan right? And by the way your pictre seems familiar to me, it’s not Fushigi Yuugi or something by Yuu Watase is it?

        • The new butler resembles William more than Sebastian in my opinion.

          Thank you for asking about my picture🙂 It does look similar to Yuu Watase’s work, but my avatar is my favorite foxy: Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho😀 You can see full picture here.

          • Actually you’re right, he does look more like William, and is Yu Yu Kakuso a fantasy anime with some historial plot? I kinda enjoy those.

            • Yu Yu Hakusho can be translated as “Ghost Files”. You can read about the plot here

              “The YuYu Hakusho television series was voted the best anime of the year in the 1994 and 1995 Animage Anime Grand Prix and the second best in 1993 after Sailor Moon.. ”

  78. I updated the post with another scan🙂

    Please vote for this blog, Kitsune’s Thoughts, in an Anime Blog Tournament. Thank you🙂

  79. Who the heck is this Ono everyone talks about? It can’t be Ciel can it?

    • I believe you are referring to Daisuke Ono ( he is one of my favorite seiyuu🙂 ), voice actor of Sebastian. Takahiro Sakurai will voice Claude Faustus in this sequel.

      • Ohhhh so he’s a voice actor, my mistake. I thought he was a anime character…

  80. Ohhh I just realized what it was, your avatar looks different from that boy on the cover with the wierd headband, I don’t think I’ll watch it since it seems to have wierd animation, I don’t mind old animes but I’ve kinda out grown liking the old fashioned looking ones. Like Yu Gi Oh,Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon. [I watched those when I was in elemantary]

    • I see, so you want some anime with historical plot, but modern animation?

      • I like anime like Samurai Champloo, Hellsing, Trigun, Fuushigi Yuugi, Saiyuki etc, I know some of those aren’t historical at all but I like their art…

        • Try Hakuōki this season: historical settings and bishies🙂

  81. Kuroshitsuji wifout sebastian? Then it wun be nice! Oni when Ciel and Sebastian are together tat is so much betterT_T. And tat guy looks a liitle like william T_T.

    • Yes, with Sebastian and Ciel it is much better🙂

  82. Actually I totally love Alois. I think he’ll be more sadic than Ciel. I’m going to watch Monoshitsuji for sure!

    • Oh, more sadistic than Ciel, that’s interesting🙂 I would like to see that🙂

  83. ill see the season 2 but they will never replace ciel and sebby(sebastian) ~nya~

    • Yes, they can’t be replaced.

  84. i like the new master a bit but im gonna miss ciel so much T^T and sebastian
    they were so amazing! but im still willing to give season to a try cause it does look kinda good

    • Yes, everyone will miss Ciel, but we’ll see how the new season goes.

  85. I’m really gonna miss Ciel and Sebastian. They made Kuroshitsuji what it was and without them it’s not really Kuroshitsuji. But I’m a bit confused about the new season, is Claude supposed to be a demon or an angel or a reaper for that matter? Sorry I’m just not 100% sure what he’s supposed to be.

    • Indeed, Ciel and Sebastian are irreplaceable.

      That’s a good question. It is unlikely that he is an angel because he looks too evil, but, after Angela, I don’t know actually😛 He might be a reaper because he looks very much like William. Most likely, he is a demon like Sebastian.

  86. NNNNNnnnnnoooooo!!!!!!!!!! where is Ciel?!?!? and sebastian?!?!? wtf is that loli shota guy??? how can they replace Ciel T-T alois he looks soo gay WAAAA~~~ I miss sebastians red eyes *sob sob* that new butlers eyes are soo boring and dull and what is with his hair?? NO NEW SEASON FOR ME hmph😡

    looking at the second review it feels nothing new claude throwing spoon and everything is just like first season

    • “loli shota” is an interesting term🙂 Yes, he can never replace Ciel!

      Oh yeah, Sebastian has very nice eye color, but his demon version eyes are scary! >.<

      hehe New butler certainly can use a better haircut😛

      claude throwing spoon

      ahaha 😄

  87. I just thought of this.. Why would the new butler (being a demon and all) need glasses? I would think his vision is fine.

    • That’s a good question! Actually, some people wear classes for aesthetic purposes only. For example, all staff in the Restorante Paradiso had to wear glasses because it was a fetish of the owner’s wife😛

  88. i was gonna cry and whine about how ceil’s gone and sebastian being gone as well. . . its a new season so ima check it out — new adventures right?

    • Yes, you can think of it as a separate anime and see how it goes🙂

  89. i dont know if this is true but i heard a rumor that ciel is still alive …. well i think that he is alive and still in the place where the season ended last where sebastian suppostly ate him alive or watvs i heard sebastian let him live cause he loved him or something. and i hate the new characters the new butler looks just like sebastian i get curios some times i think it may be him but why would he work for some one else and why did that new kid (alois) summon him in the first place.. questions i ask wich i plea for the answer.!?🙂

  90. The new butler looks like William and Sebastian’s fucked up love child.:/
    And the new kid…
    I thought Ciel’s were short you know..
    But oh ho ho. ;[ Horrible. I’m not watching the second season at all. Ciel and Sebastian were the REASON for watching, they were the perfect team.
    Not fugly butler wanna be and shortshorts boy.

    • The new butler looks like William and Sebastian’s fucked up love child.:/



      To make him look look younger😛

      Indeed, Sebastian and Ciel were a perfect team🙂

  91. Doesn’t Sebastian change his name, appearance, whatever? Because, i know in season one, he mentioned that “Sebastian” wasn’t his real name, only the name his master chose for him. Claude could be the name Alois chose for him, and he changed his appearance a bit. So, with this info, I am saying it is Sebastian…. to save me from falling into further disappointment.

    • Well, you can think about it this way🙂 Claude’s behavior fits Sebastian’s profile😛

  92. i understand all the buzz with being upset but as upset as i may be im probly still nuetral i know i wont be able to keep myself from watching im far to curious.

    and am i the only one who is majorly upset over grell’s absence?! i mean yeah im gonna miss ciel and sebastian a ton but i got say my third thought was of the lack of grell TT^TT

    • I have not heard a confirmation that Grell will not appear in the new season, so there is still hope🙂

  93. if “claude” is sebi than from the preview he is lonely alright and he’s not havin the same lovable interaction with his new bocchan as he had with ciel😦 and ciel was way better😦
    tough let’s see what the producers tought

    • Yes, the chemistry appears to be not the same.

  94. I’m going to go angst in emo corner…over there…now… I love Ciel and the end of the anime just kinda leaves it hanging, didn’t read the manga, very tempted too just to get my fix of Kuroshitsuji. Gah…I miss Sebastian and Ciel already😦 Gruell too and everyone else except that creepy man/woman angel I don’t miss it that much…

    • I would recommend to read manga because many people actually prefer manga to anime.

  95. OMG!!! How can they not have Ciel-kun or Sebastian-sama (Sebby) in it!!!!!!! I’m probly not gonna watch it but I might give it a chance. couldnt they just make sebby decide not to take his soul becuz his “Dream” wasn’t really his dream, so they live?!?!?! COME ON PPL!!!!!!

    • I’ll watch at least the first episode because I am curious if they will clarify some things.

  96. jkdslgnjskl *A* I’m looking forward to it!

  97. Back off, it’s HER creation, she can do whatever she wants with it. So what if Sebastian and Ciel aren’t in this one? It’s nice to see a change and you can always read the manga if you don’t like it. You should at least try watching it before you start getting upset🙂
    At least the series is continuing instead of everything going on a hiatus or something. Make your own show or comic and put as much Ceil n’ Sebby as you want if you’re pissed, but it ain’t cool to complain.

    • Well, manga is her creation, but TV series tend to take a life of their own. One example salient to me is Kenshin.

      Oh, I am sure people will make many doujinshi on the topic😛

  98. its diffrent and slightly irritating but i’ll watch it i still like the characters.

  99. I just hope this doesn’t end up being a carbon copy. I’d like to see new quirks and a different type of story but staying in the dark atmosphere.

    I wouldn’t mind a season 3 with Sebastian and a female master, but not a typical whiney one.

    I’ll miss Ciel but really, what are they going to do, bring him back from the dead? I think the series ended appropriately; even though I was a bit shocked that he actually did end up giving him his soul.

    • I don’t think it will be a copy, and, based on the trailer, the atmosphere will be quite dark.

      Yeah, female master should be like this😛

      Well, some would say that we are not quite certain what really happened at the very end of the first season.

      • Yeah, your right it doesn’t look like a carbon copy. There does seem to be some of the elements that made us love Kuroshitsuji in the first place, it wouldn’t be that without them.

        Alois definitely seems to have a completely different personality than Ciel though no less tragic. I’m curious about his dark side now.

        Claude doesn’t seem too different from Sebastian, at least from that trailer, but he is pretty adept with those glasses. I can’t wait to see how is will be from a full episode.

        I don’t know how I feel about the maid yet. She is kind of creepy.

        And what’s up with the triplets?

        I can’t wait to watch! 😄 I wonder how long it will take to get subbed and available to watch in the States.

        • haha I wonder if that maid has some surprises😛

          Oh, those triplets are goat-kuns actually😛

          Given the popularity, fansubs will be available relatively soon after the airing.

      • It’s true, they never said he died.

        I agree with you on the type of female master. Someone very cruel… maybe she’ll take the butler’s soul instead. mwahahahahaha

        I haven’t decided if I’d like her to be another aristocrat or a street urchin. I should stop talking like it’s going to happen but it’d really cool.

        • hehe

          I think it is interesting to speculate what might happen🙂

  100. Wow, a new season. I’m looking forward to it, *kyaa*, although I am disappointed Ciel and Sebastian won’t be in it.

    • We’ll find out soon enough! I’ll definitely make a post on the first episode🙂

  101. this is some real shit:/ i miss ciel cry cry cry cry cry

    • Yes, many people miss Ciel😦

  102. wow, I’m excited, but damn all the haters here @.@
    I like the new butler, when I saw this last night I couldn’t even see scroll through because I was jizzin myself over the glasses (jk) *fetish*

    but some people are right “your highness” does sound like nothing.
    and Alois doesn’t really have the same impact that Ciel did… but oh well, I’m not here for you Alois >.>
    and how come I didn’t see the cake thing? or is it in the second series? meh…

    at first when I heard there was going to be a Monoshitsuji, I was like “so what does ‘Mono’ mean? how are they gonna continue without Ciel? Sebastian I understand, cause he’s like, demon. oh. a new rich kid okay”

    and the first time I saw the pic I was like “is that Sebastian in his tutor form? no wai! ‘Claus’ is way hotter than Sebastian!” (imho please don’t kill me fangirls)

    so yea I’m really hyped for the new season ^^

    (don’t kill me)

    • Sounds like you are excited about the new season (and especially glasses😛 ).

      I’d still prefer Sebastian over new butler though.

      • After watching the first episode, I think Claude Faustus is rather passive. SO, I still like Sebas-chan more…

        • Yes, Sebastian is much better🙂 However, Claude can at least dance well😛

  103. Thaaaaats so bad T.T im reall dissapointed somehow I mean they look kinda err..happy and sadistic[exept the thing i love that lol] but im still sad ehh..

    • Check out the first episode of Kurshitsuji 2, and, perhaps, you’ll not be so disappointed😉

  104. Good wonderful new’s Ciel and Sebastian are back in this new season!! SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sebastian went to Alois Trancy’s mansion with a suitcase which had ciel’s dead inside, so he can get a tin can that was there, Clause attacked him but sebastian left and when he was far away he opened the can and pulled out the phantomhive ring and placed in on Ciel’s thumb and it brought him back to life!!!❤❤ also Lizzy and the trio are back as well!!!! ^^ the 1st episode is posted at anime44(.)com it is also on youtube ^^

    • Yes, it is awesome! I posted my screenshots and impressions recently🙂

  105. P.s not sure but it seems that Alois and claude were only in the first episode and the rest will be with Ciel and Sebastian…..maybe in the further episodes Ciel and Sebastian will fight against Alois and Claude……their enemies to each other😀

    • It is unlikely that they will be introduced just for one episode. As they say, if there is a gun on the wall, it will fire sometime later😛

  106. Heh, I’ve watched the first episode and it’s not that bad! At first, I thought Alois is a girl because of his name (My name is Lois, for pity’s sake, and I’m a girl) and that Claude guy looks somehow like Sebastian with short right (or is that left) hair.

    Oh, c’mon fangirls, give Alois a chance although apparently, he doesn’t fit quote well with Ciel’s position. I think his… jolly? Oh well.

    • haha Yes, Alois does look like a girl! He has a very sad past…

  107. lol!

    I actually started to watch Kuroshitsuji 1.. because I saw the trailer of 2.. At first I thought.. huh where’s the blond guy? But I soon forgot that :3

    Soo yes.. i’m definitely going to watch!❤

    • The first season is great, and the second one might turn out quite good as well based on the first episode so far🙂

  108. Have you all even watched the episode yet? If not, go watch it right now . . . even if you don’t like the new characters. . . go watch it. I guarantee that not a single person will be disappointed. *just watched*

    • haha Indeed, it is a good episode! I liked how Sebastian made fun of the fans at the end lol

  109. I’m so very angry about this news. I was looking forward to a continuation of the original story instead of leaving us with that cliff-hanger from season one…


    My God, what a way to piss me off.

    Sebastian will always be the best, in my opinion and Ciel…eh…I don’t mind Ciel, but COME ON. NO MORE SEBASTIAN.

    So pissed about this news. I love the manga up to the end of the Circus Arc and then…after that it’s so far gone down hill…but I’m very ticked off about this new season of Kuroshitsuji/Monoshitsuji anime.

    • Please don’t be angry🙂 Watch the first episode🙂

  110. Okay so were episode one and the new characters a total troll or something? Because at the end of the episode during the trailer for episode 2 Sebastian says some thing like: “Oh no there’s no new characters, the next episode will go back to being about Ciel again.” Personally I hope that’s so because from what I saw from the first episode Allois was a douche. I mean he was seriously psychopathic and the butler was infinitely lamer than Sebastian because he dances (WTF). Episode one’s only redeeming factor was that Ciel comes back to life, I think. Season two makes no sense and I’ve got no idea were it’s heading, so if someone else knows, please enlighten me.

    • haha Where it is heading is a good question, but I don’t know the answer. I expect Alois to come back sometime later in the series.

  111. Rejoice, for he has…

    Kuroshitsuji 2 Episode 1 Screenshots and Impressions

  112. :DDD Kuroshitsuji 2 is sooo cool I love both Kuroshitsuji and kuroshitsuji 2!!!😛

    • I love Kuroshitsuji too, and the second season seems promising🙂

  113. just watched kuroshitsuji 2/monoshitsuji ep1 to see if alois & claude could carry ciel & sebastian’s flair. nope; if sebastian, and a folded ciel, didn’t appear, i would have stopped watching even with claude’s redecoration skills. but since they appeared, even for a transitory phase, i’ll see where this story goes, just to lay ciel & sebastian to rest.

    • I also might not have watched the second season, but since the characters re-appeared, it is all good now🙂

  114. So happy of what happens, people take your anger back!❤❤❤
    Monoshitsuji is awesomeeee just watch it and you'll see
    I don't want to spoil ehehehehehe

    • Yes, now many people will be happy🙂

  115. OMG people, can you believe it, Ciel and Sebastian are STILL ALIVE!! Watch this video on youtube!

  116. i saw the op for the second episode-and as we all know the op and ending songs have the animation’s main characters in it- so guess who isn’t leaving! The op for ep.2 was different from ep.1(which was simply the two new characers). Even though alois and claude are in it the second season, sebastian and ciel seem to still have the lead roles. It also seems that the two masters and their butlers are rivals.

    • Yup, there seem to be an emphasis on the rivalry between the two factions.

  117. [***SPOILERS***]

    however, i am TOTALLY disapointed with the two new characters. After watching ep. 1, alois really angers me. How can he just stick his fingers in Hanna’s eye, and for what reason?! What a cruel kid, but i still feel bad about his past ( i think that old man in the bed had sex with him) Claude is…. ok i guess, but i feel that no bishie EVER can have his type of looks and flair(what an icon:) NO ONE can replace him. And looking at Alois(am i the only one that thinks his shorts are shocking?), he just makes me dislike him and pushes me to love Ciel even more(another great icon🙂

    • I feel somewhat similar about Alois (sad and angry), but I am not disappointed.

      I think it was the purpose of the authors to make the new pair as a good contrast to Ciel and Sebastian.

  118. Doesn’t ANYONE stay to watch the anime till the end, AFTER the ending to see the PREVIEW of next ep??

    Well after the ending of s2 ep 1, Sebastian clearly said, “You won’t tolerate another black butler right? I’m the only butler for you.” Meaning the entire series is STILL focused on Ciel + Sebby!!!

    • Yes, we did!🙂 I covered the first two episodes already🙂

      • yeah, just saw the 2nd ep. still Ciel and Sebastian! i’m starting to get apprehensive what ending we’ll have this time. ^_^
        can’t wait for the next episodes!

        • I am somewhat worried about the potential future for Sebastian and Ciel that we see in the second opening…


  119. I’m sorry but have the people commenting even WATCHED the full episode?
    If not, do it again. And watch the next episode’s preview.
    What do you see? A living Ciel and a Sebastian voice over. B/
    So stop your bawing!

    I personally like the other two characters. Alois seems more sadistic and overall batsh*t insane than Ceil.😄

    • Alois is a bit too sadistic for my taste. I prefer Angela😛

  120. The Fact that alot of people are still alive that died from the first season leads me to believe that this is merely flashbacks from before the first season. Greil was still unknown of be Ciel. The chinese guy is still on good terms with Ciel. When Ciel got his butler It was right after he got branded and Stabbed. (possibly killed). He traded his soul for revenge. Why would Seb. bring him back if he had already fufilled him bargin and taken his soul. i Think the only direction the Director could take was Backwards. Sure this has alot of holes(as all theories do), but it just seems to make sense.

    • im sure you have watched all the episodes to 9, he just lost his memory to a certain point.


    • ….hint my friend…ur wrong its In the future just watch or wait for dub or whatever u wana do but Ceil lost his memory thats all the Chinese guy is just weird like that lol he just acts like nm happend n ull c y seb doesn’t eat his soul if u watch the rest

  121. All right, the anime has cleared things up in episode 5, so… For all of you people wondering “What the HECK is going on here?!” I suggest watching the anime at Animecracrazy.net or put in “Watch Kuroshitsuji online”.🙂

  122. Wait why are most of you complaining about the new characters?It seems like most of you haven’t even finished watching episode one.I don’t really want to give away spoilers but Ciel and Sebastian haven’t been replaced.Even if they were (though they’re not) what’s so bad about having new characters?

    • Most of the comments you see here were posted before the airing of the second season. Many people rejoiced how things turned out🙂

      • LOL don’t blame them🙂 i remember I wanted to stop watching too when Ceil n Sebastian werent in the first ep I thought Ceil actully died lol.

        • Shota in a box! ahaha

  123. Is this season linked to last season or is it a whole new story???

    • They are linked! You’ll see it in the first few episodes🙂

  124. A HOLY CROP. HOLY SHUT. HOLY…UNHOLINESS…OMG Can anyone BELIEVE the season 2 ending? I was happy wiht what happened to Claude, but, why, Ciel, why?
    And, did anyone see Sebastian’s sadness? CVould you all see the pain there? OMG. I almost died!! *__*

    I think Sebastian wanted to kill Ciel so that he wouldn’t have to live as a Demon….



  125. DDD: I’m so depressed right now because I don’t even have time to watch Kuroshitsuji! I’m tempted to just read the episode guide but NOOO! I will not fall into temptation!

    • haha Me too – very busy now. Resist the temptation!

  126. Ok, i am watching the 2nd season and am getting more confused by the minute.
    why the hell does Sebastian have ciel in a suit case?!
    Why is madam red ALIVE? she died in season 1
    Is the 2nd season kind of like what they did with fullmetal alchemist when they did brotherhood?

    • Oh yes, it is very confusing in the beginning! Everything will become much more clear in the middle of the season.

      • Um…ilm just giving a hint…red is dead but Ceil is …umm…just watch don’t worry it is confusing but u will get it


    • Oh wow, you really like Ciel!


    • Of course he is hotter than the new guy!

  129. I need some help!!!! (I have never watched this anime or read the manga,so be nice) Can someone give me the names of the whole male cast?? And a brief description of each?? ( I need this for a drawing I’m going to do for my cousin. POSTER SIZE. She’s a huge fan. And an obsessed one too.😄 ) Please and thank you. C:

    • It would take some time to write it all out, so I’d just refer you to this page.

  130. WOW WOW WOW HOLD UP…..Sooo someone ELS is going to be the voice of Sebastian….or Ceil….WHAT!!! AM I RITE OR PLEASE TELL ME EVERY ONES THE SAME PLEASE TELL ME

  131. WOW WOW WOW HOLD UP…..Sooo someone ELS is going to be the voice of Sebasan and Ceil? ….or what r u guys talking about…..Ive already Sean the second season but sub n yea there r a new butler n kid but Ceil n Sebastian r still in it….Im just wondering if someone ElS is doin there voices. So…..r there the same or different?

  132. I think it’s sad. There will be a season ‘3’ but it’ll be called Monoshitsuji. D: And worst of all.. Sebby and Ciel wont be in it,rumor has it that only alois and claude will be the main characters now,along with another rumor sebby lost ciel forever and is alone now,and it reveals some of his past. As a human or demon idk but his past for sure. Everyone wants to know. 0-0 It just wont be good kuroshitsuji without sebby or ciel. I think alois and claude are not the best characters and that they shouldn’t do this,it wont only lose money,but alot of fans as well. Not to hate on alois or claude, both who in general i like,but not together in an anime,and for sure not in this anime. Still im a loyal fan and looking foward to whatever the tv series throws at us next.

    • Well, I guess it turned out better than expected.

  133. So i have already watched season two,and i just wanna say that ceil and sebastian have NOT been replaced! =D Actually the blond you see above ( the pics) his is name is Alois Trancy, and he has a demon butler named Claude Faustus. Sebastian and ceil are in there. in like every episode! ( Except one cause it is about Alois’ past when he was a kid and how he got claude)but anyway ceil and sebby is still there,not to mention the others like : undertaker,grell,will,lau,lau’s girl ( 4got her name =3),bard,mey rin,finny,and others from season 1. Theres also a new shinigami (death god e.x. grell) named Ronald Knox. Though you only see him for a short amount of time. read the manga to see more of Knox.and a girl name hannah annafellows. well anyway there is just 2 new main characters. And at the end there may be some fangirls who just might explode with anger at sebby but then feel bad for sebby. (i no that for a fact for im one of them :D) And there is the hugest surprise for Ceil. And no ceil and sebum’s voice actors have not changed. I hope this helped. On my opinion i this season 2 was great,though it cant beat the first. And for season 2 the sexiness has been increased by 2x. =D I hope this helped!

    – Ceil Phantomhive…..Becomes a demon because of hannah annafellows and alloys

    – Sebastian Michaelis……Is ceil’s akuma shitsuji for life! ( sorry sebby you had no dinner)

    -Booty Shorts are in the show sadly

    -ummm well i cant all of them too you? Thats no fun then. I know! GO WATCH IT! NOW! CEIL HAS ORDERED SEBASTIAN TO KIL AND EAT PEOPLES SOULS ID THEY DONT WATCH KUROSHITSUJI 2.

    though u don’t have too,you’ll just my in sebby’s stomach. =D

    • opps i meant “- Ceil Phantomhive…..Becomes a demon because of hannah annafellows and Alois”

      And i also ment”though u don’t have too,you’ll just be in sebby’s stomach. =D”

    • Oh wow! Thank you very much for your detailed input and explanations!😀

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