1001 Expressions of Horo (Spice and Wolf)

February 8, 2010

1001 Expressions of Horo (Spice and Wolf Gallery)

Most illustrations in this post are by Jū Ayakura unless otherwise noted.


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  1. gorgeous picties. I’m very tempted to cosplay as her at an upcoming con😛

    • Oh, Horo cosplay would be fun!🙂 Try it and take some photos🙂

      • haha will do if i actually go as her😛 I really wanna convince the bf to do a joint cosplay😛 so if he won’t be Lawrence I’ll have to think up something else

        • Oh, he definitely should join! Lawrence should not be hard to cosplay. Also, you can even help him make a decision: scare him well, and his hair will turn somewhat gray – even less work to prepare for cosplay this way😛

    • Quite ironic actually😀 I’m cosplaying as her at this upcoming convention!


      • Have fun cosplaying🙂

        • Thanks ;D It was a blast!

  2. Horo~

    There is a Taka Tony artwork in there. The one where she is holding two stalks of wheat in both hands.

    • Ah yes, that one is censored😛

  3. have I told you how much I love you??? KYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAH~~~~~ Horo, Horo-jan! I hadn’t thought that you’d include the illustration as well. I love first season’s Horo the best. Can you tell the difference in the depth of their eyes? It’s even scaring if you think a bit how some lines can change the overall result…

    P.S.: How do you resize the pics to fit the blog?

    • Thank you🙂

      Yes, a few lines can change many things.

      I posted a guide to picture editing🙂

  4. The painting styles above make an interesting study. (: Thanks for posting this!

    • You are welcome🙂 I like soft simplicity of this style.

  5. I really like Horo🙂 It’s a good thing that you made a gallery of her.

    I don’t know I’m just fond of pictures where you could still see the sketch traces. Most of Horo’s pictures are like that which is why I like most of them.

    Also, most of her pictures have dim lighting— and I think I appreciate it that much because Horo does really have a mysterious air around herself, despite her playfulness.

    • I am glad you liked it🙂

      I also enjoy sketchy pictures🙂

  6. […] has built up high expectations. Everyone seems to be slavering over Ookami, comparing her to Horo from Spice and Wolf and especially Taiga from Toradora. But outside of some visual similarities, the characters are […]

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