The Exhibit hosted by the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti (January 14-February 14, 2010), features original works by seven important contemporary Japanese artists: ABe Yoshitoshi, Kugatsuhime, Kugatsuhime, Takada Akemi, Takada Minae, Terada Katsuya, Tsukishiro Yûko, Yamada Akihiro.

See other illustrations and read about the artists on Japanese Graphics Exhibitions.


8 thoughts on “Seven Important Contemporary Japanese Artists

  1. From the above i only knew Takada Akemi and Abe Yoshitoshi. Oh, Akemi-sensei is one of my favourites! So smooth lines and dreamy colours! She really carries you to fantasyland. Abe-sensei is unique yet I can’t say I’m very fond of his designs. They emit some particular eeriness, not horror-like, but still eeriness.
    Takada Minae is pretty as well. I found her not as good as Akemi-sensei, though her mermaids are very beautiful indeed.

      1. Under each image I posted, you can find a link to either an artist website or a wiki article. Also I posted the links to their mini-galleries and descriptions on the exhibition website 🙂

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