Happy New Year 2010!

February 14, 2010

Art by Reise

This year is quite special because both Valentine’s Day and New Year fall on Sunday, February 14. It is a nice occasion, except for Japanese chocolate industry😛 Have fun celebrating both holidays!🙂

Art by Hasaki

Art by 9ji

Art by Sakaki Kuuya

Art by Penguin Caee

Art by Ris

Art by Roten

Art by Notenotenote

Art by Isuzu

Art by Fuji Choko

Art by Aka (Shoumae)

Art by Miso

Art by 1

Art by Yumiya

Art by Nekopuchi


  1. 新年快樂 年年有餘 歲歲平安 恭喜發財!!
    have a great “tigger” year too🙂

    • Thank you, Mei🙂 恭喜發財!

  2. Nice pics! ^^ Happy New Year!

    • Thank you, it took a while to find them🙂

      • you did an awesome job!🙂 You must know japanes and /or chinese should I guess? It must really have been a tough job.

        • Thank you🙂 I know just some Japanese and a little Chinese🙂

  3. Happy CNY and V-day!
    Nice pictures but I wonder where is Taiga?

    • Thank you🙂 Taiga is in the video at the end of the post😛

      • hehe, my mistake (^_^;)

        • No problem🙂

  4. Happy New Year!

    • You must be especially happy because it is your year🙂 Yay for kitties!🙂

  5. So many beautiful pictures!

    Happy New Year!

    • Thank you, I am glad you like them🙂

  6. wooot go year of the tiger! And yea, new year event kinda overwhelms valentine’s day in east asia. So I had wonderful new year with a blissful ignorance of valentine day’s existence! kekekeke

    • I am glad you had a good time this holiday🙂

  7. Happy Chinese New Year to you as well! I just came back from my hometown yesterday-the journey back was jammed with other cars heading home too! New Year for us is often filled with house visiting, mingling as well as eating haha. I forgotten that it was Valentine’s Day…

    But I had loads of fun this holiday. I still have the rest of this week to go, but that’s probably going to go to homework, haha. Thank you for those art works! I love some of them. (:

    • Thank you🙂 It sounds like you were busy in a positive way this holiday🙂

      You are welcome, I am glad you like some of them🙂

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