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This Winter Olympics Canada set a new record in gold medals. You have to pause and reflect how monumental this achievement is: 14 gold medals! It is unlikely that this record will be matched or exceeded anytime soon. The old record is 13 golds by Soviet Union (1976) and Norway (2002). Canada won the last gold medal in an epic ice hockey battle against the US, one of the most fascinating spectacles in the recent history.


9 thoughts on “Congratulations, Canada!

  1. \o/
    These Olympics were great fun, even my fellow countrymen managed to save face somehow (when they weren’t busy crashing down and becoming YouTube stars).
    I hope they’ll still have some of that Olympic fever left when I go to Montreal in a week and a half ! (Yes, this is me showing off, feel free to virtually hit me on the head.)

  2. Korea came 5th =D

    I loved this year’s olympics. Simply was the best. So much drama too. With the dutch losing his gold to Korean skater because his coach told him the wrong thing and ‘ruined his life’ (although he still got 2 other gold medals..). And lot more dramatic disqualifications (especially concerning koreans…), and KIM YU NA omg i love her! And she’s finally getting the international recognition she so deserves. Although sadly she might retire after this year’s World Championship…I highly recommend people to watch her past performances if you enjoyed her figure skating performances!

    All in all, easily my favourite winter olympics.

    1. It sounds like you really enjoyed this Olympics 🙂

      I also thought it was good. I especially liked Kim Yu-Na performance and ice hockey final 🙂

  3. i’m only now catching up on blogs because of the olympics. they consumed me for those 2 weeks! YAY canada it was a pleasure watching history in the making. Most stressful hockey game i have EVER watched 😛

  4. Ahaha, yes, yay for Canada! xD I live in Vancouver, so I definitely had a dose of all the fun, noise…and extreme traffic. :L I loved seeing Kim Yu-Na out there. *A* Not big on hockey but the final between the States and Canada was really exciting. 😀
    Okay, I’ll stop jabbering now.

    1. Oh, that must have been fun to be in a city where all the action occurred, but it sounds like it was somewhat inconvenient too. I am glad you enjoyed the hockey final 🙂

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