March 7, 2010

“月满西楼” (The Moonlight Filled Western Chamber) by 童丽 (Tong Li) based on “一剪梅” (A Twig of Plum) by 李清照 (Li Qingzhao) with footage from Inuyasha ED7.

李清照 (Li Qingzhao) was a Chinese writer and poet of the Song Dynasty, regarded by many as the premier woman poet in the Chinese language. Only around a hundred of her poems are known to survive, mostly in the ci form and tracing her varying fortunes in life. She is credited with the first detailed critique of the metrics of Chinese poetry. She was regarded as a master of wanyue pai “the delicate restraint“. A crater on Venus is named after her.


Hóng ǒu xiāng cán yù diàn qiū
Qīng jiě luó cháng dú shàng lán zhōu
Yún zhōng shuí jì jǐn shū lái
Yàn zì huí shí yuè mǎn xī lóu
Huā zì piāo ling shuǐ zì liú
Yī zhǒng xiāng sī liǎng chù xián chóu
Cǐ qíng wú jì kě xiāo chú
Cái xià méi tóu què shàng xīn tóu
Què shàng xīn tóu

Red lotus incense fades on
The jeweled curtain. Autumn
Comes again. Gently I open
My silk dress and float alone
On the orchid boat. Who can
Take a letter beyond the clouds?
Only the wild geese come back
And write their ideograms
On the sky under the full
Moon that floods the West Chamber.
Flowers, after their kind, flutter
And scatter. Water after
Its nature, when spilt, at last
Gathers again in one place.
Creatures of the same species
Long for each other. But we
Are far apart and I have
Grown learned in sorrow.
Nothing can make it dissolve
And go away. One moment,
It is on my eyebrows.
The next, it weighs on my heart.


  1. Oh wow.. nice.. ^_^ Ahh I see those type of book covers all the time at Chinese bookstores. >_<

    • hehe Some of those illustrations are quite good though.

  2. In my country these artworks on book covers (mostly romance novels haha why am I not surprised) are quite common. We had to do something like that for our assignment once-sadly I didn’t do so well though.

    • Probably, you did better than you think🙂 I am sure you’ll do even better if they ask you to paint a book cover for a romance novel about a certain butler😛

  3. Kirei~~~~ the music is relaxing with a tint of sadness. “Creatures of the same species long for each other. But we are far apart and I have grown learned in sorrow.” -these lyrics are quite poignant…:(
    The illustrations are indeed quite common as Shinkai-ish landscapes nowadays, yet they don’t stop to be beautiful. Who is the artist? Dehzen?

    • Yes, it is a beautiful and somewhat sad music with great poetry🙂

      I don’t know who the artist is.

      • the singer is An Wen (安雯 ān wén). This song is quite famous and has been sung by various artists!😀

        • Yes, the original singer is 安雯. Here is a video with her performance that has somewhat different feel from 童丽.

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