Yuki Kajiura – Hear our Prayer

March 9, 2010

Yuki Kajiura – Hear our Prayer
Art by mutsuki


  1. oh gosh how much I love kajiura-sensei and kanno-sensei! I’m definately going to make a post about them! They are gorgeous! Both of them!

    • Yes, they are both great – love their music🙂

  2. Kajiura Yuki is this generation’s most talented composer and producer. She is my all-time favorite artist ever. Also… I just started on the Tsubasa manga from the beginning to see how badly Bee Train flubbed the anime. Syaoran is adorable. I think there are more Fay fans though.

    • It sounds like you really enjoy her work🙂 She is a great artist indeed🙂

      Syaoran is better than Fay in my opinion🙂

      • well I love all of them. Fay has a darker past and as a character somehow is shadowy hence you might dislike him at some point, yet he doesn’t stop being an interesting character and a pretty one. Syaoran-kun is more dynamic and ‘innocent’ and fights for his love so that makes him more adorable. He’s very handsome atop.

        I haven’t seen the anime -only some episodes concerning yasha and ashura- but I’ve read all the manga. Prefer the artwork in manga way better. But the ost is magnifiscent! Very powerful!

        As for the whole, I prefer xxxholic stories to tsubasa, because tsubasa after all is just an adventure. It IS twisted , complex (at a point that you can’t find the end of the thread) and draws you in the plot, but it doesn’t have the philosophical depth xxxholic has.

        • Yes, artwork in manga often turns out better than in anime.

          Indeed, xxxHolic is an interesting series🙂

  3. Thanks for posting this. I first heard this piece in an AMV and fell in love with it almost at once.

    I’ve even composed a Last Exile side story in my head to accompany this piece (set in Dio’s childhood) – probably too bothersome to relate the details, but it’s something I’d certainly like to see animated.

    Anyone got a direct line to Gonzo?😉

    • You are welcome🙂 It is a nice piece🙂

      You really like Last Exile, don’t you? You selected great music, written a side story that seems interesting – all you need now is a studio to implement it. Gonzo is an excellent choice because with $30 million dollars in deficit they will take anything😛 Here is their contact page: http://www.gonzo.co.jp/contact/index.html

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