Kobato OST

March 12, 2010

Kobato OST

01. Haru no Utakata
02. Magic Number (TV Size)
03. Konpeitou Pizzicato
04. Boushi no Waltz
05. Ohisama no Nichiyoubi
07. Nobody Sings
08. Hashiridasu Skirt
09. Ashita Kuru Hi
10. Kaze no Catharsis
11. Himawari no Kioku
12. Dobato.
13. Hotaru no Mori
14. Octopus Dance
15. Amber Sky
16. Sora ni Utau Shoujo
17. Maigo wo Sagashi ni
18. An Ancient Story
19. Tooi Hi no Wasuremono
20. Umaranai Nanika
21. Tobenai Kotori
22. Ashita Kuru Hi ~Yuki no Furu Machi de~
23. Mizu no Hana
24. Jellyfish no Kokuhaku (TV Size)

These are some of my favorite tracks:

20. Umaranai Nanika

19. Tooi Hi no Wasuremono

15. Amber Sky

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  1. nice picks! I love from episode 19 the ashita kuri hi. but you’re melodies are wonderful ,too.

    • Yes, a similar song to episode one, but that sequence was very nice🙂

      • I was referring to the one with Fujimoto during Xmas.

        • Ah, sorry about that >.<

  2. Thanks for sharing the vids. Will look forward the OST.

    • You are welcome🙂

  3. The music is composed by SENS, isn’t it? As expected, their piano and acoustic guitar stuff is relaxing. Do enjoy track 19 as it’s got some good violin work. Almost like the soundtrack to Ristorante Paradiso.

    • According to official sources, Takeshi Hama (はまたけし) composed the music, but I find it somewhat unusual to see a name in Hiragana.

      It is interesting that you mention Ristorante Paradiso because I also had the same thought🙂

  4. I like Kobato’s music a lot compared to other aspects, even compared to the story😄

    • Characters and background art are some of the aspects I enjoy the most in Kobato anime, but stories in some episodes are very touching🙂

  5. The music in this show is really pretty.

  6. Every single ost in kobato has such an impact on me. I could be lying in bed and the next thing I know crying my ass off at Itsuka dokako de

    • Yes, those songs are great!

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