Saikyō Bushō-den Sangoku Engi is a Chinese-Japanese anime adaptation of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel classic.

The opening reminded me of those songs in old mecha shows.

The ending featured May’n.

8 thoughts on “Romance of the Three Kingdoms OP ED

  1. Haha, yeah. The OP song reminded me of old mecha shows too, particularly the vocals. The music is nice – it kinda reminded me of Disney’s Mulan. 😀

  2. So that was what the OP reminded me of…actually it was more traditional Japanese than anything. Also the ED featuring May’n was a surprise when I watched it.

    The art of Sun Shangxiang and Diao Chan you found seems to be based on Dynasty Warriors’ rendition, or the other way round.

  3. Hey at least this FINALY looks like a decent and faithful adaptation that doesn’t feature transgendered guan yu…or at least from the opening.

    1. I hope it does turn out better than other numerous adaptations. You probably seen most ROTK adaptations, so let me know what you think once you get a chance to see some episodes of this one.

      Well, Kanu looks pretty good actually 😛

  4. I just watched episode 1 in Chinese today and I gotta say it looks simply awesome. I loved the OP and the ED is chilling in a great way

    and no I do not understand Chinese 😛 So I didn’t really catch what went on other than what I already know about the 3 Kingdoms story. I was impressed that I did catch a name though XD

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