Saikyō Bushō-den Sangoku Engi is a Chinese-Japanese anime adaptation of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel classic.

The opening reminded me of those songs in old mecha shows.

The ending featured May’n.


8 thoughts on “Romance of the Three Kingdoms OP ED

  1. Haha, yeah. The OP song reminded me of old mecha shows too, particularly the vocals. The music is nice – it kinda reminded me of Disney’s Mulan. 😀

  2. So that was what the OP reminded me of…actually it was more traditional Japanese than anything. Also the ED featuring May’n was a surprise when I watched it.

    The art of Sun Shangxiang and Diao Chan you found seems to be based on Dynasty Warriors’ rendition, or the other way round.

    1. I hope it does turn out better than other numerous adaptations. You probably seen most ROTK adaptations, so let me know what you think once you get a chance to see some episodes of this one.

      Well, Kanu looks pretty good actually 😛

  3. I just watched episode 1 in Chinese today and I gotta say it looks simply awesome. I loved the OP and the ED is chilling in a great way

    and no I do not understand Chinese 😛 So I didn’t really catch what went on other than what I already know about the 3 Kingdoms story. I was impressed that I did catch a name though XD

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