Art by Tibino

Shanghai Expo Song (2010)

そのままの君でいて by Mayo Okamoto (1997)

Comparison [via Japan Probe]

It is still possible that they created the song independently, but highly improbable. What is wrong with people? I wonder, what caused them to steal the song? Where they too busy, lazy, burnt out? Music and song writing is a very fun activity, it is sad that people resort to such measures… Also I wonder what kind of a reaction the events would induce if the situation was reversed: Japanese writers stealing from Chinese ones…

Update: They admitted it! The organizers have asked Mayo Okamoto to use her song to prevent further controversy – she agreed.

そのままの君でいて by Yuko Nitou from Patlabor OP is a different song, but I really like it 🙂


11 thoughts on “Epic Plagiarism: Shanghai Expo Song (2010) vs Mayo Okamoto (1997)

  1. you wouldn’t be attending the Shanghai Expo would you? I am going on 1st and 2nd of May! Should be interesting, especially since my firm won the bid for the main pavillions design of 2012 expo in Yeosu (korea).

    1. haha I wish I could! Too busy with work – many articles to write >.<

      Wow! Your firm must be really good if it won the bid! It sounds like you work at a great place 🙂

      Have fun at the expo, take plenty of pictures, and please report on your experience 🙂

      1. haha, well, it is an ‘ok’ firm I think they just got really lucky last year.

        Actually, I do plan on making a pdf file on three of my expo experiences.

        I have already recently visited the expo park located in Daejun of Korea (which held expo some years ago), now I’m going to Shanghai for 2010, and I’ve been under a firm that won, and is also entering another competition for korean pavillion for yeosu 2012 expo. I think it’s interesting that my experiences will be ‘after expo’, ‘at the expo’, ‘before the expo’ stages of how expo buildings are being used, and after the expo, and the processes before it is actually being built. It’ll be useful for me personally too, and hopefully I can share it on my blog who do have these kind of interests outside anime ^___^

        1. Oh, that does sound fascinating to see it at different stages 🙂

          I am glad that you are going to document your experience. I look forward to your reports ^_^

  2. This is selected from many many competing submissions. The responsibility is with the submitter. Shanghai Expo is a victim in this case. Another point, this issue is actually raised by Chinese netizens. Great job. 這是應征作品o 該找應征人問罪o 上海世博是受害者o 再說, 這問題也是中國網友提出的o好!

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