Kaori Muraji (村治 佳織, born in Tokyo, 1978) is a Japanese classical guitarist. She started learning guitar from her father at a young age, made her recording debut in 1993, and became the first Japanese artist to have signed an exclusive international contract with Decca Records, a major British record label in 2003. Soichi Muraji, her younger brother, is talented classical guitarists as well.

Danza del Molinero from El Sombrero de Tres Picos by Manuel de Falla

Tango en Skai by Roland Dyens. “Skaï is a french slang term for imitation leather, and here references the Gauchos of Argentina and Southern Brazil who are known for their distinctive leather outfits. Hence “Tango en Skaï” is a humorous, gaudy take on the tango.”

Soshunfu (早春譜, Ode to Early Spring) was published in 1913 by Japanese composer Akira Nakata (1886 ~ 1931). This version was arranged by Toru Takemitsu and performed at Mt. Hiei Enryaku-ji Temple.

Invocación y Danza by Joaquín Rodrigo. The piece won the first prize, Coupe International de Guitare, awarded by Office de Radiodiffusion-Télévision Française (ORTF) in 1961.

Excerpt from Concierto de Aranjuez by Joaquín Rodrigo. The concert is considered one of the pinnacles of the Spanish music and guitar concerto repertoire.

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17 thoughts on “Kaori Muraji – Japanese Classical Guitarist

  1. Rodrigo is one of my favourite classical composers, I wish they would play his pieces more at concerts. This Concerto de Aranjuez arrangement is great btw, I will have to look now if I can find “Fantasia para un Gentilhombre” played by this awesome guitarist, which is my favourite composition of his. Thanks for bringing her to my attention.

  2. Soshunfu is really beautiful. So many complex tones and moods in that one. Feels like it would fit quite well within a slice-of-life winter 🙂

    God, I have so many of your posts backlogged T__T

    1. Yes, it is a nice piece 🙂

      Oh, please take your time. Information overload is inevitable these days it seems. It is important not to let this turn into frustration and extra stress – we have enough of it already in our lives. The posts are not going anywhere, and I don’t post that often also, so whenever you have time and will 🙂

      The way I do it, is I set a time limit, say 30 minutes to read Google Reader, and read what I can. If I can read most of what I wanted, that’s good, if not, that ok too – I’ll catch up later next time. My Google Reader is always at over 9000 level 😛 The only folder I have to zero out everyday is scientific journals I follow.

  3. I enjoy listening to classical guitar music and the selections you shared here show some amazing guitar playing. Kaori-san is certainly talented.The Spanish/ Latin influenced classical pieces are very enjoyable and showcased some awesome finger work. I think my favourite is the rather quiet piece ‘soshunfu’, very nostalgic and relaxing sounding piece. Thank you for another wonderful post. (=^w^=) *is pleased* nyan 😀

  4. Kaori Muraji is a true talent and I believe that she can make any composition her own.

    Thank you for sharing her music, I was not familiar with her.

    Ellie in Wisconsin

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