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Over the course of the next three-ish months anime blogs from across the internet will compete for the top spot, decided by the readers of these blogs themselves.

  • Two blogs are pitched against each other and the winner is decided by a popular vote.
  • The criteria on which you should decide the winner is which would you prefer to read. If you could only read one or the other, which would it be.
  • The main reason is for fun. Another reason is to draw attention to less known anime blogs.

Source: Welcome to the Aniblog Tourney

Preference vs Quality

The criterion suggested by the organizers is “which blog would you prefer to read.” However, it seems that some people are confusing preference with quality, just like it happens with anime. A blog might be of high quality, whatever your definition is, but if I am not interested in content, I am not going to read it.


One of the indirect outcomes of the tournament is feedback on blog content and design of the participating blogs. Suggestions for improvement are good, but one of the potential pitfalls of this is lack of proper filtering. Few vocal people may create an impression that a problem exists, while most of the population don’t see it as such. Always accept constructive criticism, but carefully consider what to implement.


Although one of the purposes of this tournament mentioned by the organizers is fun, inevitably, people will try to descry patters and explain the voting dynamics. Such a speculation can be interesting, but without adequate assessment it is naive to draw any conclusions.

Further Reading: 問題無い

Please vote for this blog, Kitsune’s Thoughts. Thank you 🙂

Kitsune’s Thoughts vs The Cart Driver

I’ll use this opportunity to highlight some of my posts. This is by no means the best posts out of over 1500 I’ve created – just some that are salient to me now.


Making Anime: Positions in Anime Industry
How to Capture Screenshots from Videos Quickly and Efficiently
Anime Review Websites
Genius Party Opening – Atsuko Fukushima
Truth About Mangaka Work


How to Be Creative
A Thousand Winds (poem)
Story Behind Praying Hands by Albrecht Durer
Moshe Safdie: What makes a building unique? (TED Talk)


World Visionaries: Toru Takemitsu
“Kuzunoha no Kowakare” by Tsukioka Yukiko
Japanese Music Idols: Candies (1970s)


Dan Gilbert: What Will Make You Happy? (TED Talk)
Dan Ariely: Are we in control of our own decisions? (TED Talk)


Stretch at Your Desk and Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Mnemosyne – Spaced Repetition Learning
How to Beat Insomnia
Japanese Language Resources


4 thoughts on “Anime Blog Tournament

  1. I did vote for the blogs I love to read, like your blog 🙂
    But when the match consists of blogs I am not familiar with, I tend to vote for the one with seemingly higher quality.
    Best of luck in the race!

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