First Fully Functioning, Reproducing Cell Controlled by Synthetic DNA

June 12, 2010


  1. This was pretty mindblowing, and the way the conference went down, I felt like I was understanding from a programming perspective… so nuts!

    Must have been some serious trial and error.

    • haha Yes, it is very impressive!🙂 Well, it is kind of like programming after all🙂

      Most science is like that: from failure to failure, until complete victory!🙂

  2. uhm…need some simple explanations , a short review cause it sounds like ‘chinese’ to me (I’m Greek so I understand greek😛 )

    • Now we can design cells with synthetic DNA. This may lead to and facilitate discovery and production of new vaccines, medicines, and biofuels, among other things.

  3. Gotta love TED!

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