Best OP/ED Anime Fall 2010

October 30, 2010

Best OP/ED Anime Fall 2010

Art by Shati


Tamayura OP やさしさに包まれたなら(Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta Nara) by 坂本真綾 (Maaya Sakamoto). That kitty at the end is cute ^_^

Compare to the original by Yumi Arai.

Yumeiro Patissiere Professional, “Sweet Romance” by Gojou Mayumi

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, “DOWNTOWN” by Sakamoto Maaya and directing, dtoryboard by Umetsu Yasuomi

Clearly, the best OP award goes to Ika Musume. For those of you who have not seen the anime, here is some context:

“Squid Girl launches a premature offensive from the ocean depths against the capitalist land dwellers. Her offensive ends in the damage of the capitalist Aizawa family’s property and leads to her subsequent capture. She has been forced into hard labor to produce profits for the capitalists but continues her noble and somewhat futile resistance against them. Thus is the story of our hero.”

Not to worry, she will succeed eventually by utilizing her secret uber abilities😛

Endings =>

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  1. really liked the ED by Komine Lisa, her voice is quite soothing🙂
    kinda prefer Jiji,the black kitty from Kiki’s Delivery Service though.
    but i have to say, ika musume’s a riot, especially the drowning incident😛

    • I also liked Lisa’s song – best ED🙂

      hehe Jiji is great🙂

      Ika Musume if fun🙂 I liked how she imagined a proper gratitude to her lol I love Rie Tanaka voicing Chizuru! It is quite different from this😛

  2. oh😆 Hoshi Souichiro’s OP song ‘Ring my Bell’ made go ‘Wut’??? Wow, he sounds so girly. I’m so surprise Togaino no Chi’s OP rank no.6. So glad to see Stereopony’s OP for Tegami Bachi Reverse at no.5. I love that song.Ha, yay for SID at no.2 and no surprise for Star Driver’s OP being at the top of the pile. They should do a top 40 ED Songs for Fall too.

    oh golly…hahaha People’s version of Squip Girl OP…nice find…nearly made me split my hot milo from laughing.

    • I added that video with 40 OPs for completeness and an overview, but my rankings of those 40 would be quite different.

      hehe Converting the world to communism, one anime at a time😛

  3. It’s been a while since you posted your last post. ^^ I expected Maaya Sakamoto-san’s songs would be in an anime this year or so.

    Though, Soredemo Machi… OP’s DOWNTOWN was a bit unlike of Maaya (I just saw her PV about it). Not that I don’t like it or anything. =w=

    People’s Ika Musume booming opening surprised me at that point (or it must’ve been my headphones in high volume). Is that supposed to be the actual OP for that anime?

    • haha No, that is not the original OP – it just has a communist flavor to it😛

  4. I think Tamayura op lacks the playfulness of the original. But then again, covering such an iconic piece from Ghibli film is no easy job🙂

    ps. where have you been?

    • I am going through hell, but I follow the advice of Winston Churchill, and just have to keep going😛

      • LOL, that was funny and true!
        Nevertheless, I’m sure you’ll be just fine🙂

        • hehe We’ll see about that.

  5. 😄 I like the Ika Musume SOOO much better with the Soviet-type music! BTW was she cartridge-tilting in that OP? LOL!

    • haha Indeed, communist flavor makes everything better😛

      Yes! lol It’s been a while since I played my Sega console…

  6. For me, I prefer “DOWNTOWN” by Sakamoto Maaya for the best OP for this season. Different taste, different preferences.

    • Well, Downtown is on this list, so I say similar preference🙂

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