KOKIA Real World Album and Oto no Tabibito Concert 2010

Real World Album

1. “Birth”
2. “Road to Glory: For Dragon Nest”
3. “U-Cha-Cha”
4. “Real World”
5. “Saishū Jōei (最終上映, Last Show)”
6. “Love Is Us, Love Is Earth”
7. “Dugong no Sora (ジュゴンの空, Dugong Sky)”
8. “Kodoku na Ikimono (孤独な生きもの, Lonely Living Things)”
9. “Single Mother”
10. “Kimi o Sagashite (君をさがして, I Look for You)
11. “Oto no Tabibito (音の旅人, Sound Traveller)”
12. “Watashi ga Mita Mono (私が見たもの, Things I Saw)”
13. “Kono Chikyū ga Marui Okage de (この地球がまるいお陰で, Thanks to This Earth for Being Round)”
14. “The Woman”

Kokia traveled to the Tunisian Sahara for inspiration for songs on the album. She traveled to Tunisia in November 2009 for about a week and a half. Inspired by the scenery, Kokia chose the themes of life and death, the Earth and about womanhood. Eight of the 14 songs on the album were written about her experiences in Tunisia: “Birth,” “Kodoku na Ikimono,” “Kono Chikyū ga Marui Okage de,” “Love Is Us, Love Is Earth,” “Oto no Tabibito,” “Real World,” “Saishū Jōei” and “Watashi ga Mita Mono.” The songs were inspired by many aspects of the trip, instead of solely from visiting the Sahara desert. “Birth” was inspired by a visit to the Chott el Djerid lake. (Source)


Japan: Oto no Tabibito Concert

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10 thoughts on “KOKIA Real World Album and Oto no Tabibito Concert 2010

  1. glad to find another who enjoys her music. i always need to listen to her when i get flustered/frustrated. her voice really has that calming quality, especially her rendition of “Scarborough Fair”. 🙂

    1. You are welcome! I am glad you liked it! “In 2004, on the TV show Daimei no Nai Ongaku-kai 21 (題名のない音楽会21), Kokia attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the longest note held. In her a cappella performance of ‘O Sole Mio, she held a note for 29.5 seconds, but did not break the record”

  2. oh I have this album. Kokia’s songs are very soothing to listen to. Her voice is lovely with an ethereal quality. The themes she chose for the album are certainly inspirational. Very new-age. 🙂

  3. KOKIA has some beautiful stuff. I came across this Christmas-ish single last year about this time. Was really stunned by it; dreamy and festive I guess.

    Definitely feel like there’s something about her singing and this time of year.

    Thanks for the post and vids 🙂

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