Kuroshitsuji II OST

These are some of my favorite works.

Dance Macabre

Jouou No

Spider’s Thread

Little Lady

Fabulous Treatment

What were your favorites?

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4 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji 2 OST

  1. I wonder if they’ll be a separate album release for the soundtracks. Judging from the pieces that came out with the DVDs so far, Iwasaki created a different mood and feeling for KSII with his new scores. The music is different although the main KS theme is a still constant. It is also less experimental this time. I would have prefer they release an ost album like they did the 1st one. What a torture to have to wait for the complete collection. Anyway, Ryo Kunihiko beat Iwasaki Taku this time for having my favourite ost of 2010 and that’s Letter Bee OST. ^_^

    1. Yes, the mood is different, but the main theme is there. I liked the tracks for the first season more though.

      D: I have to listen to that Letter Bee OST! Thank you for mentioning it! 🙂

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