Power of a Smile

May 12, 2011

“Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.”

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  1. Is that Haru!?

    Anyway, this is awesome. Smiling is something great.

    • Indeed! She looks wonderful!😀

  2. Hello there! Haven’t visited and commented here in a while. (: I love the art you usually pair with your articles-they always seem to fit perfectly! And yes, a smile can do wonders indeed. Particularly the picture with your ‘Overtone Singing’. Gorgeous.

    • Thank you🙂 I spend quite some time for selecting images🙂

    • … can someone post what anime the screenshot belong?


      • Last episode of 亡念のザムド (Bōnen no Xamdou, Xam’d: Lost Memories). I highly recommend it.

  3. This one lady won’t live very long😛 She doesn’t show a wide smile. I just saw this on TED and I wanted to post it but then thought that i might check your blog first in case you already have posted… you are speedy lol

    • Well, she wouldn’t live as long as Nakiami😛

      You can post it as well, why not? The more exposure to interesting things, the better🙂

  4. oh I forgot! there’s a short film that talks about smile in a unique way! Validate!

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