Bunny Drop Anime (うさぎドロップ) 2011-07-07

Plot Summary: Daikichi returns home for his grandfather’s funeral, and to his surprise he meets a little girl in the garden. Daikichi soon finds out that the girl (Rin) is the illegitimate daughter of his grandfather. None of her relatives want to adopt her because they are embarrassed. Feeling sorry for the girl, Daikichi decides to take care of her. However, Daikichi is a bachelor and has no experiance with kids. Rin and Daikichi begin their life together (ANN).



Anime Trailer

Live-Action Trailer

This a preview of a musical episode 😛


13 thoughts on “Usagi Drop Anime

    1. Yes, adaptations are always scary. Often they don’t meet the expectations of the manga followers. I hope this one will turn out well.

      The color of her hair provides some food for speculation. If her hair color is blond, that means that both of her parents must have had at least brown hair.

      1. oh that hair color… let’s say… it’s poetic freedom… because neither her mother and I guess nor her father was anything near blond…

        I’m excited seeing a preview. I think they’ll follow the manga very closely. But since the last days I’ve rushed to read the manga as far of it is translated/scanlated, and since it’s noitama(=11 episodes), I hope we get only till vol. 5 of it, where she is still a child. because I don’t really wanna see the end of this story… the fact that Rin is the child of Daikichi’s grandfather is disturbing enough. The end is outrageous and
        [spoiler] involves Helectra complex [/spolier].

        so if this condition is kept we’re gonna get sth really unique from this anime: stories of parenthood and especially fatherhood and adoption issues.

          1. I hope they won’t gonna show such a thing… because in the manga it goes in that direction and it kinda freaks me out… I was freaked enough between the huuuuuge age difference of Rin’s real parents as well as from their irresponsibility of bearing a child and then ‘abandoning’ it… in such a case wouldn’t it be better left off with one season only?
            P.S.: there isn’t a way to put spolier tag here?

            1. … … …Then yes, it would be much better to go with only one season…

              Nope, spoiler tags don’t work here. I just put SPOILER warning like that. WordPress lacks some features, but has other advantages.

              1. I’m not complaining- blogger is worse. I was just asking because in forums they can be used and I was afraid of someone complaining I ruined their impressions for the show. Nevertheless, I’m gonna give it a try. The first volumes are quite heartwarming and poignant. That’s just to say I’m not trying to demotivate anyone. 🙂

                1. Blogger is better in a sense that you can do pretty much anything, but it takes more work to implement it. With wordpress.com you can’t do anything, but most of what you need is already there.

                  Oh yes, some people can be very upset about spoilers. I don’t mind them though.

                  You certainly convinced me not to read manga 😛 However, I am grateful because you saved me some time and peace of mind. I recall a while ago I wanted to check other works by Hiroaki Samura because I really liked his art in early chapters of Blade of the Immortal. Oh ye gods… I really regret it – he has a twisted imagination…

  1. first, woah @ the comments above. Column comments are bad!

    I’ve heard good things about the Usagi Drop manga, but never got around to reading it. The PV looks intriguing, but it doesn’t seem like a show that could hold my interest for more than a couple of episodes.

    But then again, I find most PVs boring, so maybe.

    1. Oh my… I didn’t notice the shrunken comments because I just reply from my Dashboard interface >.< Thanks for mentioning it!

      Give it a three episode test then 🙂

  2. I am actually reeeally really anxious to watch the live action movie. Mostly because I think Ashida Mana is soooo cute. Still the anime is also something to look fwd to. I love the manga. ^_^

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