Kokuriko-Zaka Kara (Ghibli)

Synopsis: This anime is based on a manga. Chizuru Takahashi and Tetsurō Sayama’s original manga is set in Showa 38 (1963, a year before the Tokyo Olympics) and follows the coming of age of an ordinary, pigtailed high school girl named Komatsuzaki (23-year-old actress Masami Nagasawa) in Yokohama, a harbor city near Tokyo. Her sailor father went missing after an accident, and her photographer mother is frequently going abroad for work. Her family now runs a lodging house. The manga recounts Komatsuzaki’s everyday life of “laughter and tears” with two boys — a school newspaper member named Shun Kazama (30-year-old Junichi Okada of the music group V6) and the student council president Mizunuma. (ANN)



Trailer [via @muhootsaver_7]

Compare and contrast the song with

Purring Miyazaki at 0:36! haha


I hope this one will be better than the Goro’s debut!


17 thoughts on “New Ghibli Film: Kokuriko-Zaka Kara

    1. haha XD

      I don’t have high expectations for this one. Probably, it will be decent, but not great. One thing I’ll enjoy for sure – background art 😀

      The film that I am really looking forward to is Takahata’s next work. Taketori Monogatari is a classic and would be an apropos conclusion to an outstanding career! 🙂

  1. Is this Teshima Aoi singing?
    The songs seem similar, but not as much to call the first a copy IMO. My musical knowledge is very limited, but isn’t the first one in three-four and the second in four-four time? I am more or less only guessing…

      1. Yeah, it’s a special Ghibli movie for me, knowing that I wasn’t really invested in their earlier movies. I was surprised to find out this wasn’t directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

        I’m looking forward to When Marnie Was There.

          1. I haven’t watched those two movies yet, but I really want to! I already have Kiki’s Delivery Service, though. I just need the time to sit through it.

            Yep. The trailer for Marnie was really good, especially the music. Expecting a feels train from this movie that I didn’t get to ride on with the other Ghibli movies I have watched.

              1. Yeah, I always felt an attraction towards those show, especially Mimi wo Sumaseba (and that’s prolly because of the non-fantasy setting, which also worked for me in Kokurikozaka kara).

                  1. I guess I’m just not as mesmerized by fantasy settings as other people are, which explains why I have a big spot for slice of life shows set in real places.

                    Thanks for mentioning him. I had to look it up, and I realized I forgot Grave of the Fireflies was a Ghibli movie. >.< That's one of my first anime movies, and even today still remains one of my favorites. I think I prefer him over Miyazaki.

                    1. It is interesting of you to note that. I also like Takahata’s work a little bit more. Of course, Miyazaki is great and created many good films, but Takahata’s ratio of signal to noise is higher, so to speak haha

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