Kitsune’s Thoughts: 5 Years

July 9, 2011

Art by Simosi

Thank you everyone for visiting my blog! ^_^ I am grateful for meeting many interesting people over the years🙂

Five years… can you believe that? Time flies… Five years is an arbitrary unit, but, when I look back, it is incredible how much change can occur in such a relatively short period. Five years ago, I would have never imagined where I am now, and if I look 10 years back, my life five years ago would seem surprising, etc. Thus, life is a box of chocolates! haha

Over the past five years, Kitsune’s Thoughts received nearly three million hits and produced over 1500 posts. I used to write over 20 posts per week a few years ago, but it is much slower now (I blame my Twitter in part). Anime themes of the 20th century is, probably, the last major blog project of the year, but I enjoyed working on it, especially in collaboration with Ayu🙂

I’ll keep posting on anime, Japanese culture, art and science, but at a slower rate due to my studies and research. I would like to shift my focus from consumption to creation, resuming what I postponed for so many years…

I wonder what will happen in the next five years… Shall I secure a job that I like? Maybe I’ll be still working on my dissertation… >_< Am I going to marry by that time? Perhaps, I may not even survive the next five years… (No I am not going to record a tape like Faye did😛 ) Whatever it may be, life is an adventure, so I’ll follow Buddha’s advice, concentrating on the moment🙂


  1. So many possibilities😀 Congratulations! I’m glad to see you’re keeping it up as there are always interesting things to see through your lens.


    • Thank you, Ryan!🙂 Yes, many possibilities indeed – we’ll see what happens.

  2. Congratulations on 5 years man. You stuck that long, you can keep on doing it. Keep on going, good luck!

    • Thank you, Panther!🙂 It seems that if you don’t turn blogging into work, you can keep writing for quite some time, otherwise you just burn out after a few years.

  3. what can I say… we are all happy and very glad that we met you and that you shared with us so many things😀 for me, you have also been a role model in blogging terms.

    Kitsune-same keep walking🙂

    • Aww, thank you, Ayame!🙂 I enjoying reading your blog too and your elaborate comments🙂

      Same? A new honorific denoting the constant enlightened state of consciousness? Complacency? Immovable as a mountain part of Fū-Rin-Ka-Zan? Or, perhaps, you just meant sama or seme?😛 ahaha

  4. Congratulations of the fifth anniversary of your blog. 😀
    This year, more than half gone. So fast I can not believe it’s time.

    • Thank you, Gyurri!🙂

      Yes, this year evaporated very quickly for me too. The first half was very difficult and… eventful…

  5. I can’t express how much I am learning just by browsing all your posts and now even on what you tweet.

    Congratulations on reaching the 5th year! Whatever the next 5 years might hold for you, I hope I’m there to witness your moments of awesomeness. \o/

    • Thank you, Foomafoo!🙂

      I am glad you find my posts and tweets are informative!🙂

      Yes, hopefully we all survive till then🙂

  6. wow, it’s been 5 years? i salute your dedication and am sincerely grateful to have found and read through all your interesting posts, kitsune-san.
    thank you a whole bunch🙂
    [of course this thanks is especially for all those pics you spoilt us with for Canaan…oh, all those swoon-worthy screen caps😛 ]

    • right, apologies for that, that’s from me, mei.
      i keep typing the wrong stuff nowadays

    • Thank you, Mei!🙂

      It’s good to hear that you enjoyed reading my posts🙂

      haha Yes, Canaan was great! They should make a sequel already!

  7. Congratulations! Sorry I wasn’t here to put in a message of support earlier, but I’m here now . . . so where’s the champagne? (^_^)

    (On the side, my compliments on the splendid choice of image to mark the occasion.)

    Let’s toast to more years of blogging ahead. Cheers!

    • Thank you, Diego!🙂

      No problem, it’s not too late! I love that picture! Champagne? haha Well, the glass she is holding is actually for tea!😛 Some white tea from India tastes like champagne actually🙂

      Things are heating up, but I do hope to post at least a few times a month.

  8. Happy 5th Anniversary, Kitsune! *sets off* celebratory sparklers. xD
    I’m suddenly thinking of stir-fry udon while typing this comment…ah, food always enter my mind at odd timing. I think it’s because milestone of any kind usually means having a celebratory meal with friends here in East Asia. So, have a virtual meal on me.😀

    • Thank you, Ayu! ^_^

      Yay! Sparklers and… omg! What a wonderful dish it is! Looks sooo tasty!😀 *noms the food with delight*

  9. Ack, how did I miss this post? Sorry, I must have missed it!

    Man. Five years. You’re definitely old😀 congratulations!

    • Thank you, Justin!🙂

      We live in an age of information overload – it is easy to miss many things.

      Yes, my whiskers are becoming grey already😛 Nevertheless, it is not how old you are, but how you are old😉

  10. A bit late, but still…Congrats on 5 years! 😀

    • Thank you, Hayase!🙂 Well, it is still July here, so good timing🙂

  11. Wow, I had a brain fart or something and forgot to visit here for the longest time.

    I’m sorry it’s so late but congratulations on 5 years and hope to see many more and I promise to get back into my habit of coming here.

    • Thank you, Steelbound!🙂

      No problem, I know you were busy taking awesome photographs🙂

  12. kyaaaaaa❤ you and your posts

    never stop. slowing down is ok though!😛

    • Thank you, Chii!🙂 ❤

  13. Just saw this now!! 5 years, super congratulations. That’s longer than most U.S. presidents last their first term (wait, that’s longer than all the presidents in their first term, because the constitutional term is 4 years, so that’s even more amazing!).


    • Thank you, Animekritik!🙂

      Not that amazing actually – you can just re-write the constitution to extend the term (have to know some Judo though😛 )

  14. Congrats on five years! That’s quite an accomplishment🙂 Here’s to the next five!

    • Thank you! This year it is 8! Lucky number!😀

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