In an attempt to de-centralize my Twitter, I’ll try to post interesting information I find on my blog more. Twitter is easy and fast, but I found some nice extensions that can significantly expedite link aggregation. The natural second step would be to get a Tumbler for pictures (Update: got it). I’ll still use Twitter, but this way the content will be more divided into appropriate categories, sorted by importance, and collected into archives, be it posts or pictures. We’ll see how this experiment goes 🙂

– 15 Ways To Alleviate Your Anxiety | Weightless

– How You Can Overcome Intrusive Thoughts | Dialectical Behavior Therapy Understood

– Catching On and Letting Go: The Art and Science of Flourishing | World of Psychology

– 7 Steps to Making Real Change Last | Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

– Existential Editing: Cutting Back On What You Don’t Need In Your Life | The Therapist Within

– 3 Ways to Lift Loneliness | World of Psychology

– The Illusion of Control | World of Psychology

– Madness and Creativity: Is there such thing as the “Mad-Genius”? | Adventures in Positive Psychology



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