chrono cross

“I think [game music] is something that should last with the player. It’s interesting because it can’t just be some random music, but something that can make its way into the player’s heart. In that sense, this not only applies to game music, but I feel very strongly about composing songs that will leave a lasting impression…What I must not forget is that it must be entertaining to those who are listening. I don’t think there’s much else to it, to be honest. I don’t do anything too audacious, so as long as the listeners like it, or feel that it’s a really great song, then I’ve done my job.”
– Yasunori Mitsuda

One of such songs that leaves a lasting impression is “Radical Dreamers – The Unstolen Jewel”, featured at the ending of Chrono Cross.

“Personally, for me, the biggest pressure was coming from the ending theme song. From the start of the project, I had already planned to make the ending into a Japanese song, but the problem was now “who was going to sing the song?” There was a lot of pressure from the people in the PR division to get someone big and famous to sing it, but I was totally against the idea. And as usual, I didn’t heed to the surrounding complaints, but this time, there was a pretty tough struggle”
– Masato Kato (Chrono Cross director)

Noriko Mitose was selected for the vocals, and Xenogears contributor Tomohiko Kira played guitar. The ending turned out so well, that the initial testing of the game with that ending song brought Kato to tears.


I hid that trembling light in my young hands
I’ve traveled this far, wandering the abyss of time

I continued to search for you, though I know not even your name
I wanted to hand over to you just one single feeling

Times catches deep in its arms both love and pain
And erases them, but I remember them
And always will…

It’s reverberated deep in my breast for I know not how long…
Though it’s a whisper fainter than a drop of evening dew

May the prayer I spun towards the darkness of the frozen stars
Reach all the way to your distant sky…


Chrono Cross
Yasunori Mitsuda

6 thoughts on “Yasunori Mitsuda on Composing Music

  1. Such a melodic piece! OSTs play a very important role indeed. Yuki Kajiura and Yoko Kanno who’ve made osts for both anime and games are such cases for me. I was able to feel so much for zankyou no terror, an otherwise mediocre series, exactly due to the OST (is, Dareka Umi)

      1. yup, that’s it; search the ost as a whole, too -it’s worth it! the whole summer and even now a bit it’s constantly on the replay

  2. If I want to five into nostalgia for about half of the day, which is usually weekends, I just have to play the Chrono Cross/Trigger OSTs. This piece was much more dramatic when watched with the actual footage of the game’s ending 🙂

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