I really liked one of the tracks in Xam’d and felt that it reminded me of some other composition. I tried really hard to recall it, but failed at the time. Several years later, I accidentally stumbled on the music piece I’ve been looking for! It turned out that it was a theme for “1492: Conquest of Paradise” (Ridley Scott, 1992) by a Greek composer Vangelis. Both compositions are somewhat similar in the beginning, but then diverge substantially, featuring a much more uplifting atmosphere for the live-action film.

Xam’d track plays several times during the series, but the most poignant part in my opinion is in Episode 20: Watered with Tears with the events in the Tessik village and a simultaneous dilemma facing Nakiami. Perhaps, that is why I thought of the “Conquest of Paradise” theme at the unconscious level…

Some anime music compositions are excellent by themselves and can be enjoyed even if you have not seen an anime, but if you did see it, and the scene left a strong impression, the effect is amplified by several folds. This track from Xam’d by Michiru Oshima brings me to tears every time…

Xma’d OST Track 3, Disk 1
胎動の扉が開く (The Door to the Quickening is Opened) by Michiru Oshima

“1492: Conquest of Paradise” theme by Vangelis

What about you? What anime music compositions made a strong impression?


2 thoughts on “Conquest of Paradise Watered With Tears

  1. Oh I had thought that the composer of Conquest of Paradise was Yannis but it appears I’m mistaken.

    As for my picks:

    Every single time it played during X, I got the goosebumps.

    You’ll get bored reading this over and over again, but it’s true that Hunter x Hunter was a masterpiece in all senses. And a masterpiece can’t have nothing less than perfection of an ost. The two pieces that struck a chord within me were Lamento for Piano (the combination with the story-I don’t wanna spoiler- left me in torrents of tears) and The Last Mission.

    Mawaru Penguindrum is nowhere near Utena for me, but damn if it didn’t have a strong ost. This comes from the last episodes where we learn Himari’s past and everything about the Takakura’s. Himari is saved from the nothingness of the Child Broiler by receiving from Shouma the fruit of fate, namely love.

    Talking about Utena, this is the track that haunts me. Anthy is my fav coz I can empathize with her to a point, and if my memory serves me right this piece accompanies one of the chilling sex scenes with her brother. It gives off perfectly the mystery Anthy is and her victimhood.

    oh the tumulteous feelings stirred in the course of the series! Simoun’s tango is one tightly combined with the melancholic end of this series. Two eternal maidens forever dancing in another dimension

    Since I’m blabbering about Zankyou lately might as well show you my all fav scene from it. Truly poetic.

    THAT end TT_TT

    I’ll end this list with the melodies from my childhood. All three very dear to me.

  2. Foxy Lady Ayame, thank you so much for your detailed reply and sharing your favorites! ❤ ^_^

    Do you mean Yiánnis Chryssomállis? I love his work! This one is great!

    Oh, X! I think I watched the movie a very very long time ago. The only thing I recall now is that almost everyone dies.. 😦 Naoki Saito is great! I like this track!

    Hunter x Hunter again! That's it! It must be a new classic or something! I like the songs! #10 is totally stolen from a classical work 😛 I love the strings of "In the Palace"! The last piano piece is good too, but I need more context to fully feel it I think, just as you mention.

    Mawaru Penguindrum track would fit perfectly probably. It is not too overwhelming and must be complementing the visuals nicely.

    Poison ! Oh wow! The stereo is really important in this one!

    Simoun – Youen Naru Kizuna no Hibiki ! I love it! That's perfect!

    Ah, Zankyou! That's a Tokikake moment right there! 😛 I like the scene, but it is even more significant than I think because I do not know the background of that girl – she must have had a difficult life.

    Yes! Yoko Kanno! I like that song, and this one is also one of my favorites from Cowboy Bebop

    Speaking of Kanno…. This… T_T

    Also, this excellent AMV is definitely one of my favorites of all time! This arrangement is much better than Turn A Gundam ED!

    Yay! Digimon, Sailor Moon, Pokemon! I love Lugia's Song! 😀

    Thank you again for sharing your experience! 🙂

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