Of the very few anime I watched in the last three years, these are my favorites. If you do not see one of your favorite anime on this list, it is likely that I have not even seen it! Recommendations are welcomed! 🙂

One of my favorite anime genres is a surreal comedy. Azumanga and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (SZS) are good examples. I enjoy watching something completely unpredictable and fun!


Initially, I didn’t like Nichijou, but the more I watched it, the more I liked the show.

That’s right, yaoi drawings are the most sacred thing in the world! 😛

This is a perfect example why I dislike dogs 😛




From the same mangaka as SZS, this anime is fun, but not quite at the same level as SZS in both humor and direction, and, perhaps, even weaker than Nichijou. I am not even sure if I watched all the episodes, but some parts were interesting! Speaking of Koji Kumeta, his new manga will appear on February 28. It will be a story about a “Naked Prince” who is skillful at stripping down facades and true intentions all at once (Source).


I watched this show in its entirety, mostly because of nostalgia. I played on sports teams in my youth, so I can easily relate to the characters. For the team! 😀

Kill la Kill

This is it! What a wonderful combination of comedy, drama, and craziness, accompanied by fitting and diverse music! This show took everything to the extreme! They even 63ed Ajman Tytania into one of the leading characters! 😛 Also, it was entertaining to see an influx of fanart on a particular topic of the week in-between the episodes.

Well, this is a very short list because I didn’t have much time to watch (m)any anime. Please let me know of similar anime or something more serious and well-written, such as Xam’d or Erin the Beast Player. 🙂


4 thoughts on “A few recent anime

  1. Re: Nichijou – yeah, it’s out of this world. Seriously. It blasted well clear of reality and created its own little dimension. All sorts of crazy wrapped into one show – to great comedic effect.

    None of it made any sense. But then again, if it made sense it wouldn’t be funny. (^_^)

    I’d buy it on Blu-ray in a heartbeat . . . alas, the only subbed version I’ve seen is on DVD, and my Japanese isn’t strong enough yet to survive on the raw release.

    1. Well, some things are just universal and do not need any words! haha

      However, for shows like SZS, translation is essential and some pausing of the film might be required if you really want to catch some details.

  2. Ping Pong the Animation – Do not be misled by the title. It doesn’t mainly revolve around the sport itself, but actively explores the characters (who are all awesome, by the way) through Ping Pong. It’s a very intelligently written series with one of the most unique visuals in anime.

    1. Oh yeah, after reading Ping Pong Wars, I’ll never be mislead by a title 😛

      Thank you for mentioning it! Masaaki Yuasa tends to make films excellent in both animation and story. This is another anime on my list 🙂

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