4 thoughts on “The Wind Rises: Historical Perspective

  1. Great article, Kitsuneechan. 🙂

    Hideaki Anno is a good director and actor, but… No, just no. His voice didn’t fit the character at all!

    Uhh, his voice acting just couldn’t get me invested in the movie. Not that it’s the only thing that ruined my expectations for it.

  2. Caproni is a precursor of aviation, with dozens of revolutionary aircraft built, the only things that you published are just the facts of the crime against her irrelevant, you are just a demented repressed.
    Best regards.

    1. By no means this is a complete account of the history – it is merely an invitation to explore further! Parts of this article draw parallels between what happened in real life and in this film. I am sorry if I offended you or Caproni family in any way – that was certainly not my intention.

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