Art by jiguo liu (ofwoo)

Sylvanas is one of the most fun heroes to play in HOTS, but she also has a fascinating background. This is a very long video covering her sad biography.

One of the most poignant, heartbreaking points in the story for me comes close to the end:

Sylvanas fell to her knees, burred her face in her hands, and wept, wept like a broken child who had lost everything, everything… Little Moon…! Gradually, the sobbing ceased, and the familiar peace of coldness drove out the heated hurting. Sylvanas rose, licking blood from her lips. She should have known.

The pain she had felt at first, when she dared foolishly permit herself to hope for something different from what she had now, to feel something for another… to feel love again… It had been a warning. A warning that she was no longer made for feelings such as hope, or love, or trust, or joy. These things were for the living, these things were for the weak.

In the end, they would slip through her fingers, trickling away like the violet remnants of Jaina Proudmoore’s apprentice Kinndy, and she would be left alone. Again and always.

Calmed now through tears and slaughter, she remounted her horse. Sylvanas Windrunner, the Banshee Queen of the Forsaken, would never again make the mistake of believing she could love.


HOTS Official Sylvanas Page
Blizzard’s blog post on Sylvanas

2 thoughts on “Sylvanas Lore

  1. Ah, one of the heroes from Warcraft 3 that I really liked besides Rexxar, Jaina and Tyrande. I did the campaign mode and sad to see her turned into Undead by a very own character I control. Damn you Arthas.

    1. All the characters you mention are in Heroes of the Storm now! Well, except Rexxar, but he’ll be added soon! Thus, you can administer revenge on Arthas with Sylvanas! 😀

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