10th Anniversary of Guild Wars

Guild Wars 1 will always hold a special place in my heart. I met some wonderful people over the period of more than 4000 hours that I spent in Tyria. Two features of GW1 that especially appealed to me were teamwork and build flexibility. No other game reached quite the same level on these two features for me (I don’t play GW2 – it is a completely different game). Recently, Heroes of the Storm is somewhat close on the teamwork part though.

Gaile Gray has written a nice retrospective on the journey Anet took, starting from the year 2000. I recommend you to read it, even if you don’t play GW1/2, but are interested in game development.

Tasca’s Theme

Guild Wars Factions Theme

2 thoughts on “10th Anniversary of Guild Wars

  1. Woooooow, still having goosebumps after pressing on play on those youtube links you shared 😀 I am one of miliions that shared exactly the same tyria world during years. Thanks for making me remember such a great time of my life.
    I share exactly the same opinion on heroes of the storm, and I keep telling my friends it’s the only game that scratches a bit of that amazing gw1 feels.

    You got yourself a new follower, I came across your blog by accident 😀

    1. Thank you! Yes, GW1 was great!

      Now… I have to say that I hate FPS and never play them, but I am completely in love with Overwatch for some reason! haha Perhaps, because OW has a very strong team component and is 100% fun!

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