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10 years! Can you believe it?

Thank you for visiting Kitsune’s Thoughts over the years! I am grateful for many interesting discussions with visitors and fun collaborations with guest writers! ^_^

For this anniversary, I decided to update my blog theme. I used the same theme for years, but it is time to make it more adjustable for multiple devices and improve legibility! I hope you’ll like it!

I posed these questions to myself on the 5th blog anniversary. Let us answer them.

I wonder what will happen in the next five years… Shall I secure a job that I like? Maybe I’ll be still working on my dissertation… >_< Am I going to marry by that time? Perhaps, I may not even survive the next five years…

Job (post-doctoral): Not yet

Dissertation: Yes, still working on it, but almost done

Marriage: Not even close

Survival: Yes, I did survive, but barely

Hmm… what will happen in the next five years? Let us make a crazy prediction! In five years from now, I’ll be… married, father of two kids, living in Japan! 😛 Totally not going to happen! haha However, I always find it fascinating how unpredictable life can be!

Next, I would like to update you on my current situation and plans for the future in a question/answer format.

What are you doing now?

Finishing my dissertation, getting ready to graduate next semester, and looking for jobs.

What are your plans for this blog?

I would like to keep posting about the topics I find interesting. The focus will be still on anime and Japan, but, as I did previously, I’ll post about something more general that I find interesting and educational. In terms of anime blogging, most of the posts will be similar to my coverage of Kaguya and Wind Rises, but I do not foresee many anime appearing that warrant such detailed investigations. In terms of other topics, I am very active on my Twitter, posting something everyday.

What are your personal plans?

I kept postponing it for years, but I hope it will actually happen in 2017 after graduation! I would like to dedicate a big chunk of my time to drawing and painting.

Any good anime you watched recently?

Anime has been saved!

Are you playing any games?

I quit playing MMOs. Basically, they are fun initially, but there is always grind and RNG hiding somewhere! I prefer co-op games and RPGs. When I find some time to relax, I play Overwatch. I am actually shocked that I am playing that game because I hate FPS games, and have not played one since… Doom, the original Doom! Overwatch is amazing because of a huge focus on teamwork. I find it even more fun than Heroes of the Storm, which is another recent interesting teamwork-focused game I played. I tend to play support in Overwatch, but not very good at it and am at a relatively low rank, but that’s ok – I am enjoying it a lot and improving gradually!

Anything special you learned over these years?

There is only one ultimate truth about the world: it goes on. Think about it carefully. You see it in the news everyday, someone died, people are getting killed, your relatives pass away, but the world goes on. The life will go on after you leave this world too. You may say, “I’ll leave a legacy and will live forever in the hearts of the people!” Nothing lasts forever. Even if you do great things, you still will be forgotten. Then why should you bother?

What is immortality? The beauty in the church – not I built the church – the beauty in the cathedral, the beauty in the poem, the beauty in the sculpture – the beauty, not the object of beauty. The beauty itself. That is immortal. (A Wholly Different Way of Living, J. Krishnamurti, 1974)

If you don’t do it, nobody else will!

I used to think that things will work out somehow, someone will invent something, and somehow things will improve.


While it is true that in general things tend to work out, progress is very fragile. After seeing talks by some full professors from Ivy League schools and visiting some of the best organizations in the world, it became very clear to me that many people don’t know **** lack vision! Certainly, there are some bright minds that conduct innovative research and do great work, but they are very rare. Most people just try to publish as many articles or finish as many projects as possible, completely lacking understanding of the core issues!

That means you have to do it! If you don’t do it, it may take another decade, a century, or things may even never change!

You are not a drop in the ocean, you are an entire ocean in a drop! (J. Rumi)

Take your pencils, brushes, chisels and create, derive, compute!

Smile, talk with people, help another person!

Move a grain of sand…

I read the first chapter of “A Brief History Of Time” when Dad was still alive, and I got incredibly heavy boots about how relatively insignificant life is, and how, compared to the universe and compared to time, it didn’t even matter if I existed at all.

When Dad was tucking me in that night and we were talking about the book, I asked if he could think of a solution to that problem. “What problem?” “The problem of how relatively insignificant we are.”

He said, “Well, what would happen if a plane dropped you in the middle of the Sahara Desert and you picked up a single grain of sand with tweezers and moved it one millimetre?” I said, “I’d probably die of dehydration.” He said, “I just mean right then, when you moved that single grain of sand. What would that mean?” I said, “I dunno, what?” He said. “Think about it.” I thought about it. “I guess I would have moved a grain of sand.” “Which would mean?” “Which would mean I moved a grain of sand?” “Which would mean you changed the Sahara.” “So?” “So?” So the Sahara is a vast desert. And it has existed for million of years. And you changed it!” “That’s true!” I said, sitting up. “I changed the Sahara!” “Which means?” he said. “What? Tell me.” “Well, I’m not talking about painting the Mona Lisa or curing cancer. I’m just talking about moving that one grain of sand one millimetre.” “Yeah?” “If you hadn’t done it, human history would have been one way …” “Uh-huh?” “But, you did do it, so …?” I stood on the bed, pointed my fingers at the fake stars, and screamed: “I changed the universe!” “You did.”

Source: “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” by Jonathan Safran Foer

…and change the universe!


6 thoughts on “10 Years of Blogging

  1. Congratulations mate!

    As it so happens, I celebrated my own Happy 10th earlier this month; seems we got started at roughly the same time! I didn’t do much to commemorate the milestone, though … it simply passed as a brief footnote in a post about an entirely different matter. I hope I’ll eventually get around to writing a more extensive exposition (something like what you’ve done) even if it’s a few weeks – more likely months, haha – late.

    Cheers and a happy Christmas to you.

    1. Thank you!

      Yay! Congratulations on your anniversary! I look forward to that post!

      My post is actually about six month late! ahaha

      Same to you! ❤

  2. Congratulations!

    To me, a post by Kitsune makes the world feel a little more sane. No pressure or anything but 2017 might need more of your posts 🙂 .

    Normally, I’m very leery of change, but, I like your new theme – even if it feels weird not seeing the expected one – because the old one was a touch hard to read. Not that I’m getting any older or anything.

    Speaking of old, I was going to say something about how 10 years is really old, then I realized I’m about a month away from my 9th year anniversary.

    1. Thank you for your warm words! ^_^

      I really like the new wordpress dashboard – it feels kind of like the original one and seems pleasant to use! That makes writing, commenting, and replying easier, and encourages content production. It is a small thing, but does make a difference.

      I am planning to write much more in 2017. Not all of it will be anime, not all will be great, but I certainly will increase the volume! Over the years, I found some interesting stories or videos that I might have shared on Twitter only or simply bookmarked. I would like to write them up, and also discover something new! Thus, I feel much more optimistic about the next year. Also, not being in school in the second half of the next year will help too! haha

      Yes, the old theme had too small font and custom CSS is a premium feature. I like the new one so far. The only thing I miss is the header, but that’s ok. The good thing is that this one allows custom Featured Images for posts and those can be of high resolution, like in this post. I like that!

      You are getting close to a decade too! That’s great! I hope we’ll keep writing for many more years! 😀

  3. What a pleasant surprise seeing these posts appear in the Reader on my wordpress blog. You commented at my blog when I first began it about 8 years ago. You offered me the connect the dots (out of the box) riddle which I later solved (after many trials) and I wrote about it. Coincidentally I saw a reference to that riddle on a creativity blog just today and remembered your offering the it. What I wrote has your blog name in the title, it’s here at the link below. I hope that you find a path toward all those goals you mention.

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