Did you play a good game, watch an engaging film, hear a nice music track, read an interesting book?

A few decades ago, travel and communication in general was a relatively slow process. Nowadays, we can send and receive message across the world almost instantly. Moreover, the connections between creators and consumers are becoming increasingly more direct. You can find many artists, writers, scientist on social media. Since it is so easy to reach the people who produced the work you enjoyed, why not send them a message of gratitude? It does not have to be something long, even a couple of sentences will do.

Why is it important? Although huge celebrities have thousands of fans, they tend to be involved in works that are produced for mass consumption. Very few people and companies create true works for art, works that come directly from the heart, rather than something produced to earn as much profit as possible. Such works involve substantial financial risk, and take tremendous amount of resources and efforts to produce. However, all that work is worthwhile if other people actually enjoy it. Although sale numbers tell us something about the product, a personal message may make a huge difference, inspiring the artists to keep working, keep following their passion and sharing their perspective with the world.

Creative struggles happen even among the best in the industry.

“What are we really doing? Are we just selling product for a corporation? I guess it is a part of it, but we are craftsmen, artists, and technologists, and… writers and poets, and all these other things coming together to build something that is greater than any of us could have achieved on our own.”

Please take a moment to reflect on what anime, books, games, artworks, music, etc. you enjoyed this year, and send a message to some of the people who turned their dreams into reality and shared their vision with you!


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