In HMV Japan‘s list of top 100 Japanese musicians of all time, Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO) were voted second place.

When I saw this video for the first time, I thought, “Oh, that’s a nice AMV.” Nope – that was an actual footage!

They are playing “Rydeen” by Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO).

YMO is a Japanese electronic music band, with the core members consisting of

The following are some of the performances of “Rydeen” in chronological order.

Another homage to YMO was featured in the ending of Maria Holic,sung by Asami Sanada, Marina Inoue, and Yū Kobayashi.

Consider some works by YMO, and, perhaps, you’ll find something new to enjoy. Also, I would like to encourage you to explore the works of Ryuichi Sakamoto in particular. He received numerous awards for his music and composed a score for The Wings of Honneamise anime. In addition to music composition, he also ventured into film acting, including a performance with David Bowie in “Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence”. One of my favorite tracks is from that film. This rendition is especially wonderful, played by Sakamoto himself and one of the best classical guitarists, Kaori Muraji.




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