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The purpose of this post is to assemble an up-to-date list of guides and resources to help you enjoy and succeed in Fire Emblem Heroes. This is not a comprehensive guide covering every aspect of the game – the main purpose is to highlight key tips, leading you to further reading elsewhere for the full coverage of the topics. The game is new and this post is still a work in progress. If you have any other tips, guides, and resources, please share them in the comments.


This video explains all key interface features and game modes very well.


The very first thing you should do is…

…consider re-rolling: quickly finishing the intro, summoning heroes with the initial set of orbs, uninstalling, and repeating the process again until you get what you want.

Is this worth the trouble? Yes, if you really want that particular character, but be careful:

I am rerolling with six emulators since 3 days and I didn’t see him even once. So good luck with that. (Source)

Personally, I didn’t re-roll because Murphy’s Law is absolute, I know how RNG works.

Link to Nintendo Account

Once you are satisfied with your re-rolls or have retained your peace of mind by ignoring them completely, consider linking your Nintendo account to the game because it will add 10 orbs and points you can redeem to various in-game items (see the next section on currency). My personal preference is to spend all points on stamina potions because that is the main limiting resource, you’ll need it the most in the beginning for power leveling.


So… the first thing you should do is…

…to build a wall castle!

Building a full castle gives you 100% EXP bonus. Even if you don’t build it completely, at least consider building a few upgrades for that EXP boost!

  • Torchlit Castle (20% EXP boost) – 1 Orb
  • Columned Castle (40% EXP boost) – 2 Orbs
  • Carpeted Castle (60% EXP boost) – 5 Orbs
  • Ornate Castle (80% EXP boost) – 8 Orbs
  • Royal Castle (100% EXP boost) – 10 Orbs

Eternal Dilemma

Play a few missions with your default team to get a sense of the gameplay.

Now you have to stop and think very carefully.

Art Source

Is this a game you really see yourself playing in the long term? If yes, then consider buying as many orbs as your budget and conscience can allow, summon some heroes, and start leveling your most shiny team (see team composition guides below). If no, then just proceed with the default team – you’ll be fine and can beat the story mode without any problems.

Initial Goal

Your main initial objective is to level a balanced team to the max level as soon as possible. This is important because such a team will allow you to finish daily/weekly missions, quests, and events that are expected to appear around every two weeks, according to an interview with the developers. Moreover, if you want to upgrade your units to a higher star rank, you’ll need certain Badges (see Currency and Items below) that can only be earned by high level characters.

Currency and Items

One of the most important things in any game is clearly understanding the value and use of items.


Crystals and Shards are used to level your units and can be obtained with quests and first Training Tower daily play.

Example: Leveling Olivia(****) from L1 to L20

Red Crystals =2300 AND Universal Crystals = 2808

There is no point in leveling your unit beyond L20, unless it is your main team, if you plan to upgrade to ***** because the level will be reset on upgrade, and L20 is the minimum you have to reach to upgrade.

Unlock Potential (Upgrading)

Badges and Hero Feathers are used to upgrade your unit star rating. Badges can be obtained in the Training Tower, whereas Hero Feathers can be obtained by sending heroes home or participating in the Arena pseudo-PvP battles.

  • 1 star to 2 star = 20 feathers
  • 2 star to 3 star = 200 feathers
  • 3 star to 4 star = 2000 feathers
  • 4 star to 5 star = 20 000 feathers
  • 1 star units yield 5 feathers and 10 if merged
  • 2 star units yield 10 feathers and 20 if merged
  • 3 star units yield 150 feathers and 300 if merged
  • 4 star units yield 300 feathers and 600 if merged
  • 5 star units yield 1000 feathers. (and guessing again 2000 f.) (Source)

Example: Upgrading Fae (****) to Fae (*****)

Green Verdant Badges (big badges you can get with high-level characters in the Training Tower) = 20 AND Hero Feathers = 20000


Orbs is the main currency of the game. You can exchange your hard-earned money to orbs. 20 orbs = 5 heroes summoned.


3 Dueling Swords (another 3 battles in the Arena) : 1 Orb

Team Resurrection : 1 Orb

You can obtain more than 200 orbs just by playing the game (as of February, 2017): orb breakdown by activity.


Fastest and the most cost-efficient (due to the current 50% stamina discount) way to level is the Training Tower.

Use it for burning Stamina with Auto-Battle feature that can be accessed by tapping the lower leftmost button on a battlescreen. If you are going to do that, consider turning off animations, which can be accessed from the Settings menu via the gear button on lower right side of the screen.

Enemy’s level compared to your unit’s level Exp rate
+4 +90% exp
+3 +60% exp
+2 +30% exp
+1 +10% exp
+0 +0% exp
-1 -10% exp
-2 -30% exp
-3 -60% exp
-4 -90% exp
-5 No exp at all

Table Source

Name Foes Reward
Prologue Stratum L1 Badge
1st Stratum L 1 – 5 Badge
2nd Stratum L 5 – 10 Badge
3rd Stratum L 10 – 15 Badge
4th Stratum L 15 – 20 Badge
5th Stratum L 20 – 25 Badge
6th Stratum L 25 – 30 Great Badge
7th Stratum L 30 – 35 Great Badge
8th Stratum L 35 – 40 Great Badge
9th Stratum L 40 Great Badge
10th Stratum L 40 Great Badge

Use crystals to level L1 to L20, then upgrade (****) to (*****) for highest efficiency (will reset to L1 after the upgrade). Merge fully upgraded ***** units with duplicates. Merging is a waste in most cases if you plan to upgrade because the boost will be negated on upgrade.

Don’t forget to Learn Skills and Equip Skills (Allies menu) once you have some skill points from leveling.

Do NOT complete Hard story mode missions until you finish the main story on Normal! Completing the main story on Normal will unlock another set of quests for the Hard mode. If you already completed a Hard story mission, the quest will not be completed retroactively and you’ll have to do it again!

Leveling Guide: Getting your w̶a̶i̶f̶u̶, I mean main, to level 1-40 in two days.


Arena is a good source of

  • Hero Feathers (weekly)
  • EXP (daily)

No, this is not PvP. You are playing against an AI with a player constructed team. The team on the left-most side of your roster is selected. You can play for free three times a day. Try to get seven consecutive wins. Try challenging easy opponents first, then move on to intermediates, once you are comfortable and have a better team.

If you have four featured characters, you’ll get 3x the points.

Arena Guide

Currently Rank 15 in Arena (My Squad) Offense 4,532

Mini guide to Arena in FE Heroes

General Tips

Understanding Fire Emblem Heroes: A beginner’s guide (Polygon)

Tips on playing Fire Emblem Heroes (Kotaku)

Starting Guide and Tips to get started (Reddit)

Beginners Guide (GamePress)

Remember, the most powerful hero card is your credit card.

Advanced Guides

Team Composition

A comprehensive overview of endgame teambuilding

Damage Equation Investigations (H2O is a formula, F = ma is an equation!)

4 Stars to 5 Stars Unit Analysis


These are your main up-to-date resources.

Official Website

Official Twitter

Official Wiki


Tier List (English, Wiki)

Tier List (Japanese)


All assets

Hero Art

The Most Important Thing

It is a game: have fun, take your time, and enjoy your adventures!

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