Fluximation (Studio 4℃) AMV

These two AMVs are based on short animations by Studio 4℃ that were compiled into Fluximation collection. The first AMV mixes the scenes, while the second one follows a sequential approach with a different song Continue reading “Fluximation (Studio 4℃) AMV”

Enka Anime Music Videos (AMV)

Modern enka (演歌 — from 演 en performance, entertainment, and 歌 ka song) came into being in the postwar years of the Shōwa period. It was the first style to synthesize the Japanese pentatonic scale with Western harmonies. Enka lyrics, as in Portuguese Fado, usually are about the themes of love and loss, loneliness, enduring hardships, and persevering in the face of difficulties, even suicide or death. Enka suggests a more traditional, idealized, or romanticized aspect of Japanese culture and attitudes, comparable to American country and western music.

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Macross Zero AMV: War and Hope

I was thinking about Mao and what we might learn about her in the last two episodes of Macross Frontier. Since I have not posted any AMVs in a long time, it was a nice opportunity to find some Macross Zero AMVs. Unfortunately, finding a Macross Zero AMV that does not feature excessive amount of air combat is a challenge, but I did succeed 😀 Continue reading “Macross Zero AMV: War and Hope”