Genji Monogatari Sennenki 3

It was a beautiful and sad episode… Poor women…

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11 thoughts on “Genji Monogatari Sennenki – Episode 3

  1. Hm. I was going to watch this series, but I completely forgot about it.

    In any case, have you ever read the novels? Genji is a pimp. That’s pretty much the gist of it, but he has a new lady to woo in every other chapter, and they’re either married, or he gets bored quickly, or something else unfortunate happens. It’s a crazy soap opera, but with poems and culture. 😀

  2. I haven’t read this monument of Japanese literature, but from what I heard about it (I went to a couple of conferences, as this year was its 1000th anniversary) and it seems quite fit for a long manga or anime series. Was this released in the US on DVD? I haven’t seen anything from the European editors (zone 2). I’d be curious to see what the present Japanese entertainment industry makes of this millenial masterpiece.

    1. Well, anime adaptations of the Tale of Genji were not very long so far: 110 minute movie (1987) and 11 episode series (2009). Manga is 13 tankoubon. The movie was released on VHS, but I am not aware of any DVD version. I am sure currently airing version will get a DVD and, possibly, a Blu-ray edition. Book adaptations are always difficult. I can’t judge how well this anime portrays the spirit of the novel, but I do enjoy art and music 🙂

  3. I loved this episode! I think the series so far has handled the main themes of the novel very well: Genji’s obsession with Fujitsubo, the not really smooth relationship with his wife Aoi, the jealousy of the women he meets and the things he seeks in love 🙂

  4. for me i think the most interesting aspect of the story is the culture. i haven’t finished reading it yet (just first few chapters!) but i’m curious though; genji is (supposed to be) the most beautiful, perfect, outstanding man ever (in the novel); how do they portray such beauty and perfectness in the anime? i mean… its alright for the readers to imagine their own version of genji, but it would be difficult to err… live up to readers’ expectations in the anime. i doubt if there is any animation studio in the world that can produce the most “perfect” genji

    i hope what i said makes sense 😀

    1. Yes, Heian period is quite interesting 🙂

      Well, if the spoilers I’ve seen are correct, Genji is not the embodiment of perfection in the novel… Yes, it makes sense what you said because adaptations of the books are always difficult. Rather than following the book exactly, many successful adaptations try to depict the spirit of the novel instead. I hope this anime will fulfill this purpose.

    1. Well, unlike other anime I’ll not mention, not many people are interested in Genji and not many groups are subbing it. The lack of progress may be explained by many reasons, including busy schedule with other projects or activities. I am sure it will be subbed by someone eventually because this animation brings to life one of the oldest novels.

  5. I can’t speak for anyone else but we are still working on Genji, slowly. I’ve been caught up with a lot of work recently so haven’t been able to coach things along but we do have 2 eps translated and we’re working on all the various bits and pieces – just might take a while to release as checking may take a little while to get started.


    Yoroshiku Fansubs

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