Maison Ikkoku – Episode 1

Maison Ikkoku Episode 1
Sorry To Keep You Waiting! I’m Kyoko Otonashi!
Omatase shimashita! Watashi ga Otonashi Kyoko desu!!
お待たせしました! 私が音無響子です!!

Maison Ikkoku was one of the first anime I watched in childhood, but I never finished it. A while ago, I posted a brief overview of the series and promised to myself to re-watch it someday. Recently, I stumbled upon some wonderful songs from this anime, and finding Juliette je t’aime AMV added more oil to the fire. I wanted to re-watch this anime, this time till the end, but I hesitated due to the length (96 Episodes). However, I recalled the concept of opportunity cost that my Economics professor was so fond of.

My interest in the new anime continues to dwindle, as I find myself less and less excited about each new season. I can cover several new popular shows that I am somewhat interested in or cover what some consider the best work of Rumiko Takahashi. On the other hand, not many people will be watching the show concurrently with me, but I hope that my coverage will bring back good memories for those who seen it already and reveal some trivia. 🙂

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