Kuroshitsuji 17

New Opening! The episode was awesome, but the creators went too far at some points… How could you, Sebastian… how could you?

Kuroshitsuji OP 2

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106 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji – Episode 17

  1. Erm, okay. o_o the opening wasn’t as awesome as I thought it to be though. Sebastian is gaining reputation as a man whore. I think he did it in the manga as well… sigh. Judging by the opening the anime isn’t taking on the manga’s story line for a while? 😐 Grell is still as gay as ever.

  2. Yay! New OP animation!!! I’m also quite glad that they kept the song ^_^. *never gets tired of it* Haa, more Sebastian-sama… And Ciel looks oh-so-fabulous in the last part!

    OMG Grell is so weird, but yet likable. But more weird XD lol… But can’t deny the fact he’s funny.

    Poor Ciel, being molested by Nuns… XDDD And noooo!!! Why did Angela took Ciel away?

    Thanks for the awesome post as always and can’t wait for the next ep ^_^!!!

  3. Cheri,

    I thought the OP was good just because it has Angela 😛 Yes, Sebastian is evil… I think the anime is incorporating manga into its own story rather than strictly following it. Poor boy… Grell stole his clothes… Grell in Undertaker wardrobe was great though lol

    Speaking of the Undertaker, have you noticed that the high priest also had a scar on his face just like the Undertaker? Conspiracy…

    – – –


    Yes, the song is nice 🙂

    haha Ciel does look fabulous in the last part. I think they just split the sad part of the OP to the ED.

    Indeed, Grell has a nice mix of weirdness and entertainment 🙂

    Well, the nuns didn’t do much to Ciel – Sebastian intervened just in time 🙂

    Because Angela is awesome 😛 I think we’ll see Ciel facing his past in the next episode.

    You are welcome – I am glad you liked it 🙂

    – – –


    Well, it may differ from manga, but this episode did move the plot forward.

    I agree that it was a disturbing episode…

    – – –


    Yup, Sebby will save the day once again 🙂

  4. I’m sorry, but this episode was cool but weird and it seemed rushed (I don’t know).
    In response to Sebastian’s sexuality or preference, I think he’s either asexual or bisexual. I definitely never considered him just homosexual (despite pseudo yaoi aspects of this anime). He just does what is necessary to achieve his own ends…or his master’s. BTW: I said asexual because despite the fact he has had sex (in both manga and anime), I don’t think it has to do with attraction or preference, just a means to his ends.
    Angela x Finnian/uke male forever! lol. Had to get that out. But yeah, the priest had the same scar as undertaker (he did say he wanted Ciel to die in an earlier episode) and that man servant of the queen looks very similar to Angela (lol. Are they the same person!?) While the new opening and ending videos are a snooze fest for me, I’m looking forward to next episode.

    1. Indeed, duty is paramount for Sebastian 🙂 As for Sebby’s adventures in manga, based on his comment to Ciel about gloves, it seems that only fingers were involved 😛

      Oh yes, I support Angela x Finni 🙂

      Well, since Pluto was so excited to see his master, this is another confirmation of Angela’s dual nature 🙂

  5. Haha, Grell is the live wire in this series. (:< And yes, Angela is very pretty. Hey, now you mentioned… that priest does have scar like the Undertaker. Indeed… There is much to see.

  6. What was that song when they first started the purification of the the unclean woman and man? It was like a gothic hymn….

        1. 😦 I just re-watched the episode and listened to both OSTs, but, unfortunately, the wonderful song you are referring to is not there 😦 Somewhat similar song with chants is The Dark Crow.

                1. But do you know the name of that beautiful opera piece of music when Angela appears and says something like “kiyome yo!”? I’ve been looking for it for so long but I can’t still find it.

    1. I know, I saw that part and I was like “What little respect I had for Sebastian is now GONE.”
      I mean I know he’s a demon and all but really. :[

  7. well Sebastian just proves that it doesnt matter if your a demon,dog, or human all males are horn dogs

    but that aside

    well i know for sure that girl was no nun
    if i would say so everyone in that “church” is probly and most likely is unclean and a pervert

    well except for the kids (hopefully)

    those perverted girls tryin to molest ciel like that
    how dare they!!!!
    and goin on how they’re gonna give him a “bath”

    Well anyway
    I just gotta say
    Grell is charming and hilarious
    and my favorite is Pluto

    the cutest scene is when Sebastian is petting a black cat
    then Pluto wakes up and picks up the cat and tosses it in a jealous rage
    and starts to whinning to Sebastian for all his attention

    that is just sooo adorable

    1. Many males are, but not all 🙂

      Yes, that church is questionable…

      I am glad Sebastian saved Ciel from those nuns 😛

      Indeed, that scene with a cat, Sebastian, and Pluto was great 🙂

  8. This is like, several months late, but…

    I only recently started even caring about Kuroshitsuji again.

    It was this episode that made me stop watching the series alltogether.
    Seriously, what the hell were the producers thinking?

    Maybe Im mentally ill, maybe I have some problems, maybe I belong in a physc ward, but I was seriously in love with Sebastian but then for him to do…THAT!

    No. Just no. Epic fail. FAIL. EPIC FAIL.


    I stopped watching it after that scene and havent wtched it since, and Im not watching the 2nd season period…

    thanks, producers, for ruining a great anime and breakin a 16 year olds heart.

    1. Thank you for sharing your view. No, it is not that you have problems – many people thought that the scene was horrible, including me 😦 The creators were certainly inconsiderate and myopic. Thus, Kuroshitsuji does fail in that regard.

      I am very sorry to hear about your broken heart 😦 It must have been painful to watch this episode, and you were very disappointed. I hope the wounds on your heart will heal eventually *hug*

  9. Wow… the whole thing with Sebastian and that girl was hilarious, but it also shocked me. I believe the only reason I found it funny was when Ciel and Grell were outside knowing exactly what he was doing. I wish they would have just made him flirt with her, which ya know softened her up, but no they had to put an innuendo completely downgrading Sebastian! I found it cool that he ignored all those women, who lusted after him, especially Grell, which was actually hilarious to watch her/him with Sebastian. I understand that he was doing it for his master, but it almost makes him seem unclean… like he no longer has that hero aura around him(that’s the best way I could put it, because its so hard to describe the way he is).

    1. Yes, that was a bad scene that tainted Sebastian reputation. I see what you mean about the aura. Sebastian certainly has many positive characteristics, but sometimes people forget that he is a demon, so this scene was a reminder, albeit gratuitous and inconsiderate.

      haha It is always fun to watch Grell getting so excited about Sebastian.

  10. Ok when I saw this I was literally on the verge of tears (which is bad because I was in the dorm laundry room at the time) I mean I know sebastian is a demon and all but to do that?! It literally tore at my heart. I mean come on sebastian you just lost so much swagger for that! to me you just went from bad ass bishie to bad whore i’ll try to continue watching the anime and pray that I can surpress this from my mind. i think im gonna be sick!

    1. Ah, it must have been a terrible time for you, especially because you were in a public place and had to suppress your emotions 😦 Indeed, Sebastian lost alot in the eyes of many in this episode… This case is an exception though: the rest of the series Sebastian continues to be a bad ass bishie 🙂 I hope your trauma will be healed eventually…

  11. Sebastian….Why? What was the purpose? What did it add to the plot?!? Nothing…nothing at all…no point…Things like that should only occur in ones mind, and maaaaaaaaaaaybe, just maybe a fanfiction. Now, I liked the bit with the ‘bug’, and giggled my fangirl head off about it….but that was uncalled for. How could you, silly writers??? -rant over-

    1. Indeed, it didn’t add anything to the plot. Also you make an important point that it is best to leave things to the imagination of the spectators because it much more effective this way. What we got instead was a tasteless, blunt fanservice. I hope they will be much more careful in the next season.

      1. That’s interesting, because I’ve been watching Black Butler II and what comes to my mind about it is that it’s all just one big fan service. It’s kinda sad. XD

  12. Did NO ONE notice that wierd thing besides Sebastian??

    The PRIEST, dammit, and his little choir of kids. The nun said they all made sweer “music” within his living quarters.

    The group was made up entirely of little boys, yet no one notices anything except the screwing of the nun.

    But, that was a damn cute outfit they put Ceil in xD

    1. Omg, that makes this episode even more disturbing! >.< I watched this episode raw and must have missed that line, but it is still somewhat open to interpretation.

      Grell does have some fun outfits 🙂

  13. Uke’s comment made me 100% lol. Even though I’m more of a Grell x Seb chick.

    This episode was my favourite surprisingly. Lots of filler and fanservice, but there was also plot in it as well.

    I’m really not trying to be mean, but some of the fangirls crying over that scene need to snap back into reality just a bit or quite possibly grow up. It was in the manga to begin with. Sebastien is a demon, he’ll do whatever it takes to do the dirty work. Even if it means to be nice to dogs and become a butler. Lastly, it’s an anime. That scene shocked me as well, but i accepted it and loved it. If Sebastien is a man-whore, let him be a man-whore. GIVE HIM MORE NUNS!

    1. haha Well, Grell might have better luck in the next season 😛

      Yes, they do manage to move the plot even amongst all the fanservice.

      Even if it means to be nice to dogs and become a butler.

      Indeed, being nice to dogs is especially challenging 😛



  14. Very , very saddened by this episode. I know I may just be an ordinary fangirl who supports Ciel x Sebastian, but this episode was just down-grading, and I almost cried when I saw that they had sex. I’d believed they would cover it up as an innuendo or something, but for him to actually do it? That’s horrible. And ugh, I always thought this anime was more veered towards the homo-sexual way. Apparently the director/writer had actually written shonen-ai manga before… how could the screenwriters do this?

  15. Definitely a ‘woah’ episode XD A bit too late to comment but definitely a shocking episode. I didn’t expect that Sebby will have sex with a girl (considering the anime is somewhat comedic). I thought he was just giving her a massage. After seeing the scene, they should at least have him naked. It’s kinda weird since the girl is naked but not him XD Anyway, he’s a guy and a demon so I guess he needs to have some female flesh once in a while. Even so, I still love Sebby and Greil, haha.

    1. Oh yeah, he did it also in the manga and not only once XD Besides it benefits them on the next episode. As expected of the butler of the Phantomhive.

    2. Never too late to comment 🙂

      Well, he was in a hurry, you know, so no need to undress completely.

      haha I am glad they didn’t show a scene with Grell instead of that girl 😛

  16. If I was that nun, I would have stripped him down all the way! Jeesh. What a slut. Probably only took off his pants! As if that’s all that matters! -scoff- All I have to say is that this episode made me mad with envy — and, in my little fangirl heart, I’m inclined to say that Ciel may have just felt the same way. 🙂

  17. They really couldn’t have just implied that sebby did that you know like when they first met undertaker and all it showed was undertaker laughing because of whatever sebastian (they never actually showed what he did) and i doubt sebby did anything x rated to undertaker.next time they should leave it to the viewer to decide what sebby did to the nun

  18. Wait, wait, wait… First time we see Angela, she pretends to be a nice, innocent, harmless person and yet we see her later on her bed with all her clothes on and a naked man (Pluto) who does you-know-what with her.

    I think Sebastian just guessed somehow that Angela was around and used the same methods as her (sleeping with a random, naked person while keeping his clothes on, pretending to be innocent to get what he wanted…) It was his way to tell her “hey, I know you’re here, you’re not fooling me!”

    1. haha That’s a good question 🙂 I guess it invokes a similar reaction when people found out that goddess Nagi is not a virgin. People posted desecrated manga, CDs etc. They were really mad that their favorite character was deflowered! Similarly, this case with Sebastian 🙂

  19. Loved it!:D

    And about the sex-scene; it’s Kuroshitsuji, what did you expect? The series are full of homoerotica, sexual undertones, violence, sadism and other things. And Sebastian is a demon; of course he’d have sex with her:D In the manga he also has sex with 2 girls.

    That said; the creators of Kuroshitsuji LOVES to fuck with your mind!:D

    1. haha Yes, the writers certainly love to mess with the minds of the spectators 🙂 They are more careful in the next season, but still, all this licking, naked maids, etc…

    2. By the way, who was the other girl that Sebas-chan had sex with? I’ve only watched the anime, and Matilda Simmons was the only one, that I saw…

  20. Haha, tainted? How would you feel if you had to serve a twelve year old boy, with no females (except for Mei-rin, but I hardly think Sebas-chan would do THAT)? Well, um, I’m a girl, but I would go crazy! I think, personally, that Sebas-chan was smart, both getting information for his master, AND quenching his…desires…at the same time! …Truthfully, this episode only made me more horny…*snicker*

  21. I can’t believe this! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!!!



    Grell should Kill that woman! HE SHOULD!! Aaarrgghh…

    Its all Toboso Yana’s fault! DX

    I’m very upset and dissapointed with this….

    Hey, but maybe, sebastian didn’t had sex with that woman.He still wear his clothes on. Only that woman is naked. So, that possibly Sebastian just umm…give her a massage? Lol XD and that booming voice.What is that? I’M SO CONFUSED!! >.<

    Only a pervert that thing sebastian had sex with that woman. Im also a pervert, so i think that sebastian had sex with that woman 😀 BUT I TRYING NOT TO BELIEVE THAT!!!


    1. That’s ok, many people seem to be angry with this woman. In Kuroshitsuji III they will mentioned that she died a horrible death from the hands of resurrected Angela 😛

      1. Oh, i am so shocked and dissapointed!! I don’t mind if Sabastian charmed or filrt with her but this?!?!?! When the girl is moaning i thought that the author is just trying to mislead the viewers to think of the more sexual way, instead Sabastian is just giving her a massage or something!! But when he is really having sex with that girl my respect for him is just ruin.
        However i am a little relief that the nun will be dead, although knowing that he had sex with two girls in the manga disgust me too.

          1. but i’m know that sebastian have a son, thanks to mathilda simmons, because on the ova, mathilda simmons the nun girl have a pregnant and later she’s go to differents childrens, and specially with a boy… alll the people watching the ova and the cap 17 and 18,know that mathilda death later of sebastian’s son born, on the fighted with sebastian and claude faustus…

      2. bueno en ese punto no creo que angela resucite, simplemente se que esa chica (la monjita) tiene un hijo con sebastian michaelis, pero el pequeño queda huerfano y la mama muere en manos de william t. spears en un esfuerzo fallido de matar al hijo de sebastian

  22. I thought the sex scene was hilarious! The whole anime has these instances of leading the viewer to expect something different from what actually happens, even earlier in the episode when Sebastian smashes the bug. And then this scene happens; leading up to it everyone watching is thinking “oh ho! it’s going to be a joke like all the other times” and then it isn’t! It’s EXACTLY what you’re led to believe it is. Perfect shock. Brilliant. I laughed so hard XD

  23. I’m so GLAD that i was not the only one who cried and somewhat screamed when Sebastian had sex with that…girl.

    This gave me SO much Empathy for Grell and I now simply ADORE him to death.

    But i thought i was so wierd for not wanting to watch it again or crying or even just….not feelng the same about Sebastian.

    I don’t understand how this helps remind us he is a demon though. . .

      1. Am I the only one who actually liked that. And, besides, he didn’t enjoy it at all. I think he found it disgusting.
        I understand all women who cried at that momment, but – hey, that’s a demon, not a virgin… Do you prefer him unexperianced?^^
        He didn’t even undress, I think that scene made him look cruel, not sluttish. Though I think he’s a whore… I like that. There is something so cynical about it… Something so sick.^^ I love it.

        1. Well, some people actually enjoyed it or found it fun.

          Excellent observation! You can clearly see that he does not enjoy the process by his expression.

              1. Hehe, I like that answer… So there is still hope for me^^
                By the way, he seemed to be more gentle (and fake, of course…) in the manga. At least he took his gloves off. Maybe he actually enjoyed it… My, my… who knows^^
                I think they made that episode so they can get rid of the fangirls who watch the anime only because of Sebastian… I don’t like that kind of women… There is more than a hot butler in that anime… Using his looks to get information makes him even more interesting for people like me. And even if I was a common fangirl, I’d think: “I don’t care how many women he f*cks, as long as he f*cks me as well^^”.

  24. Wow. When I first saw these episode, I was heart-broken. I can’t believe Funimation would allow this scene, and I can’t believe the creator of this anime would even think to allow this. They truly ruined this anime with such a short scene. Being a Christian, I’m questioning me even finishing the second season of this anime. I love Black Butler, but putting this into a teenager’s show is unnacceptable. I looked even further and found out that the creator of this anime writes yaoi manga. It truly makes me sick that someone would turn such a wonderful thing like anime into something so sick and twisted. I also lost my respect for my wonderful Bassy-chan. I think I may just have to move on.

    1. Yes, like you, many people were heart-broken.

      Funimation would be flamed for censorship otherwise.

      “Failure is not fatal, success is not final” 😛

      I wonder how you even watched this far if you are a Christian.

      The way society treats sexuality in Japan is different from the US.

      Yes, move on and enjoy Kuroshitsuji manga or some other anime.

    2. The only thing making me sick is your comment, MomoChanLove. It’s typical christian hypocracy to watch an anime full of violence and be okay with it but freak out over some sexuality. Anime is not a synonyme for (american-style: violence = okay, sex/nudity = source of all evil) kids/teenager-friendly animation, it encompasses all genres, styles, ratings and target groups. The USA has the highest homicide/murder rates of the western world. Maybe it is time you reconsider your priorities and realise that glorification of violence is a problem, sex and nudity only if people turn it into a taboo (you also have the highest teen pregnancy and STD infection rates. Talk about lack of information in combiation with denial of human nature).

  25. I have basically just five words to describe this episode: “What the hell was thaaaaaaaaaat????????!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with everyone when they said that it was shocking !COME ON SEBASTIAN! I HAD SO MUCH RESPECT FOR YOU AND….YOU DO THIS SHIT WITH ME AND WITH ALL YOURS FANGIRLS!! Whose fault of this episode, I’m stuck at seventeen until now and can not continue because I’m afraid of what I’ll see then!I would love to be able to complain to who made this episode! what is it? What the hell they had in mind when they did it!!??

    1. Yes, everyone was shocked like that, but please do give the series a chance and continue.

      There will be some scary stuff you’ll see in the consequent episodes (no, nothing explicit between Sebby and Grell), but nothing of the nature you see in this episode (there will be some dungeon S&M though lol )

      Next time they will be more considerate, I am sure.

  26. And if he had to do it…did it with someone else and not with a nun bitch like that!!! I wish there was a third main character who was super friend of Ciel (which perhaps could even become love XD)! Was with her that Sebastian had to do it …. TT TT..well,what a pity that this anime has only beautiful boys … and the remaining girls are completely whores have ¬ ¬ ‘

  27. i found the sex scene disturbing but not suprising though, sebastian is demon, so him being horny doesn’t suprise me. i wouldn’t suprised if he was also into men and animals too besides women.

    1. I wouldn’t say it was him being horny, rather he was just doing whatever necessary to get the job done. Look at his expression, he does not seem to enjoy it at all.

  28. When I watched the “infamous” scene, the first thing I thought was “Oh gosh Sebastian… What you just did to your fangirls?” 😦
    I’m saying this but I’m in love with Alois and not with Sebastian, so the scene didn’t really bother me.
    I feel so lucky and thanks to my curiosity I didn’t had a disgust with that scene. When I started watching Kuroshitsuji I fell in love with Sebastian. But then I was curious about season 2 because of that character Alois Trancy that everyone spoke about and that he was a psycho and I saw that alot of people hate him as well because of his personality. I was in episode 12 of season 1 and then I started on season 2 without finishing season 1 and I fell in love with Alois. Now that I’m continuing season 1 and when I watched that scene I just thought to myself “LUCKY that I watched season 2 before that episode and LUCKY that I moved from Sebastian to Alois! Alois you are my savior! Now I love you even more for your looks and personality that made me fall for you and saved me from having a horrible disgust on that episode!!”
    I will always love Alois now! ❤
    And I just want to say that I feel horrible for the girls who had a bad moment watching the perv scene of Sebastian and that nun. I know what you all are feeling because I would die if that happened to Alois.
    I'm sorry for you girls… I hope you can be strong and remember that Sebastian did that for HIS master because I believe he loves him and does everything for him even having sex with other girls to get what his master wants. 😉

    1. haha Well, I guess you are lucky that you switched just in time!

      Alois had a very traumatic past… It is so sad…

      On the other hand, Claude has like the most awesome tap-dance routine! lol

      1. Yes, I feel good I switched in time! 😀

        I felt sad when I knew about Alois’ past… It looks worse than Ciel’s. At least Ciel never got hurt with whips. Poor Alois…
        I believe he just needed someone or a girl that could be his fiancée and give him lots of love just like Ciel has Lizzy that loves him. Alois would be so happy! ^^
        But instead of that, he ended up dying. How disturbing. 😦

        Though it was Claude who killed Alois, I still like him!
        Haha! I also love his tap-dance! xD
        And, people think he’s ugly but I think he’s hot as Sebastian. ^w^

      2. I know that this is insanely late, but does your username have anything to do with a manga called ‘BlackBird’? You know, the Kitsune Clan?

  29. I didn’t think the creators went too much far. Sebastian is demon.. It’s normal for demons to do that.. on Chapter 29 (volume 06) [His Butler: Scandalous] of Kuroshitsuji, Sebastian did another .. well.. Scene.. of something like that just to get information.. etc.. Otherwise, I don’t care.. Sebastians love for cats is.. Umm.. cu.. te though.. ^u^

    1. Well, based on what some other people said happens in the future… I wouldn’t envy her that much… We never know if something is a good or a bad thing. Here is a Chinese story on that topic.

  30. A bit for myself, eh? But I was really shocked, just SKIPPED this WHOLE arc and episode. I really like Kuroshitsuji but… as a Roman Catholic… It was really off for me…. It made me want to slap that nun or at least question the logic in this whole arc! I just…. I really did like the series and hoped it would go so far between angles, churches and etc…. But since he IS a demon…. -sighs- Neither the less, I found it normal that Sebby would have would have sex. I don’t think he likes it but finds it as something when needed. I am sure he’s have had sex with more women from the past.

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