Genius Party Beyond: Moondrive

Kazuto Nakazawa‘s Moondrive is about a treasure hunting adventure. I also mention my brief impression of the Genius Party Beyond collection.

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Genius Party Beyond: Dimension Bomb

Genius Party (2007) and Genius Party Beyond (2008 ) is an anthology of short animated films from Studio 4°C featuring some of the best directors. I already covered some of the most interesting films from Genius Party, but Genius Party Beyond films are just beginning to appear.

Dimension Bomb was directed by Koji Morimoto (Magnetic Rose – Memories, Franken’s Gears – Robot Carnival, animation director for Mind Game, storyboard for Tekkonkinkreet, animation director for Macross Plus concert scene). Moreover, this animation is Yoko Kanno’s debut as a voice actress! 😀 She composed music for other Genius Party film, Baby Blue.

Overall, while plot is questionable, the animation and music by Juno Reactor are great 🙂
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Genius Party – Happy Machine

Masaaki Yuasa (Cat Soup, Mind Game, Kaiba) creates bizarre worlds and characters to explore human nature. Happy Machine is a part of Genius Party anime anthology and, much like the opening by Atsuko Fukushima, has no dialog and open to interpretation. The main theme of Genius Party is energy, and Masaaki Yuasa depicted it quite well exploring the circle of life. I encourage you to see the film before reading the rest of the post. Continue reading “Genius Party – Happy Machine”