Kazuo Ohno. Photo by Arika Inoue (1992)

“He had a completely liberated soul and body on hand to exchange unseen energy with the audience…”

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Seven Important Contemporary Japanese Artists

The Exhibit hosted by the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti (January 14-February 14, 2010), features original works by seven important contemporary Japanese artists: ABe Yoshitoshi, Kugatsuhime, Kugatsuhime, Takada Akemi, Takada Minae, Terada Katsuya, Tsukishiro Yûko, Yamada Akihiro.

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Kagura: Shinto Theatrical Dance (Video)

Kagura (神楽, かぐら, “god-entertainment”) is a Japanese word referring to a specific type of Shinto theatrical dance — with roots arguably predating those of Noh. Once strictly a ceremonial art derived from kami’gakari (神懸, かみがかり, “oracular divination”) and chinkon (鎮魂, ちんこん, “spirit pacification”), Kagura has evolved in many directions over the span of a millennium. Today it is very much a living tradition, with rituals tied to the rhythms of the agricultural calendar, as well as vibrant Kabuki-esque theatre, thriving primarily in parts of Shimane prefecture, and urban centers such as Hiroshima. (Wiki)

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