The words of wise men illuminate our lives like the sun. Please listen closely…

This lecture was featured in Episode 12, 17 (best), and 25.

Regarding Enemies

Where is my enemy?
This is your enemy. That is your enemy.
This one is without a doubt your enemy.
The enemy of the people is your enemy as well.
Ah, but do you not yet see, this is the easy… the clear answer?
You are not yet truly alive. Words from those who look without seeing.
Lazy… Lazy… Lazy… Lazy…
You’ll never meet your enemy. You’ll never really live.
No, the enemy I am seeking…
Perhaps, that is the real enemy.
Enemies no longer charge out in helmet and armor, as in days of old.
Nowadays they use slide rules, advanced mathematics, and data to make their calculations…
And yet, somehow, this sort of enemy does not stir my heart.
You fear that upon seizing them, you’ll find you’ve grabbed a decoy, or perhaps even an ally.
My enemy is not to be sought. Lest we find ourselves surrounded…
No, the enemy I’m waiting for… The enemy is not to be awaited, lest it violate us.
No, but one day we will come upon each other.
And for that day, my claws, teeth, ears, hands, hair at the ready.
When I can call him Enemy! When I can call him My Enemy!
I believe that chance will come…

16 thoughts on “Bōnen no Xamdou – Regarding Enemies Lecture

  1. I kinda feel like I’m in English class when I read this. I know it means something deep and I think I know what it is but can’t really express it well. I did like the part about how enemies now use math and data and how that does not stir the heart. It seems to fit the times so well.

  2. If I remembered correctly, there was more to it. He said “then jump and end it all” in one part….. right?

  3. I’m a large fan of this anime and this poem is interesting and I enjoy it. With that said…Does anyone know the writer for this poem/whatever you wanna call it, or, are there multiple contributors?

    1. I don’t know who wrote it, but, probably, it is either Megumi Shimizu (she wrote the script for episode 12 when it first appeared) or Yuuichi Nomura (episodes 17 and 25, among others), another main writer for this anime.

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