Ristorante Paradiso 11 (End)

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What a wonderful finale 🙂 Olga announced that Nicoletta is her daughter, and Claudio let go of his past 🙂 I still don’t approve Nicoletta x Claudio couple, but I am glad that he finally decided to move on in his life. Nicoletta also made a breakthrough in her cooking skills by putting her emotions in the process.

Overall, I enjoyed this series very much not for the plot or the story, but everything else that created a pleasant atmosphere: directing, music, background art, character design, and voice acting 🙂

4 thoughts on “Ristorante Paradiso Episode 11 (End)

  1. Aww, that’s quite a sad ending. But I liked how the story wrapped itself up nicely. Yes, I agree that this series definitely possesses a certain quality that compliments the entire package as a whole. It’s great that Olga finally chose to acknowledge Nicoletta as her daughter publicly, as well Claudio learning to move on. So Nicoletta and Claudio are a couple in the end? Haha, why don’t you approve? (: I’m alright with the pairing; whom would have made a better couple, in your opinion?

    1. Yes, the story wrapped up nice in the end 🙂

      Well, I still think the age difference is too large. What might happen in such a situation is that Claudio will die in about 10 years and Nicoletta will be a widow in 30. This will cause unnecessary suffering for her. She is much better off with a younger partner, but Claudio has such a weak character that he can’t tell that to her directly. Although Luciano is blunt sometimes, I prefer his honest communication.

  2. I cried in the end…it was indeed a very nice anime. I enjoyed it utterly. One question:who’s nicoletta’s father? why haven’t we been told about their family story? where is he?

    1. Indeed, the last episode was very emotional and one of the best endings that managed to wrap up the story decently 🙂

      That’s a good question. Little is known about her father. It seems that Nicoletta’s parents divorced while she was very young, and she spent most of her time with her grandmother. Perhaps, she will meet him one day.

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