General election will be held on August 30. Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has ruled Japan almost continuously for the past 50 years.

[via Japan Probe]

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2 thoughts on “Japanese General Election 2009

  1. it’s a pity that the one political group i dislike more than the LDP is the DPJ. But I must say Asogelion kicks a** 🙂

    1. Unfortunately, DPJ might not be that different from LDP, so hope for any significant change is low.

      Even so, the DPJ hardly offers a clean break with the sordid past. Like its predecessor as pretender to the LDP’s crown, the Socialist Party, it has tended to be a rather tame opposition. Many of its members, indeed, are ex-Socialists. Others, Mr Hatoyama and Mr Okada included, are from the LDP. Mr Hatoyama has a brother in the cabinet. His grandfather, Ichiro Hatoyama, was an LDP founding father and arch-rival to Japan’s most notable prime minister after the war, Shigeru Yoshida. Mr Yoshida, as it happens, was Mr Aso’s grandfather, so this summer’s election may play out as family rivalry. Further, the political careers of both Mr Hatoyama and Mr Okada have been bankrolled by immense family fortunes, just like those of many in the LDP. Plus ça change. (Source)

      Aso Taro Field is scary 😛

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