Genius Party (2007) and Genius Party Beyond (2008 ) is an anthology of short animated films from Studio 4°C featuring some of the best directors. I’ll be covering the films that I especially liked soon. In the meantime, enjoy the trailers 🙂

Official Website

Genius Party

Genius Party (Review) – Atsuko Fukushima
“Shanghai Dragon” – Shoji Kawamori
“Deathtic 4” – Shinji Kimura
“Doorbell”- Yuji Fukuyama
“Limit Cycle” – Hideki Futamura
Happy Machine (Review) – Masaaki Yuasa
Baby Blue (Review) – Shinichiro Watanabe

Genius Party Beyond

“Gala” – Mahiro Maeda
“Dimension Bomb” – Koji Morimoto
“Moondrive” – Kazuto Nakazawa
“‘Wanwa’ the Puppy” – Shinya Ohira
“Tojin Kit”- Tatsuyuki Tanaka

5 thoughts on “Genius Party – Anime Anthology

  1. Some of them are nothing short of awesome, even the surreal/just-plain-weird ones.

    Is Genius Party Beyond already out?

  2. Yes, they are very good. The soundtrack is great as well. Yoko Kanno was one of the composers.

    Genius Party Beyond was released already during the world premier at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. The DvD version will be available later.

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